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GoddessSpace's Business Application | Remarkable Wine and Art

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Seoul Business Owner Application

My IGN is GoddessSpace
Discord Tag:
My discord tag is🌹 𝚁𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚎𝙱𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚖🌹#8166.

Time zone: 
My time zone is PST or more commonly known as Pacific Stanard Time.
Server Activity:
My server activity I would say is a 9/10. I will be getting on for 3-4 hours each day. I do take a week off each month for a mental health break.
Previous warns/bans:
I have no previous warning or bans, and I would like to keep it that way.

Business Information

Business Name:
The name of my business would be 'Remarkable Wine and Art'.
Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):
The type of business Remarkable Wine and Art would be is a retail/convivence store.
Motivation on why you wanted to apply:
My motivation on why I wanted to apply for a business would be because I want to showcase a new time of shop and show what this roleplay community could offer and live up to. Another thing is I feel like some of the roleplay community feels left out, so I want to make sure they don't feel left out with this shop.
Unique description about your business:
Remarkable Art and Wine would bring a whole new thing for roleplay not just for me but for everyone else. We will offer painting classes to give our customers a chance to do some really good detail, it provides the community with something new to do on the server and a new hangout spot. There are also a lot of amazing new custom items that would be amazing to add and an amazing place for our artists to break free. The artists can also showcase their art if they wanted to. This type of business has never been done before and I want to make it happen.

References (Interior & Exterior):










What is your business selling:

The things my business sells will be different types of wines/foods and art supplies.

Art Supplies:





Food and Drinks


Product, Liquid, Bottle, Logo, Machine, Black-and-white, Parallel, Glass bottle, Cylinder, Label,






Couples' night-
Couples' night will include teamwork on painting, during some events one person will paint what the other person describes.

Showcase night-
Everyone who wants to will be invited to show off their art! One by one we will have people sign up on forums to show their art! If anyone is looking to sell their art this is the chance!

Ladies' night-Ladies'
Ladies' evenings can include a variety of activities, an idea would be a drawing/raffle where they would make an art piece and vote on which one, they'd like more. They would then get a gift card to the store if they won. Women are welcome at any time during this event. No men will be let in unless they are working.

Gentlemen’s night-
Gentlemen's evenings can include a variety of activities, an example is a raffle where any gentleman can raffle off of a drawing or art piece from the artwork around the shop. Men are welcome at any time during this event. No women will be let in unless they are working.

Adult night-
Anyone above the age of 20 will be invited to this event. No children are allowed, we will serve them alcohol and snacks as they paint! (Will be developed once we try it out, goes for all events)

How many employees will you be recruiting:


Owner (1)
This is pretty easy to guess. This is the owner of the shop and has the most responsibility for the shop. The owner's job is to restock when supplies are low, to make sure that employees are not going against the rules that have been set or stealing from the shop. Also has the final say on whether a person should be hired or fired, as well as making a discord for the shop.

Overall Manager (1)-
The general manager is in charge of overseeing the store when the owner is away. They will be tasked with making things run smoothly and, most importantly, making the owner's job just a bit easier. They will help out with inventory and keep track of payments and openings.

Overall Manager Assistant (1)-
They are the assistants of the overall manager. They assist what whatever they need.

Bar Manager (1)-
The bar manager is mostly in charge of their stock watching when things begin to go low, seeing what is most popular and where it can be going on sale and such, they will also be in charge of helping pick bar employees only and thinking of new drinks. They will come up with new drinks by asking customers, doing popular votes, and seeing what the public wants.

Floor Manager (2)
Floor Managers are the third hands of the shop. They help hire and fire people, they are also the ones who inform the owner of the items they need to restock. They also manage shifts when the owner is not there.

Instructors (3-4)
Instructors are well instructors, they will teach art classes, they will do step-by-step paintings such as flowers, or for more advanced classes they will offer to learn to paint people. They will be allowed to decide on their own what they wish to teach. They will bring new event ideas, which will be listed below as some that will be put in place at the opening. If they do not have a class, they will also work as a barkeep and/or a cashier.

Bar keep (3-4)
Helping guests be aware of and choose menu items, taking orders, and making guests feel taken care of during their visit. Keeping the bar stocked and clean while always providing friendly and attentive service. They also make sure that nobody under the age of 20 is trying to buy alcohol.

Cashier (3-4)
Registers sales on a cash register by scanning items, itemizing, and totaling customers' purchases. Resolves customer issues and answers questions. Bags purchases if needed.

Janitor (2-4)
The janitor's duties and responsibilities can include general cleaning of buildings and maintaining them in good condition. This can include vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing restrooms, taking out trash and recycling, and washing and cleaning windows and mirrors.

Security (3-4)
Security Help keeps the place running smoothly, preventing fights, helping escort any highly intoxicated guest, helping calm down arguments so a fight does not break out, and also ensuring the safety of all our guests and employees.

Remarkable Wine and Art was founded by Adelaide Nagamasa when she was eighteen years old, she had the idea to start this business because she wanted everyone to feel welcomed and supported. She had felt as thou there wasn't a place for all ages to enjoy fine dining and art the way she had. Makenna had moved to Seoul for a better life and with this new business, she could do that as well as express her enjoyment for fine food, wine, and art that not many people her age had. It was her dream to start this business ever since she was 15. Makenna loves the idea of adventure and new things. Her idea for this business is to make it a safe place for all ages of people young and old so they can enjoy fancy at a reasonable price and never have to feel judged. Makenna believes that this new shop will welcome a lot of opportunities for young and old people in Seoul.

Adelaide Nagamasa was born in Scotland in a rural location the population was small and not many people knew what her life was like. She was the oldest out of her 8 siblings not including her and would be the one to care for them since she was sixteen years old. Her parents had suddenly passed, and she had to take on the challenge of raising her siblings with pride and joy. Her siblings ages ranged from twelve to sixteen, so it wasn't incredibly hard as the older ones had jobs and the thirteen-to-fourteen-year-old often babysat or did dog walking for extra cash. Because of this she matured rather quickly and grew even more into the fine arts of food and wine. This was truly the turning point in her rather "expensive" taste as some might call it.

Her childhood was different from many others, the people in town assumed her parents were never around. They often thought that they just had a bunch of children and let them run wild. However, that's the opposite of what actually happened. She had a really good childhood, her parents cared for all of them the best they could, but they were often struggling with the money of taking care of the eight children. She was the only one who had a job when her parents were alive because she was the only one who could see through her parent's act. She helped as much as she could and often let the little kids have the luxury items while Adelaide would dream of the day, she finally got to enjoy those. Her parents had died in a warehouse fire June 25th, and they were not prepared for it. Adelaide took charge immediately and comforted her siblings for the first week. However, her income wasn't enough to keep them going so she had to get real with her younger siblings. She told them they needed to get jobs asap so they could live. Two of her siblings got real jobs while the rest would often scoop snow, walk dogs, babysit, or just household chores for people.

The parents' death resulted in her being the head of the family and working as much as she could for their income to make a living. It came natural to her because Adelaide has had a lot of experience as being a caretaker and leader. When she was younger, she should babysit for people whenever they needed which gave her a lot of experience with the children. As she got older, she became interested in the hospital work of things and did internships and volunteered to read to sick people, old people, kids, whoever would listen really. When she got older, she was able to watch people actually take care of the sick people and helped out with whatever she could around the hospital. However, once she got enough money, she took the executives decision to move to Seoul for a better life.

She moved to Seoul with her siblings which took a decent amount of time having to pack up nine people and having to take two separate cars that each had trailers pack full of stuff. Moving to Seoul gave them a fresh start and a better life. Her siblings could have good clothes, toys, and a nice place to sleep at night. Adelaide and her siblings have been in Seoul for four years now and they are ready to start their life here. She is hoping that she can make friends along the way of her shop and give lots of people friendship, life experiences, and opportunity's. She has spent over 2 years mapping out her shop, coming up with design plans, blueprints, recipes, art ideas, wine tastings, all for the hope of opening it one day. She has tried many different ideas and styles till she found the perfect one. This will be the design for the shop once it opens.

Character Information:
Name: Adelaide Nagamasa

Age: 42

 Adelaide Nagamasa would be a fairly average height standing at 5'9 and slightly underweight at 110 lbs. She would have long beautiful blue hair with light blue highlights and hazel eyes. The smell of outdoors with a slight hint of very fancy smelling vanilla would follow behind her as she walked. She looked to be very wise from her years of living and had a soft smile. She had kindhearted oval eyes that often-made people trust her and feel welcomed in her presence. Adelaide loves nature and astronomy and can often be found on a long walk in the outdoors or camping. She would carry lots of photos of her friends and her going on hikes or having picnics whenever it was warm enough. Her friends would often call her Ady or Blossom however most people who weren't close just referred to her as Adelaide.

Extra information:
I have no extra information at this time.

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Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

You are no longer in the main HRP Discord, nor the Government Discord server

Due too your ban, you have been blacklisted from applying any further for the faction

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