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    Taverna Poseidon | misspeachi Shop Application


    ♆ IGN misspeachi ♆ Discord [ex. enderbubs] misspeachii ♆ TimeZone NA ♆ Any Previous Bans/Warns (Minecraft Server and Discord Server) No. ♆ Describe Your Current Level Of Activity In The Server. Explain Why It May Be Higher or Lower I was a builder on the server since mid-November, working on the totality of the current map until recently. I was active everyday as a builder and when the server releases, I plan to continue being active everyday within the community and on the server itself. ♆ List All Past Faction Applications, And Mention If You Were Denied Or Accepted (Provide Links To Each Application) N/A ♆ What Is Your Motivation Behind Applying For This Faction? I have always been interested in becoming part of this faction and the idea of owning a business of my own. In real life, I have worked a decent handful of part-time jobs, mostly within a small business created by my own family members. I would like to bring this aspect of a family owned and passed down business to Himera after seeing not only the connection to the community it could bring, but also enjoying the responsibility it holds. I am well versed in leadership, holding several positions growing up. I take great interest in guiding those around me and providing an enjoyable environment for those to experience. Not only the leadership, but also the planning that goes into owning a business on a roleplay server is something I am fond of. I plan to not only research the products I will be selling, but also how my business will appeal to the players. ♆ Link To Your Shop Discord Server (Permanent Link) https://discord.gg/ZW55a8qFEx ♆ Do You Have Access To A Microphone And The Ability To Join VCs? Yes. ♆ Have You Read Through The HRP Server Rules? Yes, I have read through and agree to all Himera Roleplay server rules. ♆ Do You Understand The Rules Of Being A Business Owner? Yes, I have read through and understand all the rules to being a business owner on Himera Roleplay. ♆ Character Name Leonidas Onasis ♆ Character Age 42 ♆ Character Gender/Pronouns Male, he/him ♆ Describe Your Character's Personality On the outside to anyone who may flash a glance at Leonidas would see a clean-cut businessman with a friendly, yet a little cocky, demeanor. He is confident of his family business, his eyes beaming as he talks of his family’s hand-crafted recipes. You will often find Leonidas working at his restaurant and bar, only taking breaks for a quick smoke by the beach or well after close when he finally goes home. Though, his workaholic nature is what keeps his family’s business alive and thriving. ♆ Do They Have Any Criminal Charges On Their Record? No, Leonidas has a clean record, he has never been caught up in any illegal business or behavior. He grew up in a traditionally moral family. ♆ What Is Your Character's Motivation Behind Opening A Shop? Leonidas’ ancestors have owned and ran Taverna Poseidon for generations, sharing fresh alcohol from their very own vineyard and traditional Greek cuisine from hand-crafted family recipes. Leonidas as a young boy grew up in Himera, learning all of their family recipes from his mother, spending his mornings tending to their vineyard and the evenings cooking traditional Greek meals for the family. He heard stories of the restaurant, how their family living in Greece celebrated their culture through food, and how his mother still used the original recipes. Though, when his ancestors had picked up and moved to Himera long ago to start a new life, the restaurant stayed behind. His family had moved on to other lines of work, though Leonidas wanted to keep his family’s recipes alive for everyone to enjoy. He worked hard as a teen and eventually went to college for business, learning the ins and outs of the responsibilities for owning a restaurant. Leonidas was finally able to purchase a beautiful building on the ocean to bring back Taverna Poseidon, finding local fresh ingredients to supply his menu of wines and cuisines. Some ingredients coming from their own family vineyard which the family worked hard creating their own traditional alcohols and brands of wine. ♆ What Is The Name Of Your Shop? Taverna Poseidon ♆ What Exactly Is Your Shop (Restaurant, Convenience, Accessory, etc.) Restaurant and Bar ♆ Provide a Unique Description Of Your Shop, And Why Is Different Compared To Other Shops Taverna Poseidon is a Greek restaurant and bar sharing traditional Greek alcohol and cuisine from hand-crafted family recipes and ingredients. Taverna Poseidon’s experience varies from the average right when you walk through the doors. You are transported into Greek life, sitting by the beach as you sip fine wine and dine on exquisite foods, or sitting at the bar socializing with traditional Greek alcohol transported fresh from the family vineyard. Right from your very own seats, customers are able to experience the chefs creating their one-of-a-kind authentic meal from an open-view kitchen, the traditional Greek cuisine smells filling your nose. Customers at Taverna Poseidon will experience a community of well-trained staff, beautiful views, comfortable high-quality seating, and the sound of Greek music. The atmosphere will be welcoming, inviting those to enjoy a carefree time of dining, wine tasting, and dancing. Those who come to Taverna Poseidon leave with new experiences to their memories, and original recipes to share with their own friends and families.  ♆ Provide An Example Of Your Employee Roster, And What Each Employee Role Does In The Shop Employee Roster Role Descriptions Owner The owner is the biggest job within a business, being the sole leader to each role being played. They are in charge of the day-to-day operations from hiring employees, to supplying inventory. They keep communication with the staff to ensure smooth transactions with customers to ensure an enjoyable experience all around. The owner also is in charge of marketing initiatives, including menu development, design changes and specials, as well as organizing any events to keep the business growing with newcomers. Manager The manager's role is crucial to ensuring smooth operations within the business, from training new hires in their line of work, to communicating an efficient line between the employees and the owner. The manager must be well versed in the skills for the business in order to properly train those suited for the role, maintaining a working schedule and supervising all transactions. The manager is furthermore responsible for controlling costs of the menu, ingredients, and employee payments, as well as monitoring inventory. Chef A chef at Taverna Poseidon is a hand-picked position from the owner himself, trusted with recreating his great grandmother's traditional Greek recipes. The chef’s job includes a variety of skills from cooking, organization, to general cleanliness. A Taverna Poseidon chef is tasked with taking orders from the server to efficiently prepare fresh traditional cuisine, making sure to keep an organized and clean workspace. The chefs should always be prepared beforehand with meal preparation, as well as frequently checking the quality of each ingredient they incorporate to the dish. They must hold excellent communication skills to ensure an efficient time frame between getting an order, creating the dish, and sending it back out to the server. Bartender The bartender is a fully trained and skilled employee who provides the customers with alcoholic beverages. Their job entails greeting customers, checking identification, taking orders, and serving alcohol all within an efficient timeframe. The bartender must keep a professional and friendly attitude, sharing specials the business will hold and providing detailed descriptions of each drink served. They are also in charge of monitoring every customer’s alcoholic limit, ensuring an unbothered and safe experience for everyone. Server The server’s role is a crucial part to play in customers having a positive dining experience. The key responsibilities for a server are to greet customers with a positive and friendly attitude, providing a detailed description to each item on the menu. Servers are to take down customer orders, handing the ticket to the chefs in order for the meal to be created in an efficient manner. It is the server’s job to ensure all orders placed are to the customer’s satisfaction, avoiding mistakes. Servers are also tasked with the cleanliness of each table, making sure each time a customer sits down, they are in the most pristine condition. Host The host is the first face a customer will see when arriving at Taverna Poseidon. It is important a host remains patient, friendly, and professional with their interactions, providing the best seating selection for the customer’s satisfaction and the server’s workload. They must provide the customers with a menu and provide a detailed description of any specials, along with answering questions the customers may have. Security The role of security is key to the protection and peace of mind to all who enjoy Taverna Poseidon. Their job is to keep a watchful eye on both the inside and outside of the establishment to prevent any illegal activities, including stealing, graffiti, fighting, selling contraband, and will also help the bartender keep an eye on any customers consuming alcohol past their limit. ♆ Do You Already Have Workers/Employees? If So, Who Are They And What Is Their Rank In The Shop? (Attach Their Discords and IGNs) Owner Discord: misspeachii IGN: misspeachi Character: Asterios Onasis Manager Discord: xnc IGN: desolateheart Character: Avrora Onasis Chef Discord: manykinks IGN: rasberi Character: Habado Yanagi Discord: fwlust IGN: hotgoths Character: Aoi Yatogami Bartender Discord: katthecat IGN: _its_Cloudy_ Character: Harper White Server Discord: bclla IGN: bmie Character: Karina Onasis Discord: beeloved. IGN: Zoey159 Character: Blaire Alder Discord: abbatha IGN: saesori Character: Merliah Nicchi Discord: eepyy. IGN: khmii Character: Lucia Baye Nicchi Host Discord: undermypolkaduvet IGN: oyua Character: Vika Onasis Discord: rebelzane IGN: GhostlyZane Character: Kaison Hargrove Security Discord: not_crash IGN: NotCrash Character: Tora Hayashi ♆ Provide A List Of Rules, IN-CHARACTER Or OUT-Of-Character, That Employees And Citizens Will Have To Follow In The Shop ♆ What Does Your Shop Look Like? (Interior And Exterior). Provide Photo Examples/References Exterior The exterior of Taverna Poseidon is a cream-colored corner building with a singular apartment on top for the family to reside. It is decorated with various windows and plants to compliment the canal on the side and ocean right out the back door. The ocean can be viewed from the outdoor deck seating for a refreshing atmosphere to experience exquisite wines and cuisine.  Interior You will be greeted upon entering the door by the host stand before being escorted to various options of seating, including booths, group tables, and partner tables. Inside the kitchen will be showcased right from your seats, a large window ensuring guests a one-of-a-kind experience viewing the chefs preparing their meals. The bar will also provide seating where the bartenders will pour drinks right before the customers. The floor plan will include beautiful arrangements of floral decorations. ♆ What Do Your Uniforms Look Like? Provide Photo Examples/References Chef White chef jacket, White gloves, Dark blue pants Server, Bartender, Host Blue shirt, Dark blue apron, Dark blue pants or skirt Security White undershirt, Blue vest, Dark blue tie, Dark blue gloves, Dark blue pants ♆ What Will Your Shop Sell? Provide A List And Provide Photo Examples/References Special Note: Every food and alcohol model is currently being created, or had been created, by a seasoned 3D modeler specifically for this project on Himera Roleplay. All models will be paid for and gifted to Himera for use in Taverna Poseidon and any other culturally fitting establishments. Only exception is two wines and one vodka which will be recolored from the models currently being made or recolored from a model currently on the server, which will be labeled with a *. Traditional Greek Cuisine Horiatiki A freshly mixed ingredient salad, ‘horiatiki’ meaning ‘from the village’ or ‘peasant,’ first introduced in the 1960’s to early 1970’s. An authentic, healthy Greek salad made with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, sliced onion, kalamata olives, capers, and feta cheese sprinkled with oregano, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. Avgolemono Soup Originally an Iberian and Jewish dish, ‘Avgolemono’ meaning ‘egg-lemon,’ was brought to Greece when the Iberian and Jews were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition. A creamy, thick traditional soup and sauce, a comforting dish made up of chicken broth, rice, lemon juice, and eggs. Avgolemono became a part of the larger Greek cuisine. Spanakopita The most famous pita in Greece with ties to ancient times within the fifth century B.C. An authentic Greek pie called Spanakopita, featuring layers of crispy, flaky phyllo dough and a rich spinach and feta cheese filling. Souvlaki An ancient Greek dish that has stood the test of time, a cooking technique of cooking meat on a wooden spit has appeared in almost every ancient civilization.  Souvlaki derives from the Latin word ‘souvla,’ meaning ‘spit,’ and adding the suffix -aki, a diminutive meaning small. This dish is made of marinated meat grilled on a skewer, commonly found wrapped in a warm pita with fresh vegetables. Keftedes A traditional dish with Ottoman and Middle Eastern influences, Keftedes have their name derived from the Arabic word ‘kufta,’ which means pounded meat. This traditional dish of Greek meatballs is served as a meal with rice, salad and various drizzled sauces, often seasoned with garlic and oregano and a side of Tzatziki sauce. Pastitsio A dish that takes its name from the Italian pasticcio, a large family of baked savory pies, documented recipes from the early 16th century and continuing to modern times. A creamy, cheesy baked Greek lasagna with penne noodles, a mixture of meat and tomato sauce topped with thick béchamel sauce. Often skipping herbs and spices for a traditional approach. Kleftiko An authentic Greek dish used in celebrations, festivals, and events dates back to the Greek Revolution. The name comes from the Klephts, mountain rebels from such a time who cooked their food underground so that no aromas or steam could escape to reveal their position. The cooked food was often stolen, lamb kleftiko literally meaning lamb ‘stolen’. A traditional Greek dish of lamb slow cooked juicy and falling off the bone, accompanied by red peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes. Traditional Greek Alcohol Special Note: Taverna Poseidon offers a unique experience to players not only to order a bottle of their authentic alcohols, but also a singular glass for personal enjoyment when dining within the restaurant.  Malagousia White Wine Considered a world glass grape founded in the 1970s, Malagousia wines are a pale, lemon green color. Aromas reflecting the peach blossoms, flowers, apricots, and nectarines. This medium-bodied and dry taste perfectly balances its dominant fruit character, its supple acidity and velvety, almost oily texture make this wine the best expression of the grape. Moschofilero White Wine This lively and floral white wine grape is grown in the Peloponnese region of Mantinia, the grape’s expression wide-ranging. Flavors of lemon, orange blossom and rose aromas start this exotic and refreshing wine. Bright tastes of citrus mingling with the melon and pepper. Naoussa Red Wine This 19th century Greek red wine has a structured and savory taste, its complex aromas of red fruits and smokey hint give this medium-sized wine its thick color. Naoussa wine is favored by Europeans, this dry red wine coming from Greece’s top-quality grape variety Xinomavro. Mavrotragano Red Wine * A rare and spicy wine from Santorini, Mavrotragano grape is a black and crisp berry with an exquisite aroma. Nearly becoming extinct, this densely colored spicy wine has reminiscent of dark berries, cinnamon, tobacco, and white pepper. Often having herbal and earthy nuances. A fine addition to any red meat or aged cheese. Dionysus Mazzard Wine of Onasis * An exquisite dark cherry wine, made from fermented wild black cherries grown in The Dionysus Vineyard. The wine would have a floral opening with tempting and exotic hints from bitter almonds, violet, oak and black cherry. The heart would burst with freshness from Turkish rose, black cherry, jasmine sambac and plum, tantalizing your tastebuds with a bittersweet smooth flavor that is sure to delight. Dionysus Greek Ouzo of Onasis A national drink of Greece, Ouzo was founded in the early 14th century, being a clear and silky liquid with an alcohol content of 37%. It is known for ‘The Ouzo Effect,’ where adding a splash of water or a cube of ice turns the clear liquid a cloudy white. Ingredients crafted right from Dionysus Vineyard Onasis. Dionysus Amygdálē Vodka of Onasis * A delicate balance of fiery vodka with tastes of sweet almond, light vanilla, and marshmallow is what you get when you sip this Onasis family vodka. Ingredients produced straight from the Dionysus Vineyard, it is sure to bring a spiced experience to your tastebuds.  Dionysus Brandy of Onasis A liquor meaning 'burned wine,' Dionysus Brandy of Onasis made from fermented fruits and flavors such as cherry, grapes, apple, plum, smoky oak, honey, and rich chocolate. This strong alcoholic spirit exquisite taste enhanced by the fresh grown and fermented ingredients from Dionysus Vineyard.  Alcohol Models Food Models: Currently being created. Will be done Tuesday, April 23rd. ♆ Provide Three Unique Events That Your Shop Can Hold Greek Gods and Goddesses Festival Twice a year, Taverna Poseidon will hold a festival to celebrate and educate those about the Greek Gods and Goddesses that the restaurant is named after. The festival will hold various opportunities for those who attend. Music played will fill the room with lyrics vocalizing the Gods and Goddesses and their journeys, seating moved for the suggestion of dancing. The bar will be open for themed drinks based on each Greek God and Goddess with brief descriptions for tasting. Later on in the night, the festival will transition to a softer atmosphere, offering those interested to a trivia game. Trivia questions pertaining to information on the Greek Gods and Goddesses, a prize for those who answer the most correctly. You will leave with a new understanding of Ancient Greek history and the founding principles of the Onasis family. Live Greek Music Four times a year, Taverna Poseidon will hold a live Greek music night, multiple musicians filling the pamphlet to share the beautiful culture of Greek music. Each artist will play a handful of songs, giving a brief description of the song title and origin, before filling the room with their instruments. Seating will be moved for the suggestion of dancing, some still off to the side for those who wish to just relax and enjoy the musical sounds. Light snacks and drinks will be served throughout the night, the bar open for those who wish for a little spice to their night. Of course, the doors to the deck will be open to enjoy the ocean view, music flowing out to those who wish to indulge in the outdoors. You won’t be able to help but feel as if you have been transported to the Mediterranean Seas of Greece. Summer and Autumn Wine Tasting During both summer and autumn, Taverna Poseidon will hold a seasonal wine tasting to expand the palates of those interested. There will be a menu of exquisite wines for both the summer and autumn. The summer wines will feature a light-bodied, floral taste with a delicate balance of acidity and citrus notes. The autumn menu will lean more towards a dry, crisp taste with a full-bodied spice. Platters of meats, aged cheeses, and nuts will be served alongside the wines while light music fills the air. ♆ Additional Information On Your Shop, Character, Or Anything Else Credit to desolateheart for creating the employee skins, as well as the Onasis family distillery logo.

    Sachiko !


    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////                     SACHIKOS BIOGRAPHY! ❤️    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////     SACHIKO MASARU     PERSONALITY࿐ Sachiko possessed an infectious charisma that radiated throughout her every interaction. Her warm smile and twinkling eyes illuminated her presence, drawing people towards her like moths to a flame. With an uncanny ability to make others feel at ease, she had a knack for bridging social divides and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Her genuine interest in the lives of others allowed her to connect with individuals from all walks of life, creating a vast network of admirers and confidants. Sachiko's heart overflowed with love and compassion, extending beyond her immediate circle. She had a natural empathy that allowed her to understand the struggles and triumphs of others, offering a listening ear and words of encouragement whenever needed. Her unwavering optimism and belief in the power of human connection inspired those around her to see the best in themselves and strive for greatness. Her charm lay not only in her physical attributes but also in her vibrant personality. Sachiko possessed a quick wit and a sharp sense of humor, captivating her audience with her infectious laughter and clever observations. Her ability to find joy in the simplest of things and to share that joy with others made her a true beacon of positivity. Despite her popularity and the admiration, she garnered, Sachiko remained humble and approachable. She never sought the spotlight but instead used her influence to uplift and empower those around her. Her unwavering kindness and genuine desire to make a difference in the world made her a role model and a source of inspiration for all who knew her. In the tapestry of life, Sachiko was a vibrant thread, adding color and warmth to every encounter. Her love of people and her charming personality left an enduring mark on the hearts of those she touched, making her a true treasure to behold.   APPEARANCE࿐   Age: 26 Height: 5'2 Skin: Pale Hair: Dark red Eyes: Light blue Clothes: Usually seen wearing pajama pants and a white shirt! DISORDERS/FEARS/LIKES/DISLIKES Sachiko's heart pounded with an erratic rhythm; her breath caught in her throat as a deafening explosion shattered the tranquil atmosphere. The world around her seemed to crumble into a symphony of unbearable noise, each piercing sound an assault on her fragile senses. The roar of thunder sent shivers down her spine, its reverberations echoing through her body like distant artillery. The screech of brakes sent her into a panic, her mind racing with visions of impending doom. Even the innocuous chatter of a crowd overwhelmed her, the cacophony of voices drowning out her own thoughts. Sachiko's fear of loud noises had haunted her for as long as she could remember, a constant shadow that lurked at the periphery of her consciousness. It rendered her a prisoner in her own home, unable to venture into bustling streets or attend gatherings where the din of human activity threatened to consume her. The fear gnawed at her soul, isolating her from the world and leaving her in a perpetual state of anxiety.   Growing up, Sachiko's world was a tumultuous whirlwind of emotions and challenges. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at a young age, she carried the weight of past traumas that haunted her thoughts and triggered debilitating episodes of anxiety and fear. Compounding her struggles was attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which made it difficult for her to focus, control impulses, and navigate social interactions. As a child, she often felt isolated and misunderstood, her mind racing at a pace that others struggled to comprehend. Everyday tasks became overwhelming, and the constant battle within her mind left her feeling exhausted and alone. Despite the challenges she faced, Sachiko possessed an unyielding spirit that refused to be extinguished. With the unwavering support of her family and the guidance of compassionate therapists, she slowly began to find ways to manage her symptoms. She learned coping mechanisms to regulate her emotions, strategies to improve her attention, and techniques to build her self-esteem. Through perseverance and determination, Sachiko gradually emerged from the shadows of her past and embraced the complexities of her own mind. While the journey was arduous, it forged within her a resilience that would serve her well in the years to come. Sachiko, a girl of unwavering spirit, harbored an unyielding aversion to the insidious scourge of bullying. Her heart burned with indignation at the sight of those who sought to inflict pain and humiliation upon the vulnerable. Growing up, she had witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of bullying, leaving an indelible mark on her psyche. She resolved then and there to stand as a beacon of resistance against this vile behavior. With a steely determination, Sachiko immersed herself in activities that promoted kindness, empathy, and mutual respect. She joined clubs dedicated to conflict resolution and peer support, becoming a trusted confidante for those who faced adversity. Through her actions, she created a ripple effect of positivity, inspiring others to reject the toxic culture of bullying. Sachiko's unwavering stance against bullying extended beyond her immediate circle. She actively participated in school-wide initiatives aimed at creating a more inclusive and supportive environment. She organized workshops and campaigns that raised awareness about the harmful consequences of bullying, encouraging students to intervene and report incidents. Her efforts garnered widespread recognition, earning her the admiration of both her peers and educators. Sachiko's unwavering commitment to combating bullying left a lasting legacy in her community. She became a symbol of hope and resilience, empowering countless individuals to stand up against this insidious practice. Her unwavering spirit served as a testament to the transformative power of empathy, kindness, and the indomitable human spirit.                    BACKSTORY࿐   In the quaint town of Heidelberg, nestled amidst the rolling hills of Germany, a young girl named Sachiko emerged into the world with a thirst for knowledge and an unyielding passion for adventure. Standing at a diminutive height of 5'2', she possessed a sharp mind and an infectious curiosity that set her apart from her peers. From a tender age, books became her solace and her gateway to worlds beyond her imagination. She would spend countless hours immersed in the pages of classic literature, her mind racing with the adventures and insights she encountered. As Sachiko blossomed into a young woman, her love for exploration grew in tandem with her intellectual pursuits. She embarked on daring expeditions into the surrounding countryside, her keen eyes observing the intricate tapestry of nature. From the towering peaks of the Alps to the serene shores of the Neckar River, she sought out every opportunity to quench her thirst for the unknown. Her adventures were not limited to her immediate surroundings; she longed to experience the vibrant cultures and diverse landscapes of distant lands. Armed with her trusty backpack and an unyielding determination, Sachiko set off on solo journeys that took her across borders and continents. Throughout her travels, Sachiko's sharp intellect and unwavering curiosity shone through. She immersed herself in the local languages, customs, and histories of the places she visited. She engaged in thought-provoking conversations with people from all walks of life, eager to learn from their perspectives and expand her understanding of the world. Her travels not only broadened her horizons but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of humanity. As Sachiko approached her 26th birthday, she had become a remarkable young woman. Her youthful exuberance had matured into a quiet confidence, and her thirst for knowledge had evolved into a lifelong pursuit of wisdom. She had established herself as a respected scholar, her research on the intersection of literature and travel earning her recognition within academic circles. Yet, despite her accomplishments, Sachiko remained true to her adventurous spirit. She continued to explore the world, seeking out new challenges and embracing the unexpected. And so, Sachiko embarked on the next chapter of her life, a journey filled with the promise of further discoveries, both within the pages of books and beyond the familiar confines of her home. With her unwavering determination and boundless curiosity, she was destined to leave an indelible mark on the world, inspiring others to embrace their own passions and to pursue a life filled with purpose and adventure.  

    Language Application | iimvenus


    IGN(In Game Name): iimvenus What Language are you applying for?: German How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Originally Valen was from Frankfurt, Germany. -- The boy was born and raised in Germany since the age of 12, always surrounded by German speakers as his father's side lived relatively close. The only languages his family knew were Japanese, German and English that sounded rather. . broken with their heavily coated accents. His father wasn't going to allow Japanese be his first language in this country they lived in, it was unnecessary so then from being a baby to pre-teen, German was all they spoke to the boy, showing him multiple ways to understand the language the best he could . . Soon, German became his primary and native language, as Japanese was his secondary. How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:   Knowing German is a necessity as it's his first learnt language, since he was born and raised in Germany for over a decade. This would give him the chances to express himself, to create new connections with those who are German speakers, such as family members or friends in this new environment that he's introducing himself into. 

    Adult Application | iimvenus


    IGN: iimvenus RP Name: Valen R. Remington Age: 26 Character backstory and description (over 200 words):  The clock struck 12:31 AM . . A baby boy was brought into the world by an upper-classed family, the Remington's on July 25th, 1997. -- "Valen René Remington" was the name chosen by the parents, Christoph and Shiori Remington for their newly born baby. Frankfurt, Germany was where they decided to move to with high hopes that their little family would turn for the better.  By the time Valen was the age of 1, his parents came home with a newborn baby inside a carrier, sleeping peacefully. . The baby was called "Mashiro Remington", his younger brother. -- Once they were bonded, there was no way of separating the brothers. Anywhere and everywhere their parents went, the two were glued to each other like magnets. These two were cherished and spoiled rotten by their father's side of the family since their mother's side was in Hokkaido, Japan. Everything Christoph and Shiori did was for their babies, to maintain their happiness and prevent negative emotions up until that upcoming day. . that twisted and destroyed their happy playhouse.  On September 12th, 2004; His father came storming through the front door with an awful attitude, numerous bruises scattered across his body and his unkempt appearance. . No, not a single word was exchanged as Shiori and the boy's gazed in shock until the man's voice uttered an inaudible mutter, before raising his voice to release his pent anger out on his family, berating them for their insecurities and wrong-doings as if he hadn't done anything wrong. . An argument began to form as Shiori stepped toward the man, attempting to ease his anger only to receive a backhanded slap to the face. SMACK . . !  A breathless gasp emitted into the silence that filled the atmosphere around them, eyes trailing to her baby boys hiding behind the pillars, next to the stairs. There was terror and fear within their gaze, tears streaked down their cheeks as they feared for their mother. . what was this sudden violence from their father?  That man was no longer deemed to be a parent, no longer seen as a husband or father figure. Their POV's have drastically changed since that day occurred, living in constant fear that this unfamiliar man would bring harm to her boys. . It was now 2010, nearing afternoon on March 29th; Years had passed ever since that horrifying event, the boys were now 11-12. Their father had become physically abusive toward their mother, whilst being verbally abusive towards the children. Shiori had become cold towards her baby boys over the years, neglecting them for the sake of their safety as she had taught them previously on how to take care of themselves. Insecurities were created and hatred was building for their father, a flame was ignited inside of them, burning. Their only intentions was to support their mother and escape this hellhole to somewhere safer. Romeo Remington; He had noticed the subtle changes in Valen and Mashiro, their tense and stiffened bodies whenever their father walked into the room, the horror that drained the coloration in their faces. . The notable markings throughout Shiori's body, terribly hidden beneath layers of makeup; There was no way Romeo was letting this slide, though there was nothing he could do about Shiori, that's his brother's wife.  -- April 17th, 2010; Romeo decided to no longer stand aside and watch the abuse continue any longer. -- A large suitcase was spread open on his bed, as his belongings were stuffed inside along with a massive amount of money then remained in his house, until the moon rose and dark neared . . Christoph was out working third shift, leaving Shiori and the boys at home. The perfect opportunity to sneak into the house. A spare key was always beneath the carpet front of the door, the floorboards creaked with every taking step that inched to the bedroom. . The boys were wide awake, awaiting for their uncle as they knew the plans with mini suitcases, packed with important items.  They were ready to flee the country and so they did for a better life. . . Fast-forwarding to Japan, Valen and Mashiro lived with their uncle, Romeo, maintaining a safe distance apart from their mother's side of the family.  Throughout the years Valen spent in Japan, an endless stream of life changing events were brought to his life during his school years, including having to return to Germany for an arranged marriage planned by his father. The older lady beat and bruised Valen, using him to their desires and needs as if he wasn't a human being with meaning, there was no way he was standing for this abuse once again. He fled the country again, a month later and returned to Japan where he felt at ease, where he could breath without being suffocated.  - Living his life to the fullest once again, befriending plenty of people who accepted him for who he is.  Eventually, Valen and his girlfriend, along with friends decided to leave Japan for South Korea, starting a fresh and new life for the better. This opened an opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, Miyara who stuck by his side through multiple rough patches, their ups and downs for 8 years without breaks. .

    MackeyCheese's Doctor Application


    [ACCEPTED] Please go to #help and ping me, @fourbros for your role. Please ask a staff member for you role in game.   Quote
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