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RP Name: 
Ida Okichi


Character backstory and description (over 200 words):
Okichi was born early, underdeveloped as a child, she fell behind her siblings often. Living in an impoverished area of rural Japan her slow development made her come off as the runt of the group of 9 siblings she was born with. All of them served their purposes despite this; learning etiquettes to become servants for the richer families in their traditional village. Between training from dawn to dusk, even from the young age of 3 Okichi would travel to the mountains to visit the Shinto Shrine and pray. She prayed for her own health, and to one day move to the city and have a large family of her own, where she could finally make her own decisions. 

She worked as a servant until she was 23, after suffering poor treatment under the guise of moonlight she escaped into the fields, a lone maiden in a long dress, which  tore on brambles and she tripped over often. Quite the fairytale moment for the young women, who had already at this point bore her own child with one of the owners of the land. She ended up in Osaka, fixing herself up and finding a job as a maid in a maid cafe. No matter her maltreatment, she still thoroughly enjoyed housekeeping and cleaning, and made quick work of the chores given to her in her new job.

Even this didn't satisfy her, she packed up her bags again, with more money this time, she moved to Tokyo, an assistant for a large businessman. Though she moved into more... illegal dealings. Assisting Yakuza with her unknowing eyes and borderline seductive tactics, to finally earn the money she had been looking for. She took in children that weren't her own to keep them safe, having the money to care for them all. And balanced her life as a new mother with crossing the borders of legality, though it landed her in hot water. She was kidnapped for information, detained, but she never let up until her childrens lives were threatened. She worked as a shrine maiden and settled down for a few years, carrying children of her own with the blessings from the Kami of fertility. She was pulled away from most crime, though still assisted from the sidelines... 

Before she got cancer. Severe, fast spreading cancer.. She came down very quickly with dizzy spells, sickness, fatigue and the inability to move, she was bed bound and after a few scans, a large cancerous mass in her lower abdomen. She was treated in the city for a while, lost her once unique natural brown and blond hair to chemotherapy, and chose to abandon everything she'd worked so hard to get to hide the fact that she could be dying. She was terrified of facing her family and loved ones weak, she couldn't bare to see the looks on their faces. So she hid in hospital, only one connection, an all-watching eye. He had been keeping his eye on her for a long time.
"As smug as ever, Mr. Shimada."
"Please, you know what you have to do. You've been in septic for a while,"
"You know things even I do not."
"That's just how I am, is it not?"
"It is."
"Come to Korea, I will pay for your healthcare. Someone wants you.."
"....People think I'm alive?"
"They know so."
"You told them?"
"I did, I had to, well, it's your daughter, she still thinks you abandoned her.."
Okichi's eyes widened. "You mean.."

"I'll come."

"Good. Good to have you back, Okichi. Don't end up kidnapped again.."

"Tsk... you with your attitude."

The flight was the following week.



A small woman, 5'2 with an hourglass figure and soft deep brown hair, pale skin with many blemishes from her years in the hospital. Despite this and her severe memory loss, still as bright and bubbly as ever, and always focused on her passion for her maiden work.
Her eyes a bright green and blue, a strip of albinoism in her hair makes her stand out in a crowd, usually paid with eloquent traditional make-up and a maidens dress. She has withheld her youthful look well for her age and beginning to get active once more after her treatments slowed down and cancer receded, which allowed for her to build her strength back up.
Patience and a soothing voice, a soft violet scent and plump lips, anything someone could want in a small, Ida-sized package.

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