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Pleasant Trunk I SLRP

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Seoul Business Owner Application






Discord Tag: 



20. November 16 2002

Time zone: 


Server Activity: 


I'm pretty active to be honest. Though, I do have work 8am-4pm CST. I have an EMS and PD account; I am trying to get into another faction for my other account instead of PD. I will most likely be more active in the summer due to my job not needing me, I was here for the first beta I think as Sif. I had a EMS account in the previous along with football on SeoulRP I will most likely take some breaks like for a day or two when needed, but I will inform the faction leader why I am taking a couple days off if needed. I also have an EMS account, I'm active up to 4-7 hours a day when I can.

Previous warns/bans : 



Business Information

Business Name: 

Pleasant Trunk

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.): 


Motivation on why you wanted to apply: 

I wish to apply for this because I like calm roleplay, I wish to have a spot that will be calm and have wholesome moments. That way the server is not just about criminal roleplay with the hospital workers and more. I do love rom cons and I wish to apply that to my shop. Having different kinds of dramatic events and having that colorful touch to the server. There will be plastic jewelry for people to wear along with different kinds of accessories like purses. They will be cheap quality. I always like fashion IRL and accessories. I was looking around at applications! There is one flaw that the server has and that is the lack of a flower shop and also an accessory store! I wish to combine the two effects of Pleasant Trunk. I have my own garden in real life with my dad. I'd like to add things to the forest and do events with the team which my managers will assist with.  There are also not a lot of shops in my time zone that have opened for one. It would be cool to have a shop for the flowers along with setting up a more colorful garden once the new map is up! There could be a confession tree or a hate tree as a location for arguments in the garden. There could also be spirits and more that show up! Seriously, I just want some calm roleplay, there are a lot of Ideas I have for this place. Along with an easter bunny event for employees inside and a kidnapping event! 

Unique description about your business:

 Pleasant trunk is supposed to be a calm location, that way the people that are stressed can stop and go on a date in one of the chairs outside of the shop or mingle. It will sell jewerly for the richer side of Seoul along with the poorer side of the city. The company started as a small stall when my character was in college, it was for a competition in Japan when she just got out of college to sustain some money so she can eat and find out what exactly was going on with her dad being missing, she was taught by her first partner has taught her. She wishes to start a zen garden in Seoul along with a public garden for people that need food or a snack for a bit of flavor roleplay. Some of the items are listed below what I wish to sell, of course there will be items such as flower heads that will be sold These do not need to be sold but are references if 3D model team could make some I would not complain. It is to make my app appear nicer, we will be selling candy, Accessory's, and Flowers. There will be multiple things the shop will be for, but it is mostly for the bright characters and to bring a bit of being wholesome towards the city. That way it is not full of just being dull 24/7 and run down. Once there is more, I'd like to add more to the shop allowing there to be roleplay for making cotton candy shapes for artwork such as a Mario head. Once that is done, I'd like to also have an ice cream part of the 'candy' part of the store that will be rolled ice-cream.  It'll allow people to roleplay for a bit of slower and will appear to just be generic rolled ice cream on the hot summary days. In Korea there is rolled ice-cream parts that I wish to enjoy with the people in the server. For references of what we will sell there is photos below. Along with for places like prom for the high school I'd like to pay someone to make a custom head that will be flowers for the prom king and queen for the server and as reward ceremonies in the city or weddings that will be sold on rare occasions once the server is done.

References (Interior & Exterior):

Interior: Pleasant trunk inside is supposed to be elegant and calming as if it was a lobby for a big business, there will be different decorates along with a small chandelier and an office in the store. There will be a carpet for people to dry their feet if needed when it is raining. The place will appear a bit dark as an elegant feel would be in the air that makes someone wishing to dress up to buy some fancy jewelry inside or some flowers for their significant other. The florists will be working on making flowers in the background for the people seeking to either give someone a cactus for hatred or some flowers for their loved ones. There will be a couple cameras inside the shop to assist with Min due to her anxiety. There will be a few Hanazono logo things for the entire company for a bit of flavor for Min Hanazono's backstory.

Exterior: Outside will have a couple of seats for people to walk by and relax at, there will be flowers such as roses outside to lighten the place up making it appear more comfortable. I would prefer if it was possible to have a tree outside a small one that could block the window. That way not everyone is trying to peep in. The glass will be a brown to fit the interior and exterior of the building. There will be a row of flowers outside that cannot be stolen in a decorative plant, they will be fake just so the place appears more pretty. 



What business is selling:

Velvet Bouquet 


Emarald Earrings


Fruit snacks 


Flower crown


Matcha rolled ice cream


Chocolate fruit basket

Image result for chocolate fruit

Chocolate flower bouquet 


Lavender Vintage


Present purse

Image result for flower purse

Unicorn cotton candy

Cotton Candy Art

Cherry Ring pop






A team up with the hospital, there are not a lot of places for Seoul to get food at. This will be a donation event of people auctioning off old outfits and signing up along with getting free food they need. This will be considered the 'Flower festival' once it hits summer or spring soon if the server is open. There can be people that can make shops and games such as a dunk tank for people to get money for their factions as donations to expand it. There can be a florist contest for people to detail roleplay on taking care of a plant and who does the best! Along with a spot for the EMS to work at for giving away items which will be donated from different shops that allow it at the flower festival.


The Inspection

The inspector! Oh no, an inspector for the shop shows up with two others. They wish to ruin the competition for flower shops overseas.  Adam, a business partner of the shopkeepers' notices this. He tries to get the customers to help save the shop from the greedy 'inspectors' wishing to set down the place. There will be pranks that they pull when Min turns her back that Adam and the customers have to prevent before the real inspector and Min see's before it is too late! There will be cops that show up at the ending. Just one, He'd ask for proof as they'd save the poor lady's flower and accessory shop from closing down! 


Attack of the yakuza

Oh no! The people from the shop keepers' past have shown up. They are ransacking the shop trying to find her. The criminals would begin to gather customers and employees trying to save the day. But before the cops show up one of the allied groups with a pleasant trunk shows up. They would draw their weapons. One of the men would find the shopkeeper. Min would begin to start fighting the criminals as cops would show up... But it was too late! There was a full-on brawl between a couple of the employees would get up with their friends and the allies beginning to protect the flower shop. A couple of the attackers were killed but it leads to a big trial of Min protecting her shop and the employees protecting themselves.


Bee sting

Animals would check out pleasant trunk! Bees would appear to help Seoul bloom along with the city. It would be minor, but they'd go to each plant around Seoul as the hive would be trying to find a new location to build a new beehive for their colony near the shop once appearing! The customers will have to choose a place outside for them! Once finding a secure location outside the bee's would begin to work making a hive near the flower shop. 


Butterfly release

Once it was time, the workers of pleasant trunk would gather in the back with a few workers. They'd open the door going to open the cages in the back so the butterflys can go outside and begin to pollinate the flowers and plants around the shop. It will not be anything huge sept for 30 butterflys as event team will do a /it of them harassing people such as landing on their clothes or noses going to be released outside well, trying to there will not be a lot going on for this event. That will be all of it, just some tom foolery as butterflys being released.


How many employees will you be recruiting:

Employees 1/15 (Server revamp whiped out employees and 1 got banned. I'm sorry)

0/4 Cashier - Will be handling purchases from the store and helping players out.

0/4 Florists - They will help with events and fill out positions that are needed when opening.

0/3 Security - These people will be in charge of making sure the place is safe. They will be needed for events along with just watching and making sure nobody is being dumb at opening and closings.

0/2 Manager - Will be in charge of handling employees and events plus along with the math of the store.

1/1 Owner - Will be in charge of running the store, Overlooking weekly, monthly and annual events for the store.



There was only a couple words that her she heard on-top of the mountain as she was climbing up spoken by a familiar voice. "Touch my family and I will crawl out of my grave and kill you." The youth wanted to do so much more in her life in the inspiration of her father and family figures. The youth was only 15 years old and already had her mother exclude Min out of her life "Ida" ; that was the last thing she could remember. The woman was no longer her own mother anymore. She was webbed into the trap of Sakuta, her father and person that took care of her no matter what. Sakuta wished for Min to start her own life or join his. There was so much Min had to think about her like would she join her family's Yakuza or the enemies where her friends were at, so she thought. But instead, she decided it was time to step up after the yabitsume tradition in-front of her new aunt. It was her 15th birthday that day. It was Min's first real birthday with friends and her adopted sister that actually loved her gifted Min a cupcake before cleaning up the blood. "Ryuu", "Vicky", and finally "Ahikito" these were the final things she whispered into his ear before it was too late for Min to make her promise and her voice slipped away for the moment tears would swell her eyes. She learned so much from these people, yet they took him away from her life. Just when she thought everything was going to be better in her life. But their faces were revealed instead of fighting back her extended family's eyes would begin to swell picking up the corpse allowing Min to follow down that mountain hand by hand. There was no proof for the youth to gather as she watched in horror. Them trying to hide her own father from her as the knife would be pulled out of his gut going quickly into the grave. This has been planned for months. The detective she went to, and her godfather did not believe the "stories' ' she had spoken the second in command for "Hanazono yakuza" picked Min up, taking her away from her family that did not seek her out. The last by blood Hanazono. There were years that had passed applying to college for being a detective. After revealing the evidence to a professor from 2 years of looking at a poor mad student in the college when people gave her no hope at the age of 25, she proved at her graduation her own case with her father being able to get the ones close to be investigated and slowly lead to their arrests overseas. But once heading back towards Japan at the age of 26 the cops revealed that they had never found Sakuta's body. Min would begin to search for a year for her father's corpse or who would even do such a thing of taking it. She would pick up smaller jobs so she could focus, and the police department was interested in her investigations in the town. Min would help the city arrest multiple groups and who she thought were suspects. Once returning Min decided not to take her 'godfathers' last name as he would ask. She had vivid memories and nightmares about the place beginning to head overseas for a new restart. Hopefully she could learn how to heal correctly. 

Character Information:

Full Name

Min Hanazono

Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss)



Minnie, America flag





Marital Status



Min is normally keeping to herself. But for people she is normally comfortable around she is more energetic. Min wishes to protect everyone she can and most of all protecting her family's pride and history. She is known to be rather petty, willing to spend years hunting someone down if needed. But she loves flowers and is a hopeless romantic. All it takes is a couple compliments and her anger will calm down quickly. She does not understand a lot of things about people but believes in the justice system. Min is driven by money and the pride of it. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done and live her life.  Once realizing that protecting people was not enough other than family. She got tired of people spitting in her face for being an officer so she decided to change into making a shop as Sif would have joined the garden club in her school when she was younger. She wishes for everyone to just stop and smell the roses and help themselves relax. She is normally anxious when it comes to new people when they are near the people she knows. Min is full of anxiety when it comes to new things. 


Min Hanazono stands at 5,11 she has a couple of scars on her face being a bit deformed. She was dimples along with an attitude problem. Min normally speaks in a rude blunt tone but is normally kind. She is seen to be normally laid back or extremely stressed when people are following her. Min weighs around 130 lbs. being rather frail for someone her age. She would have her hair up normally in a ponytail or some type of bun along with half blue and half red hair. Min would have demur of someone that is normally serious in her tone, it would be rather hard to see her smile or laugh in any situation. She has dimples on her face along with some freckles on her neck that are normally hidden with makeup.


Master's in criminal justice, Forensic Psychology, Business


Extra information:

We have a banner for the discord icon, though I still need to find a way to make it look pretty with the text. The application will also be expanding as the more people I hire for my account. I also need new glasses so the font being 14 instead of 12 makes it easier for me to see, please excuse that currently.


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Thank you for applying to become a buisness owner! After reviewing your application I've chosen to accept you for business owner!

What now?

Post your application link to the help channel in the government discord server and ping @enderbubs to get your roles and to get started on becoming a business owner!

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