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RP Name: 

Nabi Park



Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Nabi Park was born on November 11th to Min-jun and Garam Park, in Ulsan, South Korea. Her father, Min-jun, was an artist. He made amazing paintings that were loved, but deserved to be more famous. Her mother, Garam, worked some job in the business field... Nabi didn't really care to know, nor did her mother care to tell her. They weren't very close at all. Garam was a very stoic woman and never showed much emotion to Nabi - or anyone for that matter. Their relationship did not get any better when Nabi's parents got a divorce when she was 11 years old. 

Nabi attended Ulsan Girls' School for her early education, and when she was 15, she applied to the Ulsan Arts High School's art department. She loved art - thanks to her father. She spent many hours with him in his studio, watching him paint and him teaching her new techniques. All she wanted was to follow in his footsteps.. though she never thought she could be as good as him. Receiving her acceptance letter was one of the best days of her life. While attending Ulsan Arts High School, she became interested in sculpture design. She began taking more sculpture focused classes and really enjoyed it, as she did not feel the pressure of comparing herself to her father because it was a different field. On the weekends, and after school, she worked at a BBQ restaurant, saving money for her dreams of attending a prestigious art university. Her mother hated that Nabi wanted to pursue art, but what was she to do? She never cared about her daughter anyways. 

Well, Nabi's dreams did come true. She was accepted to Chung-Ang University's Sculpture Department in Seoul. The next four years were a rollercoaster of experiences. Min-jun passed away during Nabi's second year of university. He had been struggling with his illness, but never told his daughter. This turned Nabi's world upside down. Her grief for her father made her throw herself into her art even more. All she did was work. Nabi barely spent time with her friends and was always holed up in the studio. Just as things were starting to get better for her, she was then rejected from a post-graduate study abroad program to Paris. Many of her peers did get accepted to world-renown programs, but Nabi was left behind in Seoul, which is where she remains now.

Description: Nabi Park would stand before you at 5'5" and weigh 108 lbs. She had medium lenghth, black hair with wispy bangs. Her dark eyes almost looked purple in some lights. Nabi was reserved and quiet, even with her friends. It took a lot for her to be more open about herself. The scent of warm vanilla followed her.


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