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시정 | Sijeong Shin


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spacer.pngCredits to Toto (Toto#0612) for Format !

Sijeong Shin

Ministry of Education | Governor

Airhead governor worker in Seoul that oversees Education and hands out sweets. Sets standards as well as morals within the system allowing the school to have full functionality. Desires to work in a full state in an economy where she is able to not only rise but gain control of. A true manipulator mastermind, in charge of the most delicate system within Seoul. Being the base value of the student’s fruit in order to grow and carve their stability state in mind.


Shin is a woman standing roughly at 5’4 with chinese-korean ethnic. She is a strong stature that carried feminine facial features that included a pale skin tone with doe shaped eyes, double eyelid. Her skin seemed almost glass-like translucent the way it would reflect any light shone upon. Her posture seemed very formal as well as her attire. Hair being very tamed, seemed very soft as well as full of volume, shined beautifully amongst the sun. She had a wolf cut with thin bangs that shaped her face including side bangs that laid around. Speaks very delicately even ‘floofy’ the way her tone is usually genuine-sweet. Currently at age 35 (since 2027) she maintains healthy skin by a skin routine that consists of 40 steps.


Shin’s family held a healthy relationship towards any relatives that was held under the Sijeong Name. Sijeong’s family was connection’s and impacts were universal considering that it was also expanded throughout singapore. Shin’s mother was half Chinese and half Korean while her dad was fully Korean. 

Shin’s mother met her dad through service work, one of them being hospital service. Her mother was a great medical leader. Her dad just finished road work as he stumbled across her mother, then they grew close and even had coffee dates together. Her dad was bold and loud while her mom kept a stubble tone, the duo they had was very contradicting but made it work as they knew that if one needed another, they would most definitely be present for each other.

Her dad was a huge inspiration to Shin, even though she took her mother’s side. Her dad’s skills are within her. When her dad finished the 2 years of Service for Korea, he trained her a bit of self defense. Her mother was all ears against it but allowed it considering that Shin was usually a fragile thin child. 

Every once in a while Shin’s family celebrates both traditions. Her family led several campaigns that included charity to service in which grew their name and was able to be a part of closed door invitations. Connections were great! Sijeong held a righteous title that stood under knowledge and wealth. Shin holds close ties with her family in which retro respect she bows before family and would put her life out towards family. 


Shin began in South Korea, originated in Daegu, South Korea. Her parents were fairly wealthy and incredible in the business industry. Quickly Shin had begun a love for school, her excellence in Language and Science, especially Space Science. She aspired to become a NASA intern by the time she graduated college although eventually changed careers when she started a side gig of tutoring people.

Being a child prodigy, she was able to explore and gain at least 6 degrees mainly all of them being Masters/PHD
1| Communication 

2| Government 
3| Economics 
4| Medicine 
5| Education 
6| Culinary (Asian & French Cuisines)
All of these allowed Shin to have multiple traits and talents that she is able to acquire. She does not consider Culinary as an actual degree as it is a skill to cook. A talent to be able to sheer or design something around food. 
A child prodigy in an asian family would obviously never forget about music. Her best instrument being the violin and her worst being mainly the brass family. Although she never really explored anything in the silver family, I guess you co
uld say she’s pretty good at pulling strings, especially the ones that allowed her to lead to what she is today. 

With such talents that she is able to obtain, what is she afraid of? Nothing! People who she has been around with have normally been scared to even interact with her. Is it due to her job? Occupation? Talents? It could be everything. Shin normally would typically hide her talents due to how powerful she could generally be. Shin’s relationships never exactly worked for her. She learned to normally hide her true self and play the dumb card so she makes her life easier. She has been cheated on, oh that hurt her the most.


Shin puts almost everything into her relationships. When she got cheated for the reason of, “She’s too good for me, how could I compete?” Was as well, one of the reasons why she broke down in massive tears. Shin is very sensitive to things, probably considering she’s only book smart. Not street smart! She cannot stand being yelled at, she hates being in her feelings even, she lets her guard down way too much and too often which makes her an easy target especially for emotional abuse and mental even. Shin does try to put everything she eventually can into her lifestyle as it was what she was raised towards but she has been generally tired of being hurt like that. She is what some people would even call a “cry-baby.” If she gets drunk she starts overthinking and crying a bit too much. 

Although Shin has some horrible mental, she will always use things to outsmart or deify the regular human brain. She’s pretty sane or tries to be. Holding a significant role, she was pretty much destined in her life to be in that position. Started off as a tutor to being a school faculty employee then slowly ascending ranks to reach governor, especially the Ministry of Education, where she is able to value and develop brains into full grown functioning adults. 


Shin is an overall bubble that’s fun to poke with if you aren’t close with her. But that’s because it’s only the surface. A cookie giving woman who generally cries a lot whenever she’s scared. Her education honestly scares most people, because who would want to be around a person who can easily manipulate and forge the brain by simple silly words? Usually found covered in paper and book piles under a large amount of stress, she covers it by going outside and giving out cookies. Sometimes giving off the look of how she’s airheaded and down to earth, but allows her to know more things than she normally would and/or can.


Religion is something her family cherishes but doesn’t portray it amongst other people. They taught and guided Shin towards a happier state in life. Teaching her traditions as well as cultures that led Shin to be quite a religious person. Her family believed within the rules of christianity. She follows the day and night with prayers and her care routine.


1| Wash Face
2| Small Jog
3| Simulate Scalp
4| Wash Hair
5| Rosemary Oil Pre-Wash
6| Massage
7| Bath
8| Detox armpits
9| Bible verses
10| Meditate
11| Shampoo
12| Shampoo (x2)
13| Exfoliate Scalp
14| Hair Gloss
15| Hair Mask
16| Expolifating Mint
17| Waxing
18| Wash Body
19| Towel
20| Microfiber Towel
21| Lotion
22| Moisturize Body
23| Brush Teeth
24| Face Oil
25| Cleanse Face
26| Gua Sha
27| Serum
28| Reduce inflammation & puffiness
30| Moisturize
31| Sleep mask
32| Moisturize
33| Lip Balm
34| Detangler
35| Brush
36| Hair Milk
37| Hair Oil
38| Lash Serum
39| Teeth Whitening Strips
40| Blow Dry Hair


Following a strict skincare routine means she’d have to follow a strict diet as well. Her diet mainly consists of vegetables due to the fact she’s a pretty picky eater when it comes to meat products. Seems odd enough she would accept and appreciate any sort of food given to her as she is pretty religious. Allowing this Shin is quite lazy with her diet, as once a few moons she would have a cheat day to satisfy her cravings when it came to sweets. Some would comment on how odd it was, but some appreciated her enthusiast of keeping her skin healthy but lifestyle in general. 


Golf. Something in her that she was pretty successful in other than most sports. Golf stayed with her as her family went on weekend trips to the local golf parks to play. Shin was offered a scholarship towards this but denied it as she wasn't fully dedicated on sports in education. It's just a hidden she could normally hit 1-2 hits before making it in, what a true golfer. She uses math to divide the distance and the power of how strong she would make it in as well as having to angle it. Golf contains a bit more than just hitting balls I guess! As this include other sports, it never gained her attention like the way golf did.



Her family is very outgoing but we all know to families who expose themselves? They have a deep secret. Murder. Masterminds of manipulation, murder, and getting away with murder. Shin has sadly committed an act of homicide. The cheater that she spent around 617M won over.. let's just say her family was NOT pleased with it at all. Gave her the right medicine tools in order for the man to fall into a deep coma. The man's family attempted to sue them and brought a trial upon them but due to money and connections, Sijeong won the case. Shin's record was then placed hidden within her families' estate in the library.

MEDICAL RECORDSCopy_of_Black_Brown_Simple_Violin_Photo_Book_Cover_1.jpg?width=512&height=676

Recently after several visits with the doctors. Shin was recently held hostage over PD roof before being dropped off causing memory loss & concussion. Later soon weeks followed up and her hearing has gotten more sensitive than normal. With it only affecting 15-20% of the population, Shin usually pass out due to the hearing of constant loud yelling and what not.  In attempt for Shin's sanity she usually tries to stray away from any yelling that could either impair her hearing nor cause her any headaches.


Different codes, different ways to tell the truth or lie, either crossing your fingers behind your back or sending Morse code. Shin uses a handshake in order to tell whether she's making a trustworthy deal or a hidden lie of a scheme she's planning. She's not one to simply lie, she's a manipulator. A good one even. Not used to really talk towards anyone she uses this advantage to get information by not even doing anything. Creating deals with her right hand meaning she's completely throwing them under the buss once she's done getting what she generally wants. With her left hand she keeps her word, just like promises. Shin is fairly kept with her promises, in order to do so she crosses her heart using her finger before raising the pinkie to set the deal. She doesn't normally use the pinkie method, as it's a sworn promise. She prefers the handshake as it's easily manipulatable. Something in her control and to send signals to others whether she could either be in danger or scheming something behind closed doors. 


To be added with more lore as SLRP progresses.

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OMG SO BEAUTIFUL!! Love that biography so badly!

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