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Discord Rules


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Discord Rules
Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not an excuse to break them, it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with our rules as they may suddenly change at any. Rules found under "Server Rules" are also valid for Discord Rules.

These rules also extend to ALL Himera Roleplay related discords.


1. Hate speech towards other players is prohibited.

2. Racism, NSFW and toxicity is not tolerated, this counts slurs and offensive words.

3. Spamming / Flooding and Text-Art is not tolerated.

4. Any form of advertisement(s) is not allowed within the community.

  • DM Advertisements, Advertisements within communities / discord's that we own)

5. Soundboards and loud noises are not tolerated if used in annoying ways.

6. Do not bring any drama into the server, keep that in DM's please.

7. All discords must be under ownership of @tacoO_0 prior to advertisement in ANY Official Himera Roleplay Discord.

8. Avoid pinging staff members if possible.

9. Use all the chats for their intended purposes.

10. Trolling/Minging or any of the sorts is not tolerated.

11. This is a English only Discord, so only speak in English.

12. Himera Roleplay related discords moderation responsibility is strictly on the server owner. Unappealable banned/Community Blacklisted players must be removed from any Seoul Roleplay related Discords.

13. ALL Staff have final say on Discord Rules whether it be in Himera Official discords or Himera related discords.


We follow the Discord ToS and Guidelines, if you do not follow these rules, you may subject yourself to being banned from the discord and possibly the server.
ToS: discord.com/terms
Guidelines: discord.com/guidelines


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