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Chinese Application

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IGN(In Game Name):


What Language are you applying for?:


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): 

Min grew up in japan, though due to her mom being chinese and her dad Ida Okichi would teach Min at a young age about her heritage teaching her it. There was only a couple words that her she heard on-top of the mountain as she was climbing up spoken by a familiar voice. "Touch my family and I will crawl out of my grave and kill you." The youth wanted to do so much more in her life in the inspiration of her father and family figures. The youth was only 15 years old and already had her mother exclude Min out of her life "Ida" ; that was the last thing she could remember. The woman was no longer her own mother anymore. She was webbed into the trap of Sakuta, her father and person that took care of her no matter what. Sakuta wished for Min to start her own life or join his. There was so much Min had to think about her like would she join her family's Yakuza or the enemies where her friends were at, so she thought. But instead, she decided it was time to step up after the yabitsume tradition in-front of her new aunt. It was her 15th birthday that day. It was Min's first real birthday with friends and her adopted sister that actually loved her gifted Min a cupcake before cleaning up the blood. "Ryuu", "Vicky", and finally "Ahikito" these were the final things she whispered into his ear before it was too late for Min to make her promise and her voice slipped away for the moment tears would swell her eyes. She learned so much from these people, yet they took him away from her life. Just when she thought everything was going to be better in her life. But their faces were revealed instead of fighting back her extended family's eyes would begin to swell picking up the corpse allowing Min to follow down that mountain hand by hand. There was no proof for the youth to gather as she watched in horror. Them trying to hide her own father from her as the knife would be pulled out of his gut going quickly into the grave. This has been planned for months. The detective she went to, and her godfather did not believe the "stories' ' she had spoken the second in command for "Hanazono yakuza" picked Min up, taking her away from her family that did not seek her out. The last by blood Hanazono. There were years that had passed applying to college for being a detective. After revealing the evidence to a professor from 2 years of looking at a poor mad student in the college when people gave her no hope at the age of 25 she proved at her graduation her own case with her father being able to get the ones close to be investigated and slowly lead to their arrests overseas. But once heading back towards Japan at the age of 26 the cops revealed that they had never found Sakuta's body. Min would begin to search for a year for her father's corpse or who would even do such a thing of taking it. She would pick up smaller jobs so she could focus, and the police department was interested in her investigations in the town. Min would help the city arrest multiple groups and who she thought were suspects. Once returning Min decided not to take her 'godfathers' last name as he would ask. She had vivid memories and nightmares about the place beginning to head overseas for a new restart. Hopefully she could learn how to heal correctly.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

It is Min's native tongue. The Hanazono family is Chinese.  It is her first language. It'd be good to speak it, due to her not understanding some of the language that people know. Such as what a cart is being used to push groceries at a store. I'd like to roleplay her not knowing some words and trying to explain with different ones due to the language barrier.

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