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54241|Adult App

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IGN:  54241
RP Name:  Toru Karwai
Age:  36

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Toru Karwai would be a 6’5 individual who stood with an uncaring demeanor. His curly black hair would go down only to his neck along with his side burns. His bulky build would be clear when he was seen up close, along with the few scars that riddled his face, one under his eye, one on his forehead and one on his right cheek. He’d give off a cautious and resentful vibe when first meeting him, but he was a different person when you got to know him. 

Toru originally grew up in China with his mother, father and brother in a middle class home. Growing up, it was clear torus mother wanted him to be a golden boy, someone who would be an award winning doctor or scientist, but that’s never what toru wanted to be. Torus brother was always neglected growing up, toru was the one put in place for him, this caused his brother to lash out, be a rebel so what teenagers did. Life grew on, toru was forced into the best classes, his brother was usually forgotten when it came to being taken to school. Things like this stayed the same, until the day torus brother was struck by a truck, kill ing him instantly. Toru was devasted, he loved his brother, that was his best friend, his ride or die, his second piece of himself. And meanwhile, his  family didn’t care. No one did, his death was put aside. Toru couldn’t believe them, the type of people his family grew to be, so he left at the age of 16, stealing his fathers cash and car hopping place to place, at this point torus life was slowly dwindlin, the use to be golden boy became what people would call a bastard. Someone who didn’t have a family to sit down with, someone who had no sleep overs or really much to call anything, he became a bum. Years passed like this, torus like grew to a branch of criminal acts, wether it he minor or major.  These years of this landed him in Seoul, where he hoped If anything, he’d become something, anything.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult, but I've chosen to put your application onpending for the following reason:
-For the first 3 questions (IGN, Rp Name, and Age) you bolded your answers 
Feel free to reapply whenever!

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