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Seoul Business Owner Application

(9Leo, Yoeq, _weo) Other Acc

Discord Tag:

Time zone: 
PST (Pasific Standard Time)

Server Activity:
I'm often active online within discord and currently SRP but I will transition over to SeoulRP when the server opens. The average amount of time I spend online per day is around 8 - 10 hours daily. Though there will be times when I am not able to quickly get online, I'm sure there will be times when I am unable to do so. When I have been away from the site for a period of time, such as a vacation, I have had to go inactive for a decent amount of time. It is a must for me to submit an inactivity log whenever I am away from my server for an extended period of time, no matter what server it is for. I will always be active on Discord. Most of my time spent online is used to roleplay. There are times when I'll just run around, either in a VC or trying to find new people to talk to. Or I'll just look around for something that I can get myself involved in.

Previous warns/bans:

Business Information

Business Name:
Oikawa (Electronics)

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):

Electronic/Tech Store

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

It has been a little bit since I joined the server, but I remember visiting a shop for the first time and thinking to myself, wow, this is cool! My dream has always been to own a shop, but I have never had the time to apply for the position and have been a bit afraid of being rejected. As a result of this, I feel much more confident now, I also know a couple of people who own shops, and it seems like it would be a lot of fun to run a store and to be a shopkeeper. It is my pleasure to be able to decorate and customize my shop! Currently I am a member of the PD, but sadly I cannot customize my office space. I am someone who enjoys freedom and being my own boss sounds like a fun opportunity for me, since I am a great leader!

I have been exposed to many different kinds of roleplay throughout my year long journey on roleplay I have gotten to experience the toxic community of gangrp and also being able to roleplay as a Librarian in the school faculty and as a cashier on a different roleplay server basically, I am implying that I have done many different things involving roleplay but have not yet been able to experience the Honor of becoming a business owner and being able to hire others to my liking and to be able train the Trainees!

I also find myself seeking for new roleplay opportunities and this sounds like a perfect opportunity for me! to experience a new roleplay style and interacting more with the community.

Unique description about your business:
I believe that I can make my shop can be very unique in several different ways, giving the players with a new and unique experience is my main goal after all. To begin with, I believe that due to my shop's overall design and Idea, it would make it a very unique shop to begin with. I’ve never seen anyone so far with a store dedicated to only electronics on the server, which is surprising due to how popular electronics are in real life inside of the average supermarket. There are many examples of what my shop is based on in the real world, such as the very popular and famous tech company such as apple and Samsung. I’d like to bring this popular store type directly to the seoulrp community, offering a brand-new experience that the players on the server have never been seen before. I will also be hosting some ooc events where my employees can get together can play a game so that we all get to know each other better! some of the games can Include Roblox, a Minecraft SMP and etc.

— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ —

Another thing that will make my shop unique is the fact that I am going for a modern/futuristic look for my shop. Since I have never seen something like that before on SeoulRp I also feel that my shop will add more variety for shoppers which I think you guys are looking for! I will also be selling a variety of electronics varying from smartphones to laptops since I am applying for a Tech/Electronics store I will list some references for the interior of my shop and the exterior of my shop in the question below.

References (Interior & Exterior):



Image result for samsung store



See the source image

What is your business selling:

My business will indeed be selling many types of techs like most electronic store that exist in real life I would love to base my business of the business/company Samsung galaxy.

Some of the electronics I will be selling at my store.

Laptops |  ₩?
Phones | ₩?

Smart Watches |  ₩?
Camaras | ₩?

Headphones |  ₩?
Earbuds / Wireless Ear Buds | ₩?

Speakers |  ₩?
Other Tech | ₩?


Because I believe that events would be a unique idea that will bring the community together, I am willing to incorporate them into my shop since I believe that is a great way to bring people together. I will do my best to ensure that the events that I and my employees will be hosting will be entertaining, as I have seen some events that only lasted a little over an hour and were quite boring to attend and I do not want others to experience that same thing!

In order to make the community happy, I would like to incorporate the use of sales into my shop, so, for example, I'll be having a sale basically every holiday in my shop. I feel this is a fun way to make the community happy by reducing the prices. Additionally, I feel that this will bring in a lot of customers to my shop, as well as attract new ones that maybe have never visited before!

It would be great if I could add a giveaway bot to my discord server along with the sales as I believe that it would be an exciting addition to my server if I could give away a couple copies of an item on my discord server as I think that would be a fun thing to do! People would look forward to the giveaways and maybe become more invested in my shop! I would not only give away things, but I would also do some money giveaways at the same time! In order to maintain a balance, I would make sure not to empty my wallet. I would also make sure I had the required amount before giving it away.

Movie Nights!
For This event I will send an announcement on my discord server saying that we will be hosting a movie night, and everybody is invited. In my shop I will Completely change/decorate my shop. I will also set up a watch2gether playing some movies the movie that we do end up watching will be voted on by the community I will make a poll with 2-5 movie choices appropriate to the time of year/holiday. The movie night event will also be a great opportunity to get to meet new people within the community!

How many employees will you be recruiting:
Hiring Process
— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ —
I plan on having a good but small number of employees, 14! This includes shopkeeper, manager, and cashiers! When I get the shop the first opening will just be me and my manager! after a couple of openings I will then begin to open applications to fill in a couple of the cashier slots! after reviewing my applications only around 5 people will be moving on to Trial Cashiers. When my cashiers are in their trial stage, they will have 1 month to show their dedication to the stop if they pass! they will move on and be bumped up to Cashier if not they will sadly be demoted to ensure activity amongst the workers! the maximum role a worker can reach without an application will be the Cashier role!

Also, if you wish to be hired at Oikawa your character must be 16 or older you also may not have involvement in any sort of criminal activities or be a part of a gang if you are caught you will immediately be fired from Oikawa.

To apply for Manger first a slot must be open then, you must be a very trusted Cashier since they already have shown their dedication and appreciation to and for the shop, after this requirement is met, the following steps will be straight forward. Next, will follow a decently straight forward application that will require detail and mainly common sense!


────────── ⌤ ✩ ⌤ ───────────
Shopkeepers! what are they meant to do? Despite the fact that they have help in the store, there is no doubt that the shopkeeper plays a very important role in the smooth running of the store. In order to ensure that everything is always in stock and arranged neatly in the chests, they have to make sure this is done. They have to make sure the accessibility of each and every item is good and have to prepare events. Due to the fact that event planners need to be aware of every small detail about the event and know how it will proceed planning events is quite a challenging task. No event can be hosted without having it perfectly planned! It is also very important for shop owners to buy custom items and items for their shop on a regular basis, as it gets boring, and no one will visit your shop if you only sell the same items for a long period of time. It is important to get new customs from time to time to make sure that you get as many customers as possible.


────────── ⌤ ✩ ⌤ ───────────
As the right hand of the shopkeeper, the manager plays a crucial role in the shop. During the opening of the store, they will be representing the store to the general public in a public-facing manner. They oversee all of the cashiers, waiters, and security workers, making sure they’re doing their job to the best of their ability. A manager has the responsibility of keeping track of the shopkeeper's records and is trusted with the logs of the store, as well as helping with restocking orders and keeping tabs on the stock we have available in the store. Aside from this, the manager will also assist in running the store if the shopkeeper is not available at the time. The manager is also expected to handle customer complaints unless brought directly to the shopkeeper. The manager position is meant for a member that is willing to be very dedicated to the shop. The manager is expected to behave as well as the shopkeeper.


Senior Cashiers
────────── ⌤ ✩ ⌤ ───────────

I will be looking for three candidates to fulfill the Senior Employee title. These employees will have the same duties as a normal employee/ cashier but will have a more memorable title and more pay. 

────────── ⌤ ✩ ⌤ ───────────
The cashiers at Oikawa stand behind the counter where they will say hello and. serve and help customers who might come to them. If someone wants to see what an item looks like, the cashier will make sure to help them find exactly what they're looking for They will get your items as soon as possible and give you the best service you can get. Cashiers here at Oikawa give you a warm and welcoming smile as they'd ask what you’d like to buy. Cashiers are supposed to be polite and respectful the customers 100% of the time the customers no matter how hard of a time they are giving the cashier, it is the Oikawa policy to treat everyone the way you wish to be treated. If this rule isn't respected, the cashier or staff member will get a warning. After three warnings the cashier will be instantly demoted and removed from the job.

Mini Roster / Employee Salarys
— ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ —
Shopkeeper [1/1]
Gets the rest of the money
Manager [0/1]
40% of what they make!
Senior Cashiers [0/4]
35% of what they make!
Cashiers [0/8]
30% of what they make!


Character Information:

Character’s Full Name:
Jo-uh Ko

Character’s Gender and Pronouns:
Male, He/Him

Character’s Age (if accepted):

Character’s Academic Background



Character’s Nationality:

Character’s Marital Status:

Character’s Religious Denomination:

Character’s Spoken Languages:

Extra information:
N/A Thank you for your time!!

Edited by Leo

Minecraft Accounts
[Business-Owner] 9Leo
[Police-Officer] 1eoh
Discord: Leo'#7544

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