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RP Name: 

"Itsuo" M. R. Koharu


Character description:

Itsuo is a 7'1 Haitian-Latin male with a scar across his lip. He smells of a mixture of exotic colognes and has a muscular body build. Itsuo has tribal markings carved into his upper and lower back, the ink on them seems faded. He has a piercing on the center of his lip as well as one on his eyebrow. 

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Itsuo came into the world with someone else behind him, he had no idea the amount of power and riches him and his twin sister had been born into, though, he was born with the name Itsuo. Kabecka, despite being younger than his sister by 3 minutes, was always with her. Despite his closeness with his sister, he knew that they had a purpose in their family. Kabecka excelled in every challenge his family's tribe put him through. Often being at the top of them, even being crowned champion at one point. Despite him always practicing and training for the next challenge, he always made time for his sister. 

"Itsuo, you came!" Kali sounded excited to see her brother, she ran up and hugged him immediately, almost making him lose his balance. "Okay Kali calm down, I know I haven't bene here but you act like I died." Kabecka patted his sister's head, pushing up the front of her afro to get a look at her face. He somewhat disliked the idea of her covering her eyes, it was the most distinct feature that they both had. He knew his sister wanted to be different, and he was very supportive of that, but was hiding her eyes the best way to do it? Maybe.


At the age of 23, Kabecka and Kali had finally impressed their tribe enough to receive their markings. Kabecka felt like a tiger getting his stripes as he sat beside his sister in his family's housing area. "I'm trusting you children to have your markings decided by sun's slumber." Their tribe's elder said to them, patting both of their heads excitedly. The frail old woman had taken care of them once their mother had passed away. Their mother Kali, passed away giving birth to Kabecka and his sister. Kabecka had brainstormed for what felt like three million sun slumbers, he wanted this moment to be perfect. He wanted her marking to be perfect. 


Kabecka stood at the alter nervously, he stood in front of Kali. She seemed to radiate excitement and confidence. Kabecka could clearly tell she had the perfect marking chose for him, however he was nervous about his own choice. The tribe elder set an arrangement of colored inks in front of the twins the bowed to them both, allowing them to be freely chose colors of their own. Kabecka was.. nervous. The type of nervousness you get when proposing to someone, the type of nervousness you get finding out the gender of your child. This was the kind of nervousness that you got when making a life changing decision, especially for someone else. He inhaled deeply as he dipped his index finger into the black ink, and began tracing intricate patterns along his sister's face. Once he was finished her patted her had. Kali traced an intricate patter on her brother's back.  The tribe cheered for the two twins. They had finally reached maturity, they had finally reached a respected level of adulthood in the tribe. 

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