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Joetempz SPD application


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OOC Information



Discord [ex. Peanut#4270]:  

Time zone:   

Any previous bans/warns?:
I have currently got 0 bans/warns

Describe your current level of activity on the server:  
Due to me having a illness on some days i may  only play for up to 5 hours a day  However, on days off, I can play for up to 8 hours to maintain my online activity.

Do you have access to a microphone?:
Yes I do

Do you have any previous experience with police work?:

No, I don't, but I've been learning and I'm eager to learn even more to become an excellent officer!

Do you have any experience with CombatRP?:
I've had previous experiences over the course of a year of playing crime and gang roleplay on various roleplaying servers; I used to be a member of the "Bonten" gang on SchoolRP as well as "Kamatachi" itself. On the other hand, I actively participated in activities and meetings, sometimes putting myself in risky circumstances depending on whether they went well or poorly. This happened most often whenever an activity occurred that I had never experienced before. I continued to learn new things so that I may advance through my knowledge.

What motivates you to apply for SPD?:
Simply put, I want to rejoin the Police side of roleplay and enjoy myself once more as a member of the police department, just like I did in earlier iterations of the show when I played a cadet. I certainly want to reestablish this with other players, at least if all the possibilities make it possible. It is also a very enjoyable work, and I anticipate enjoying it.

IC information:

Character name:  

Charlie ''CHAZ'' Miyahara

Character age:  


Preferred pronouns:  

What motivates your character to join the force?:

From a young age, Charlie always received assistance from the police, which increased his motivation and made him dream of one day becoming a real police officer. Charlie always wanted to experience something thrilling that would be fun for him and where he could always learn something new that he had never experienced before. With a school education, her parents hurried her into old age, and he did everything in his power to help her achieve her objectives. He still had a barrier to overcome because she herself desired to work as a police officer in a particular nation. By supporting the police force at his proper age, he would demonstrate that he truly cares about security and safety.

Is your character familiar with self-defense?:
When Charlie was younger, he participated in a martial arts school where he learned a lot about specific martial arts for self-defense and general combat techniques. Even as a trained athlete, he performed admirably in both her training and contests. He later developed a talent for combat, whether it be with or without a weapon, and even now, Katia is aware of both the harsh and soft techniques. After additional experience on the job, he gained familiar with a pistol during his later training as a state police officer in Korean environments.

How well does your character work with others?:
Charlie learnt a lot during his training, including the value of teamwork and how challenging it can be to support safety when acting alone. He also had to work closely with his fellow trainees to accomplish one or more shared goals.

Is your character independent or a team player?:
Charlie is more of a team player; he is aware that working together is preferable to working alone, and he readily accepts assistance and lends a hand when it is required. In addition to understanding his foreign language only in part, he can also converse with people in other languages by using the extraneous language he adopted as a second language in addition to English.

What makes your character unique?:
Charlie specialised in traits like handling circumstances that call for knowledge and thought, finding solutions to questions, and accepting them readily. When he is faced with a challenge, he creatively considers one or more alternatives and typically overcomes it on his own. He discovers the best solutions whether they be spiritually or physically, sometimes employing more than one approach. He places a high value on reasoning and cunning mind over knowledge.

Backstory [100+ words]:
Charlie was born in Korea on January 25th, 1995. His parents were a nice Italian woman and a sweet French man. The couple adored their son greatly, but they lacked the resources to raise him. They continued to give it their all, apply for loans, and take on more and more jobs in spite of this. Charlie's mother became ill from stress when he was three years old, and inevitably, his father was jailed for stealing money from his job.

They lost custody of Charlie, and he was given to the foster care system. Before his first family adopted him, he spent three months in the system. The Lyons adopted him and relocated to Korea. He stayed with this family for an additional two years before being removed and returned to the foster care system. Charlie disliked the surroundings, the way that families spoke to him all the time, and the interactions in general. The young kid was angry with the prospective parents because he did not want to be abandoned once more after losing the two families he had grown to know. He eventually escaped a week before his ninth birthday.

The Oshiro family, most notably Ryeo Oshiro, found Charlie at this time. He took the youngster home, provided him with a warm bath and meal, and allowed him to get a nice night's sleep. He had to attend to his two children, a 5-year-old and a baby, so he couldn't give the visitor all of his attention.

When the gboy woke up, he was prepared to be expelled or sent back to the foster care system, but Ryeo instead extended an offer of a permanent residence. After being adopted by the family, Charlie helped out around the house and helped his new mother take care of his siblings.

The Oshiro family enrolled their two daughters at a private academy when he was ten years old so they could receive a better education. Charlie was given the responsibility of making sure his sister Eun-Jae Oshiro was secure and guarding him from bullying. The youngster made sure to carry out orders and kept an eye on his sister whenever he had the chance, doing as she had asked. He once intervened to stop his little sister from being tormented and got into a fight that resulted in her suspension, but because of his obstinacy, he ended up having himself expelled. And then has stayed out of school since and is being home schooled 

Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]:
Public safety bachelor's and criminal justice master's degrees.


If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?:

When the situation becomes urgent and the armed person approaches, I would have been forced to equip the taser right away and point it directly at the target in order to use it. However, I would have to use the taser on them after providing a warning to drop the weapon because the person could be a threat to everyone.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?
If an officer is hurt or if there is another significant issue, it would depend on the emergency call. In this situation, I would make a quick request for assistance and prepare another police officer to travel to the scene or look for the location of the emergency call.

You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?:
There are various ways to avoid getting hurt, whether it be significant harm or only small harm, at this point. Since there might not be much time to consider my options, I would need to act swiftly before things became dangerous, whether there were many or only a few people singing nearby. A gun or taser would be pulled out as swiftly as possible for self-defense, or at the very least to catch anyone taking part in the disturbance by utilising the object brought out against them, sending reinforcements over the radio as soon as feasible. I wouldn't have had an opportunity to leave the circle if this hadn't been possible.It might be difficult for one person to effectively combat many opponents at once, so I was tempted to call for help.

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?
In this instance, where something wrong occurs, I would prefer to maintain my composure, seek assistance from other senior police ranks, and, if at all feasible, take a complaint to the superintendent.

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Thank you for applying for Seoul Police Department, however, in light of limited spots, your application has been denied for others more fitting for the position. You may always reapply.


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