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Pandatha | Teacher Application


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Disclaimer: I was told SLRP takes place in 2026, so all dates are meant to match that time. If that is wrong, my apologies.



Discord Tag (possum#0006): abbatha#1209

Minecraft User (pwossum): Pandatha

Age: would prefer not to say





Position Applied For: Art Teacher



DATE OF BIRTH: 11 November 2001

AGE: 25

GENDER: Female






Degree: Bachelor's of Fine Arts

Institute: Chung-Ang University 

Registration Date: May 2019 

MAJOR: Sculpture 

MINIOR: Korean Painting 




Previous Job Title: Mimong BBQ 

Job Position: Server

Registration Date:  March 2018

REASON OF LEAVE: Worked this job during high school, and quit when I moved to Seoul for university. 


Previous Job Title: Seoul Foreign School 

Job Position: Teaching Assistant for Art 

Registration Date: January 2022 

REASON OF LEAVE: This was a job given to students who excelled at Chung-Ang University. When I graduated, I relinquished my spot. 


LOOK OF STUDENTS (150 words):

My look of the students is, hopefully, fairly similar to that of other Teachers and Faculty at Seoul Academy. I adore students and their passion to succeed and to make their family proud. Art is truly my life, and I want nothing more than to inspire these young students and help them in their journey, in anyway I can. I believe that art can be an amazing outlet for self-expression for these students and my role will be to help them do so and gain that confidence they need. This confidence can transfer over into their academic world and help them do better on other classes' assignments. I do not wish any stress to be added to these students' shoulders, so my class will be one that they look forward to and they feel safe in. I want what is best for them, for I was a just a student not so long ago.


COVER LETTER (300 words):

Dear Senior Leadership Team,

I am writing to apply for the position of Art Teacher at Seoul Academy. Your school has a reputation of academic excellence within the Seoul area, and I believe my background and experience in the art world would make me a valuable addition to your school faculty. Art is my life, and nothing fulfills me more than motivating the next generation of creatives by sharing my passion with young learners.

My love for teaching art is backed by formal training across various creative mediums from Chung-Ang University. I received my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Korean Painting. I am adept at knowledge in many areas of artistic and visual expression, from painting, sculpting to photography, and calligraphy. I persuade and motivate students to use different mediums to express themselves and develop their creative side. My experience is summarized as follows:

  • Won many prestigious awards for my sculpture piece titled 'Winged Woman'.
  • I taught basics of sketching and painting while working as a Teaching Assistant.
  • Worked on improving student's confidence through art expression.
  • Helped students develop problem-solving skills and use their creative processes.
  • Guided students to use various art forms to express themselves.

I bring strong motivational and organizational skills to my classroom and help students develop self-confidence, and self-reliance in creating original and unique art. My activeness in inspiring the students and in improving their abilities will help your institute immensely. I believe my skills and abilities will bring success to the institute and surpass  your expectation for the role of an Art Teacher.

Given my experience and passion for the arts, I am certain that I would make a positive impact as part of the professional teaching team at Seoul Academy. I look forward to meeting you all. Thank you for your time and consideration.




January 20th, 2026


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disc ; abbatha ♡︎ *:・゚✧

igns ; hweadpat , wantsoju , p6ws

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