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Catori_Rits' Adult Application

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Adult Application

IGN: Catori_Rits 
RP Name: Dren Ermir Kreshnik
Age: 29

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Dren is a 6'0 Albanian male with a large scar over his left shoulder blade, and a scar from a gunshot wound on his right chest. He would smell of sandalwood and sage, mixed with a Dior 'Homme' cologne. He has a toned, muscular build with blue eyes, and dark hair.

Dren was born in Tirana, Albania, where he grew up with his older brother and younger sister. He had a simple life, being the middle child he didn't have the expectations placed on him like his older brother did, nor were eyes on him for being the baby of the family like his younger sister. Dren always excelled at every challenge he went through growing up. He got the best grades, and was the most athletic. When Dren was 14 his older brother was sent off to go study abroad, leaving him to look after his sister while their parents worked. There was an incident one day where him and his sister got severely hurt in a rockslide accident. His sister had multiple fractured ribs, a broken ankle and a bad concussion, while he ended up with a broken femur, a deep laceration across his left shoulder blade, which led to a rather large scar, and a serious brain bleed. They both had been hospitalized for a few months afterwards, and Dren wasn't a big fan of hospitals after the whole ordeal. He also took up boxing and wrestling, as a past time in school. He got good quickly and won a few championships throughout his last years in high school. After graduating, Dren immediately became a bouncer at a local club, mostly to help him pay for his way through college. At the age of 25 he graduated with no real standing in any major subjects, deciding to do the Bouncer, Body Guard job full time, taking on being a body guard as an addon to his bouncer job. Three years into the job he sustained a serious gunshot wound to the chest, he ended up being stuck in a coma for two weeks while he healed. After that he left his job as a body guard and went back to being a Bouncer, also taking up a bartending job at the same club. His parents at this time, also began to reach out, asking him to return home for the family business, to help his brother and take a leading job in the office. Dren didn't like the idea of always being in the shadow of his brother, no matter how much he loved him, he was happy living his own life. He spent another year in Albania before he decided he wanted something more with his life, so he decided to pack up and leave, moving to Seoul, Korea for a fresh new start in his life.

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