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Map Extension Suggestion


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Before I begin listing my suggestion, I wanna make it clear that I am extremely aware that SLRP is currently in Beta and is not complete what-so-ever. My suggestion for SLRP is map extensions being created via the tunnels on the edges of the map; these tunnels could lead to different, larger areas for roleplay and/or properties and apartments etc etc. I have one idea in mind for a whole location connected by the tunnel near the grey motel (I forgot the name of it), fitting with the area its in - it could possibly lead to a run down side of town such as 'The Slums', I understand this would take some time to build and I am well aware that building is not easy as I have experience on being on build teams on different servers in the past. But having a run down, 'ghetto' area in Seoul would make perfect sense and would be pretty cool imo

References below;



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Myself, my team could possibly, but for the amount of work we'd have to do vs the payoff when the full release happens, I personally think its not worth it, we did plan on having gang hideouts but I havent been informed on anything happening. We can do gang hideouts, but I dont think a full area is worth it in the time the beta will last, and traversing the map is also quite tedious, i dont think running for another 5 minutes will be too good for people with low stats. 

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