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TrisTheWarrior | Spd Application

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Discord [ex. Peanut#4270]:


Time zone:


Any previous bans/warns?

I do not have any previous/active bans or warns on the server.

Describe your current level of activity on the server:

Depending if my application gets accepted and i get WhiteListed, my activity would be around 7-8/10.


Do you have access to a microphone?

Yep!And i can join calls or any meetings.


Do you have any previous experience with police work?

I do not have experience with police work, but i do have experience with crime which could help in some situations.


Do you have any experience with CombatRP?

I have experience with both P2L and rolling combat system!

What motivates you to apply for SPD?

Ive found out about SPD from a few friends around the comunity. My motivation is to keep the city safe from the majority of gang members at the moment and have fun with some of my other friends that are a part of SPD!

IC information:

Character name:

Tristan Ivankoz

Character age:






 Preferred pronouns:



What motivates your character to join the force?

His motivation is to keep down the crime that has happend Seoul, as in his past crime was the one that hurt him the most.Apart from these details he wants to protect those close to him and learn the work of a cop.


Is your character familiar with self-defense?

Tristan is familiar with Self-Defence, being taught most of the things he knows from his father back when he was young.


How well does your character work with others?

Depending who im gonna work with i could say he works really well in planning and actioning with someone. But it does depend with who he is gonna work with.


Is your character independent or a team player?

More of a team player, hes more like the planner than the one that takes action alone without thinking.


What makes your character unique?

The skill that makes my character unique would be his fast thinking in some events. This skill has helped him in the past and will most likely help him in the future.


Backstory [100+ words]

[Birth-9 Months]
Tris was born in the city of Athens, the capital city of Greece.He didn't live there for much even tho it could have been better than how he ended up before becoming a cop.At the age of 9 Months Tris's parents made a decision which 
in the future they regretted and cause their death.They decided to move from Athens to another country!They move to Romania,Suceava when Tris was just 9 months... I wonder how different his life could have been if they didn't,but how 
about we move on to what happened in Romania?To his parents death?Lets see...
[9 Months-14 Years old]
As he and his family arrived here in Romania his life was decent,lovely parents and a lovely brother.Lets speak about his brother for a bit,it's gonna be important later.Mark was a bit younger than Tris,they were close to each 
other hanging out almost everyday.
 Now let's get to the subject,I suppose everyone knows that 'shady' kid around the place they live in,right?Well they had that little kid that no one hanged out with...Always lonely on the side of the road,there were stories 
of that kid setting houses on fire!But who would believe that a kid...Well a 14 year old could set houses on fire and kill people?Surely maybe the deaths were on accident but it was still his fault wasn't it?Well Tris's parents 
didnt believe any of it...They forced the brother to befriend the kid,at the start everything went well until in a monday afternoon when the brothers were returning from school guess what they found?The house was on fire with the 
kid in front of it laughing psychotically while looking at the red flames...As fireman arrived it was too late,the parents were found dead their bodies burn almost unrecognizable...Tris burst out in rage attacking the kid as they
 both got separated by the fireman.The kid was took away,Tris had to move away at 14.Him and Mark were took away and brought to their grandparents.Thats how they ended up in Seoul!His life didn't get any better as not shortly after 
his grandparents died leaving only him and his brother to take care of each other…
[14 Years Old-28 Years Old]
Ah.. Seoul… This city is a whole new thing to their life...At first it was fun! Tris turning 18 along with his brother… finding the love of his life, but happy things don't last forever do they?Tris was the normal rebel kid of his
 age with a thing turning his life completely. In a normal day there was a package coming to his door!As he opened the package, guess what he found!A bloody hand along with a note with hair on it… The hair was of the person he loved
 most..Same with the hand!And not a few days later his own brother tried to stab him.His life changed so fast… You could say it's what changed his whole personality leading him to becoming a cop and other things in his life..Seoul 
changes people,dosent matter who you are or what you are,Human or not human…


Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]
Masters Degree



If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?

Depending on the danger level and what weapon would be used I would attempt to Taze the delinquent, if that fails depending on the weapon i would either fight him hand to hand and maybe manage to taze him or manage to get away from the situation before calling for reinforcements.


While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?

Upon receiving a Distress Signal i would attempt to contact my other fellow officers on the radio, if only me and the other officer would be on duty i would get in gear and attempt to help the officer in the situation he is in.


How did we end up in this situation?

Depending on the weapons the individuals are handling there are many options. If they are aremed with bats i would have a chance
 i guess, but if armed with a weapon like a Katana or something similar would make it a dangerous situations.
 Upon being surrounded not depending on the weapons they have i would send a Distress Signal to the station and give as many details i can as i think what i could do. If there is no way to escape I would try to listen to the Individuals 
trying to not get hurt in the process while hopefully someone would have gotten my distress signal. I cant do much due to the fear of getting hurt by the individuals.


You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?

The first step in catching a corrupt officer would be the gathering of proof. My prime task would be gathering proof of the corruption before contacting an even higher ranked police officer and reporting the corrupt officer with the proof i have gathered, hopefully being able to start a search on the corrupt officer's case.


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