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SensoDojin's Adult Application #2

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Adult Application

IGN: SensoDojin

RP Name: Mitsuki Emiko

Age:  26

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Mitsuki Emiko was born in Korea but spent most of his time in Italy due to his parents splitting up, separating him and his kid sister. As Mitsuki grew up in Italy he learned many things and made two new friends throughout his stay in Italy, one named Markus and another named Shunichi. Mitsuki grew up with Markus and Shunichi, seeing them as brothers as they made it to their freshmen year in high school. Highschool was rather difficult for them since there were a lot of Jocks and Bullies around them, they had to deal with bullying throughout their entire year as freshmen, Mitsuki always wanted to be popular, he always wanted to be above everyone and felt like a King on his first day until he met the wrong people, specifically four individual students beat Mitsuki, Markus and Shunichi up senseless and were made their 'Bitches' for the entire school year. One day on summer break, the individual students made Mitsuki and his friend Markus beat each other for their entertainment. Unfortunately, Markus fell to the ground after being beaten by Mitsuki, Markus wasn't moving either. Mitsuki grabbed him picking up his upper body with his arms, tears falling down on Markus's unconscious body as blood ran from both of their noses. Markus unfortunately died that day, the bullies fled along with Shunichi fleeing to a different country. Mitsuki was then sentenced to a year in Juvenile detention for assault, his sentence turned out to be lighter since the officers who arrested him caught video footage of the upperclassmen forcing them to do so. After Mitsuki was freed from Juvenile detention, him and his father moved to Japan to live a different life. There, Mitsuki enrolled in Seoul Highschool as a transfer student, since his father was rich, he paid a lot of money to the school and begged him them to let him stay there after Mitsuki's encounter with the bullies. They agreed, ever since Mitsuki has been living in Seoul as a normal person, though he became more nonchalant towards people, not seeming to care much about them since the people he cared for the most both died and abandoned him.

(Now unbolded!)

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult, but I've chosen to put your application onpending for the following reason:
-I read though your backstory and it doesn’t seem to include a description of your character, which is required 
Feel free to reapply whenever!

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