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RP Name:

Sakuta Hanazono


Character Description:
Sakuta is a 6'4 Chinese male with a missing eye, he sports an all black attire most of the time and has a fairly built body that comes with it's flaws, he's been through a lot but he's still standing

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

After growing his family's name in japan, Sakuta fell into obscurity as he mysteriously went missing, His daughter Min Hanazono has been looking for him ever since. Rumors of his "death" spread throughout his family and its subsidiaries everyone coming to the conclusion that that was the last they would see of the mysterious man. After a few years, he came back with new intentions of bringing his family back to what it once was, wanting to establish a business and grow his family once more. He's now 48 years old last seeing his daughter when he was 34. During the years he spent away he practiced martial arts and the art of all combat methods, The big question is what happened that made him disappear in the first place. He had gotten into a bit of trouble with his enemies and was backstabbed by his right hand and fell into a trap and onto unknown enemy territory. Going against multiple enemies he failed to defeat them, They had left him in a graveyard where he undenounced them and was still barely alive. He took the opportunity to seek help from a bystander and left the country so his enemies could not trail him and it was radio silence from there.


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