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Erina Hozumi


30 years old



Erina Hozumi was born in a small hospital in a town on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan.  As a child she had a simple yet sweet childhood, Both of her parents Yua Hozumi and Hiroto Hozumi was a happily married couple and took great care of Erina. A few years into her childhood her brother came along and she started school. Her kindergarten years went the best they possibly could, However her parents soon noticed she was attached to this baby doll that was at the kindergarten. Her parents ended up negotiating a deal with them and bought it off them for Erina to play with. From a very young age Erina was allready showing mother-like characteristics. Was her mother that good of an influence to her? Well yes she was. After kindergarten she started primary school which Erina found rather difficult. She was used to staying and playing not working hard. She was not the brightest kid and had lots of help from the adults around her. After a few years of this she eventually passed primary school and moved on to highschool. Highschool was difficult for Erina, She was now a young adult at the age of 16 and was ready to have a child. She wanted to drop out and start her own family. So that is what she did, However the family plans did not work out. Instead she was living at home and was forced to get a job. Over the next few years Erina was working hard with multiple jobs. These jobs consisted of, Shop employee, cleaning service and finally even dabbled into the hospital rout, however this was not for her and she quit early on. After a few years of hustling Erina finally got enough money to buy her own place and move out. She was now 22 living on her own and now she was truly ready to start a family. After many years of being alone she met her who now is her wife, Her wife from from south Korean in the capital and offered to fly Erina out to come live with her. Erina took this opportunity and did so a year after she did this they got together and adopted their first child. 5 years after she was now 28 and got married with her wife. Now she is 30 and is happy with her life and is ready to see what is next for her.


Standing before you would be a 5'3  female. Despite the females size she would have the body of a matured women, Possibly in her 20's to 30's. She women would have long brown hair which would go down to her waist along with azure blue eyes. She would always be seen walking around with a smile and would always talk to people with a bubbly soft tone. She would have a very friendly demeanor  and there would be a distinct scent of wisteria auraing off the female.

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