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Noori Ikari | Biography


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↳ Full Name - Noori Ikari


↳ Nicknames- Ri (Ree), RiRi

↳ Favorites - He likes his name..

↳ Least Favorites - RiRi


↳ Real Age- 18

↳ Age Appearance - 22

↳ Mental Age - 20



↳ Biological Gender - Male

↳ Gender they go by- Male

↳ Pronouns - He/Him



↳ Ethnicity - Asian

↳ Accent- Korean

↳ Languages - Korean, Chinese



↳ Title - golden hour

↳ Artist - JVKE

↳ Album - this is what falling in love feels like


☂ ///Preferences///☂



↳ Likes - I'll get to this..

↳ Dislikes- I'll get to this...




 Facial Features:

↳ Face Claim



↳ Eyes - Brown

↳ Skin - Vitiligo

↳ Extras - Nope!


↳ Height - 6'3

↳ Weight - 192 lbs

↳ Body - Musclar



↳ Length - Short

↳ Texture - Soft

↳ Color - Brown



↳ Outfit 1-

Brown jacket with white hoodie underneath with black jeans!

↳ Outfit 2-

Green exercise outfit

↳ Outfit 3-

Tan suit



↳ Piercings - Ears

↳ Tattoos- Left shoulder

↳ Accessories - TBD


☂ /// Health ///☂



↳ Mental - 7/10

↳ Physical - 9/10



↳ Phobias - Birds..

↳ Extra - No

↳ Allergies - Birds


☂ /// Personality///☂



↳ Overall - He is very energetic and will love to be around anyone. He's very extroverted but loves to be introverted on gloomy days. He likes to read books which makes up a little of his personality. He is kind and loves to share. He doesn't take anything for his own if it belongs to someone else, and will be glad to give whatever it is away. He loves to see people get along and smile so he likes to help people out if needed. If he wasn't so energetic, he'd probably would attempt to join student counseling. There can be some rocky roads, however. Certain emotions can overrule his conscience and let things out that he doesn't mean to say. He hates apologizing because he knows that if he did have too, he's done something wrong. He hates losing friends and would do anything to not ruin it.

↳ Positive Traits - He is kind and generous. He shares and brightens peoples days. He won't take no for an answer if he is helping someone out, as he wants them to get it done right! Although many people would say this is a bad trait, he believes it is good. He's very energetic and will pump someone up and give good pep talks. He may stumble on a few words, but he loves to help out as much as possible! He loves reading, however his dyslexia counteracts it. He will probably be having someone read it out to him or have an eBook. However he always says thank you even if it is an inanimate object.

↳ Negative Traits - He is very pressure able. He hates seeing people down, and this could leave the person stressed if he tries to help them. It's hard on him and hard on others if this does happen, as all he's trying to do it help but sometimes it's just not the right thing to do. He loves leading and this can sometimes cause bad problems. He is most definitely not a follower and would hate to see others leading him instead.




↳ Happy : When he is happy, he usually expresses it well. This is his main emotion, however most of his emotions may appear this way.

↳ Sad :  When he is sad, he will want to get guidance to the situation or the cause of his sadness. If he can't find guidance, he will most like turn scared or anxious.

↳ Angry : When he is angry, he will probably throw whatever is in his hand at said person or thing that made him angry. He'd want his point to stand but hates arguing.

↳ Scared : When he is scared or anxious, he will probably bury himself away. He tries to handle the situation and become the big guy however, in many situations this will not work and he sometimes doesn't understand that.

↳ Jealous : He is hardly ever jealous as he loves to share, however when he is jealous he will probably tell the person that he is jealous. He'd want to solve the problem and talk to the person he is jealous for/about and will fix the situation.


☂ ///Personality///☂





↳ Birthplace - Seoul, South Korea

↳ Current Residence - Seoul, South Korea


Home Life


↳ Occupation- 


↳ Education - High school


↳ Sports - Volleyball(for fun..), Track


☂ ///Relationships///☂




↳ Name - Chiharu Ikari


↳ Age - 26


↳ Relationship - Good


↳ Status - Alive




↳ Name - Ren S. Ikari


↳ Age - 26


↳ Relationship - Good


↳ Status - Alive


˚➶ Siblings -- I'll do this later..


↳ Name - 


↳ Age - 


↳ Gender - 


↳ Relationship - 


↳ Status - 




↳ N/A


☂ ///Extras///☂


Sexual Orientation

↳ Sexuality - Bisexual

↳ Preferred Gender - Male




↳ Dyslexia [Diagonsed]

↳ Autism [Diagnosed]

↳ Near Sighted [Diagnosed]


☂ ///This or That///☂


˚➶ night or day;; Night


˚➶ dogs or cats ;; Cats


˚➶ right or left handed ;; Right


˚➶ cautious or daring ;; Cautious


˚➶ casual or formal ;; Formal


˚➶ reading or gaming ;; Reading


˚➶ introvert or extrovert ;; Extrovert


˚➶ confident or insecure ;; Confident


˚➶ optimistic or pessimistic ;; optimistic


˚➶ patient or short tempered ;; patient


˚➶ rain or sunshine ;; Rain


˚➶ hot or cold ;; hot


☂ ///Backstory///☂


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