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RP Name:

Yeong-Hui Yokoyama



Character backstory:

Yeong-Hui was born in South Korea at a run down hospital in 1985,  She had a rough childhood. At only 6 years old the girls parents got divorced which made her life hard, Her father moved back to his native city in japan while her mother stayed in South Korea and kept Yeong-Hui with her. A few years after the divorce her life started to get easier as she started school and made her friends... But this was a big mistake for her. She is now 10 and had her first sleep over at her friends house, This is where she found out her friends parents was criminals and recruited Yeong-Hui. This was not well for her and really messed her up mentally. 6 years of doing this and Yeong-Hui went through her "Emo" phase. She was done with being a criminal she dyed her hair blue and tried to change her appearance as much as possible. She was done with being forced into doing crime so she quit and decided to do it willingly, She started up her own gang at just the age of 17 and it lasted for 10 years. During these 10 years so and her crew commit crimes such as first degree murder, multiple breakings and entering's and multiple muggings. The gang ended because of Yeong-Hui getting arrested, She was arrested and sent to jail for 25 years. She was 27 when she got in but only served 13 years of the 25 years since she did some good deeds while there. She got let out when she was 40 and has now spent the last 2 years changing her life style and becoming a better person. She is now 42 and waiting to see where the wind takes her in life from now on.

Character Description:

[Yeong-Hui Yokoyama] &7Standing before you would appear to be a 5'5, Japanese-Korean female. She would have the body type of a mature women... possibly in her late 30's, She would look at you with a dead expression constantly like she hasn't  slept in weeks, But do not be fooled by the mysterious women. She would have long blue-like hair matched with her dark blue eyes was the perfect combo. Following her would seem to be a distinct smell of tropical fruits.

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