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E1Kay's SPD Application


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OOC section



Discord [ex. Peanut#4270]:



Time zone:
EST (GMT -5)


Any previous bans/warns?



Describe your current level of activity on the server:

 Well server is not currently up at this moment, but pretend it was, I am planning to play for around 3 hours give or take. Maybe more, maybe less, depending on the day. I am not all that busy, I certainly can make time for this position.


Do you have access to a microphone?

 Yes absolutely


Do you have any previous experience with police work?

 I have a lot of experience being inside of police factions in roleplay. All police stations and all roleplay servers police forces will work differently, so all of my experiences may not exactly translate all that well. I have been inside the force before though, I know what to expect, and how to handle situations. I was recently a patrol officer on a different roleplay server, I was in the force for about four months. I did really well in the faction, I just ultimately decided to leave the faction.


Do you have any experience with CombatRP?
CombatRP is something that is different depending on the plugins, and the rule sets provided. I have no experience with CombatRP in Seoul as I personally didn’t get an invite to the original opening of the server. However I do have a complex history when it comes to CombatRP, like I mentioned in a previous answer, I played several roleplay servers. I actually used to be a gang leader on one of them for quite some time, being a gang leader, it is something that was destined to happen.

What motivates you to apply for SPD?
I enjoy a good roleplay, but there's one thing better than a good roleplay. You may ask, what is that, it’s roleplaying with a lot of friends! I apparently have quite a bit of friends on the SPD, and a lot more applying or interested in becoming SPD officers. I mentioned I have a lot of experience being a part of a police force, and I mean it when I said I truly enjoyed the time I had on the team. I want to continue experiencing that, and though I don’t want to be a part of their team anymore, it does not mean I don’t want to do the job. I want a roleplay where I am an officer, to make a character more complex and interesting than most on the server. I feel as being a part of this team, alongside my friends will give me a chance to accomplish everything I want out of the server.


IC information


Character name:

Chloe Grace 


Character age:





 Preferred pronouns:



What motivates your character to join the force?

 Growing up in a household where Chloe learned that doing the right thing is important. Though at the time she didn’t know what her calling would be, it instilled a sense of integrity, which led her into looking in a field that involves doing the right thing, at first she wanted to be a veterinarian; however, after sometime in college, she decided she wanted to help people. This change of ambition was due to her belligerent community that ended up killing her brother, which guided her towards the police work. 


Is your character familiar with self-defense?



How well does your character work with others?

A brief story of Chloe’s history, she used to play football during highschool, which developed her team-oriented skills, allowing her to be quick-witted and a team player. Chloe is very social even outside of her field of work, she likes to get to know everyone and just be a positive influence for the community. These attributes portray a positive aura around people who may be negative, such as a victim or suspect in a crime scene, which will help receive vital information to aid in solving criminal activities. 


Is your character independent or a team player?

 As previously mentioned, during her time in high school, she joined the football team. Being in the football team she had to learn to work well with others, and though that isn’t always easy, Chloe still managed to become a team player. She was fast and quick on her feet, she was good and could kick pretty well, but there were always players better than her. With her being a slight bit worse than all of her peers she learned the most important thing is to do what it takes for the team. That mindset doesn’t just involve Football, that is her general view towards teams of all kinds, including one of utmost importance such as the SPD.

What makes your character unique?
Chloe originates from a European country, her looks are completely different compared to other citizens. Her entire culture is quite different from most people in Korea. Her personality is very complicated. She can be very sweet and almost flirty, while being very rude and mean, strict and competitive. Chloe is a wildcard for sure, though what makes her stand out most, is the dedication she has for bringing her brother's killer to justice. It’s a weird spark you may or may not notice when having a deep connection with her, it’s like she's motivated but saddened all the time, with a hint of anger and hatred.


Backstory [100+ words]
Let me tell you a story about Chloe Grace, who she is, and how she became what we know today. Chloe’s parents were good people from the United Kingdom, during college they had gotten into studying Korean cultures and other Asian countries like China and Japan. They get very into the cultures quickly, as they actually began trying to learn the languages. Took them years to learn them, however it was all a hobby really. Shortly after Chloe’s mother and her father had begun their family, when Chloe’s older brother was born. Her older brother was actually named Clyde, a respectable man. When Clyde was about 4 years old, Chloe was just born. About the same time, the family decided to move to South Korea. While in South Korea, the 2 kids continued their lives living in a new country. Though they enjoyed the Korean cultures, the family stuck to their routes and kept their British cultures for the family to follow. When Chloe began her education, her mannerism was different compared to other students, her looks and foods she enjoyed were different. These issues lead to a miserable life during her young elementary school years. With all of that being said though, Chloe was raised in a house where it was an expectation to be kind and not get into fights with others. So as sad and angry as Chloe got, her moral compass always kept her on the right path. Whenever she got to middle school, Chloe started getting interested in the dating game. She was all about boys, this new found lifestyle actually gave the family problems. Chloe was getting involved with people she shouldn’t have, high school boys. This really got to Clyde, as one day Clyde actually broke Chloe's boyfriend's nose. Lead to issues with Chloe’s mother and father about whether that was right or wrong, Chloe and her boyfriend broke up, and Chloe and Clyde though Chloe was mad, she eventually grew to appreciate him. This did not do the same for Chloe's parents relationship, this was only the nail to the coffin on their relationship. Around the time the marriage finally ended, the mother took the kids and moved to Seoul as Chloe started high school. During High School, Chloe would have met another guy, his name is Tig. Tig was a tall basketball player of the school, he was very tall and just dreamy. To impress him Chloe got into Football, as not only did it sound fun, but the schools really prided on their football team. Chloe began her career as a football player, she worked really hard and eventually got a starting spot and the boy. Early on Chloe started dating Tig, while she started starting on the team as a goalie. During a major tournament Chloe realized that her athletic abilities are actually extremely impressive as she saved so many goals even though she was only 5’4. She used every ounce of what she had during that tournament and ultimately fell short. She was crushed, and turned to her boyfriend for comfort. They grew closer as a couple, and started developing real love in their relationship. During that summer in the times Chloe was not working out, getting her skills up, she would spend her time with Tig. By the time they started school, Chloe got in with the football team remaining starting goalie. A few years had gone by, Chloe got in a lot of trouble at school with the other girls of the team, for vandalizing. You may ask why Chloe got into this behavior, and it was as simple as peer pressure and influence from the crowd. These types of behaviors did not settle well with Tig, as unlike the other high school boys, he was actually a good influence on Chloe. He didn’t want her to behave like a typical jock girl, so he scolded her and yelled at her. Chloe was very hurt but knew it to be true. After a little bit of time, Chloe forgave Tig and agreed with his statement. Chloe began looking into ways she can use her new found outlook in life to make a career. She eventually felt that Veterinarian was her calling once she  rescued a cat from the highway. After graduating high school she attended a local college inside of Seoul in search of a degree. She originally joined thinking her place in this work as a veterinarian, so he started up a minor degree in Biology. However thing’s didn’t really work out too well when she found out that her brother had been murdered by someone. Chloe fell apart, she became sad and so angry she couldn’t see straight. This haunted her for years, as she ended up dedicating her life to the law out of revenge for her brother's death. It was easier for her to run to the law than for her to continue grieving her loss. Eventually Chloes boyfriend left her, which didn’t help her at all, however somehow Chloe recovered shortly after he left. I guess her pride in forensic science overtook her feelings of anger and sadness. Though some say this made Chloe a better person, I say she never properly dealt with her grief and now shes a ticking time bomb. Only time will really tell if she is or not, however Chloe just knows shes in it for more than just her brother though, it’s about her passion. After she got a masters in Forensic Science, she wanted to use her new degree to find a position in the SPD to carry out her desires and catch her brother's killer.


Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]
High school graduate, Masters degree in Forensic Science, Bachelors in degree in both Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Science in Criminal Justice, with a minor degree in Biology.



If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?
Without hesitation, Chloe would use her taser to subdue the aggressor to appropriately make the arrest on the criminal. Out of safety of herself, it would be necessary to use such force to halt the attack, without the defense being lethal.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?
Given the distress signal over the radio, Chloe would jump into action immediately trying to get backup. First things first she would try to locate the officer, find out where they might be in trouble. You need to find out where the distress signal is coming from, after Chloe pinpointed their location, Chloe gets dressed up for the matter. If they needed to be masked up or in special gear, time to do so. After Which they would track down the officer and attempt a rescue mission, often leading to arrest, however the officer's safety is number 1 priority. If they can rescue the officer and get the arrest, perfect. However not all of the time are they able to safely bring them to justice while getting the victim to safety.


You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?

 In a situation where Chloe is surrounded by armed criminals, it would instill a sudden fear into Chloe, not just of the criminals at play, but a fear for her life. In a scenario like this, Chloe would have received training for this very situation though, that fear is still there, however she wouldn’t hesitate to press the distress button on her radio. The button that would alert all officers that she is in trouble, during that moment Chloe would need to fight for her life. She would do whatever it takes to get away safely. Likely attempting to flee first and foremost, if she fails, she would have to resort to violence, using her tools and her training to keep them at a distance the best she can until help arrives.


You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?
Given a moment Chloe believes that a higher up is using their power illegally, Chloe would have to confront them directly. This would frustrate Chloe to that point, Chloe would have to be upfront about the situation instantly. If absolutely necessary, nothing seemed to work, she would have to report to someone higher of authority than them.

Edited by E1Kay
Minor changes I found to fit my characters backstory after further research. Applied in the section "Level of education"
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