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IC - Fill this like how your character would fill it out. 




Position Applied For:   Professor, Art History & Conservation

NAME IN FULL:   Mal-Chin Ahn   

TITLE:   Mr. Ahn, Professor Ahn

DATE OF BIRTH:   April 12   

AGE:   26

GENDER:   Male   

MARITAL STATUS:    Single, Unmarried   

NATIONALITY:    South Korean    

PHONE NUMBER:    n/a, tbd 



Degree:   Bachelors in Biology, Bachelors in Nursing Science

Institute:   Seoul National University

Registration Date:   04-02-19

MAJOR:   Biology, Nursing Science

MINIOR:   Education, Psychology


Degree:   Bachelors in Archeology

Institute:   Pukyong National University

Registration Date:   16-02-23

MAJOR:   Archeology

MINIOR:  Astronomy, Art History


Degree:    PhD in Art Conservation

Institute:   Pukyong National University

Registration Date:   16-02-23

MAJOR:   Art Conservation

MINIOR:   Paleontology




Previous Job Title:   Gas Station Employee

Job Position:   Cashier

Registration Date:   02-03-14



Previous Job Title:   Café Employee

Job Position:   Barista

Registration Date:   02-03-19

REASON OF LEAVE:   Offered a better position elsewhere


Previous Job Title:   Research Assistant

Job Position:   Research Assistant

Registration Date:   14-03-23



Previous Job Title:   Teaching Assistant

Job Position:   Teaching Assistant

Registration Date:   14-03-23



CERTIFICATE:   Graduated,  Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Nursing Science

DATE RECIEVED:   February 4, 2019


CERTIFICATE:   Graduated, Bachelors in Archeology

DATE RECIEVED:   February 16, 2023


CERTIFICATE:   Graduated, PhD in Art Conservation

DATE RECIEVED:   February 16, 2023


LOOK OF STUDENTS (150 words):

Mal-Chin Ahn's look of students is rather simple -- He admires, and adores them. Mal-chin is here as a mere stepping stone for students interested in his field of work. He is here to help guide them, and teach them all he can to the best of his ability. He wants to help them grow as people, and to help grow his skill sets. He's very passionate with his field, he's worked hard to gain the knowledge that he has, and his current position. And he wants to use that to help others grow just as he did, to reach their dreams. He admires each student he has the honor of working with, finding them to be incredibly ambitious, and amazing.


COVER LETTER (300 words):

Dear Senior Leadership Team,

As a recent PhD of Art Conservation graduate, I have read your postings for new professors with immense interest. I believe my experiences, and knowledge, fits well within the qualifications you are seeking here at Seoul University. I am rather certain I would make to be a valuable addition to your school, both as a professor, and a colleague. 

I currently have a vast knowledge of my subject, and of the subjects that may surround it. This knowledge that I have spans from Art Conservation as a whole, to Art History and Archeology itself, and then to Biology and Astronomy. I have worked with many professional conservators, helping to lead research, and to teach a class with one of my previous professors.

With my recent three-year experience as a Teaching Assistant within my specialty, I find I am adept within classroom instruction, research, and development within curriculum.  Adding on, my on-job experience within archeological and conservational research has provided me with an exceptionally well-rounded set of skills, including quick and vast analytical skills, and public speaking abilities. I excel at making above and beyond advancements within the classroom and field.

In addition to this, my experience has provided me with a proper foundation and passion for my subject. I am incredibly interested with all that this university has to offer, and with the experience I may have to help contribute to your goals in teaching students. I would like to offer my skills and knowledge, and help with any research the school may have. I would like to give students a chance to learn something new, and to learn something rather exciting. I can guarantee to help students gather a vast array of skills in this subject, and to plan many fun activities for them to get hands on.

Attached to my letter is my application and resume, regarding my expertise and past experience. Thank you for your time, and for your consideration. 


Mal-Chin Ahn



DATE:    20-01-23    SIGNATURE:    Mal-Chin Ahn

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