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TrapstarRp - Black Market Dealer Application

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OOC Section:

IGN (In Game Name):  


Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640): 


Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 

One ban just recently for 3.3a after a buddy gave me wrong info

Describe your experience with roleplay:

I started my first ever Minecraft roleplay server in early 2021 where I got into gang roleplay. I did crime roleplay and gang roleplay for around a year running my gangs, joining some gangs, and helping co-own some gangs and bank companies. I got told for a while that I should try out jock roleplay and play basketball and after gangrp got a little old and all the crime died down I started playing basketball and trying out jock rp for 4 or 5 months going back to gangrp after that. I joined Seoul beta for the first time and applied for EMT where I was the son of the director working with some of my close friends and also gangrping on my other character at the same time when the first beta got closed. I came back to Seoul and am still EMT and gangrping now. This isn't all of the RP I've done not counting stuff like detailed p2l etc but also playing different games in roleplay live fivem. I also know how to do long detailed roleplay actions and set up both interesting and risky scenarios for both parties.

What is Escalation in your own words:

Escalation is when an interaction starts off small and grows over time. It could either be rapid growth going from small insults and threats to someone using a weapon to attack you to then you leading on to use your own weapon and from there on risky roleplay really starts.
Do you have a microphone?:


List your past BMD applications:

What's is your reason for applying?:

I've tried many times before on different servers for this kind of position but have always been one-upped or haven't had a chance to make the time gap between them. I've always found this role thrilling because when I first ever started gangrp or crimerp I seemed to always look up to black market dealers to hope to one day get that position or job to join and sell weapons in an organized faction. I've always had the thrill or risk of selling weapons myself but becoming a black market dealer would allow me to sell more and help arm the city. With the server also set up the way it is it'll make selling as a black market dealer much more intense and risky whereas in other servers it's where you hop in the sewer and sell, with Seoul you have to be looking out for cameras or if you use a weapon or bleed out it could cause you to be caught by the police and for them to track your gun down or if you were to get into a gunfight with cops and you bleed it could put you on the run. With the many risk factors like this, it makes it more intense and allows for better and more organized roleplay that other servers aren't capable of doing. Things like EMS, college, or high school don't have risk factors like this kind of role, it allows you to not only make money but also make the demand for weapons in the roleplay. I've always gangrp'd in any server I've played on and it has given me more of a reason to apply as not only told by a couple of buddies but I've also been friends with many black market dealers and they tell me that it's fun and a good adrenaline rush when running from the police or having to fight. Not only all of that but I also see it as a good way to make money on the server and to expand my roleplay but as well as having a risk involved with the role where any mistake can cause me to be killed or arrested. I see that the fun part of being a black market dealer is that you're that mysterious person that everyone talks about day to day and that everyone knows about but doesn't know the true identity of.

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:


Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?:


What is your knowledge on Black Market?:

The Black Market is an underground organization that is hidden from the public that sells illegal goods hidden from people like the government to avoid things like tax or price control. It's an underground sanction almost that also allows you to buy illegal services or to sell your own illegal services like a hitman. Not only that but it stops the government from receiving money because it's kept under the table and taxes aren't accounted for. It allows you to buy illegal weaponry, drugs, or prescription medicine that some people can't obtain. This is good when you need illegal work done like someone being taken out or when you don't have the money to buy prescriptions and this may be the only way to really obtain them for your family. It also can be used as a way for normal day-to-day people to make money by selling drugs they get supplied.

IC Section
(Write this as if your character is in an interview.)

What makes your character Unique?

   I came from the West Side of Chicago where I lived with my family primarily known for their harsh crimes and gang violence. At a young age, I got into a gang tied in with my family called the Latin Kings near Humboldt Park. The gang was large and mostly known for its size and serious crimes, some being money laundering, theft, and murder. We were located in several places in Chicago having a widespread of family members but also adopted family members. I was born into crime which led me down a wrong path that has me working with a gang selling guns and dealing drugs. I got arrested at a young age which led my family to move. I'm tall, can run fast, and am known for dealing around the streets as a trap star which I've been living up to my name. I don't talk a lot and keep everything under the table, I'm not a snitch and know how to get around better than anyone else. If supply runs are needed I take the job without question and don't mind if I don't know what im dealing with, if I'm told to sell the product to someone, it's no questions asked, and can get it done whenever it's needed. This makes me better than others if I'm supplied with what's needed and have a buyer that's ready for the product you're able to wrap it up to where I don't know what I'm selling where all I know is that I need to get the money and get rid of it.

What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:

   I wanna be a dealer because I've grown into crime my whole life and need the money. My family has always been broke and not wealthy and dealing was the only way to put food on the table at the end of the day. It was risky but it let me still go to school and help my mom with the bills. Right now I have several adopted families that need help and money is tight I know that not only that I need the cash but I know I'm good at it and can get a lot of money and nobody can stand in my way of it. I've been the best before and have moved around the block a few times already for my experience so I might as well start again to help out.

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]

     I was born in 1996 and I lived on the West Side of Chicago near Wilson Avenue. I lived in a unit with a single mother and three siblings where I and my siblings never had a father figure. The unit I lived in was tiny, cramped, and disgusting, the living conditions didn't seem right and I'd have to share a mattress on the floor with my younger siblings while my mom stayed up working late night shifts a day in and day out to make sure the rent was due on time. The unit was small in general though and run-down and beaten up, it was probably the only place my mother could afford. I'd have to go to daycare late at night with my siblings to stay out of there because my mom didn't like it. There was always fighting and arguing with neighbors yelling through the walls and banging on the floors. Wilson Avenue was notoriously known as Latin Kings territory, and that was the reason for all the yelling and screaming that went on, my mom knew that it was unsafe for me and my siblings to be left home alone and she couldn't do that to us so she forced us to go to daycare. Me and my siblings hated it and didn't wanna go but it was the only thing that kept us safe when she was gone. As I grew older I started to realize what my mom had done for us and the types of sacrifices she made, she knew it was a bad spot but it was all she could afford and she only took us to daycare to keep us safe even if we didn't like it.

   I didn't know about my family's gang relations with the Latin Kings until I started to finally go to a public school and my buddies brought it to my attention. This meant that every day I was walking home I was walking through a rival gang territory where I could easily be caught and killed. Even though my mom also felt like she was doing better on bills food was still never guaranteed where sometimes I came home without eating just to not get to eat anything and have to go to sleep hungry as well. It was a violent neighborhood I lived in where once I left my family's "territory" it was all myself, I had times when I was jumped and money was taken from me for my lunch, and other times I need to full sprint just to save myself. It was a natural occurrence that I was needing to do this on a daily and I started slowly getting tired of it. I tried buying a knife from somebody I knew to try and protect myself on my walks to school where I kept it in my waistband, it was a 6-inch switchblade that sat down in one of my belt loops tucked underneath a heavy coat. It was quick and small where concealing it wasn't a problem, my school was too broken for metal detectors to know I had it on me anyway.

     Soon after I bought the switchblade though my friend started coming up with more things for me to buy. Soon enough I started saving lunch money to buy drugs to sell for more and to gain a profit, as my friend would supply me I'd sell them and get 60% as he got 40%, I started getting spending cash that felt good to have in my pocket. I was able to afford lunch at school and better clothes for me and my siblings as well as able to help my mom pay rent and get food on the table. She knew what I was doing but I thought she didn't know and I was playing it cool, soon enough we were talking while my siblings were asleep as I was finishing school work she brought up the fact of me selling. It got quiet and I knew it wasn't right but I felt that I was being helpful, she insisted I stopped and that she didn't need the help but I kept doing it anyway knowing that her life was becoming easier. I started skipping school to sell and she would get the phone calls from my school and she knew what I was doing, or I'd come home in the middle of the night with bundles of cash in my pocket where she caught me most nights leaving some in her wallet. My mom knew I wasn't gonna stop and started making me get in contact with my family members that were well known for their affiliations with the Latin Kings, she had me starting to work under them as my supplier and me selling on the streets for them.

      Because they were family I was making more money and me and my siblings weren't always having to sleep on the same mattress or go hungry, I was also able to stop walking to school through rival territories and was able to keep my money, soon I thought my switchblade wasn't needed anymore and thought of throwing it out. I realized that I also had gotten myself too deep and couldn't throw it away now, the realization hit me when I had regular customers and routes were like the back of my hand, and dropping out of school sounded smart. Though I knew I shouldn't I felt I should do it anyways and did, my mother was disappointed knowing that I'd live this way my whole life and I knew I would too but I was too young to realize that it was bad, I grew up around it my whole life, my whole family did it and were successful out of it.  My family soon enough rolled me into the Latin Kings as a first crown where I did their pitty work for the division I was in. Sometimes it was making errands, selling baggies of narcotics, or having to steal cars like Kia's breaking off the whole car panel just to start it. My mom seemed to be working herself to death even though life seemed to be going better but it felt like there was more of a meaning to it like she's been stuck. After months of noticing this I tried to talk to her to no avail, she seemed to be too busy to ever have time for me and my siblings anymore. It felt as if all the money I came in with gave her troubles of her own and led to her being sick constantly and tired of work. After a long day of school with my siblings being taken care of by a babysitter,  I got a call from one of my buddies about a crash down the road of where I lived, I didn't think anything of it and kept walking like I usually do chatting up I realized soon enough that my mom also wasn't answering the phone and when I walked up to the crash I noticed it was my mom's car.

         I tried talking to the cops on the scene but they pushed me aside saying they had more to deal with and that I was getting in the way. I walked home to the babysitter letting her know, after hours my mom was transported to the hospital where she was in critical condition with a low chance of living. After a week of trying she soon passed away from injuries and me and my siblings had to move in with my aunt. She still lived near my old home but was in a better part of town but was never home, I was forced to watch my siblings and feed them but still had to help pay rent and also sell on the side. I know it sounds stupid that I still haven't stopped but I couldn't now, I was in too deep and was already in the gang, I also started growing up the ranks and learning more about it having better jobs to do and more money to make. I started to spoil my siblings also and help my aunt while she was gone with the house. I was getting older and started wanting to live on my own, I didn't wanna be stuck living with family day in and day out and my siblings were getting older to help my aunt as I did with my mom when I was younger. I was able to move out and rent out a place of my own from all the money I was making from the gang and as well left my auntie with my siblings because she was well of herself. Soon enough though after a while of living by myself I had too much money and didn't know what to do with it, seeing my family buy all these fancy jewels made me get some of my own as well as buy designer clothing and look better, I got too greedy at the same time and I heard an interaction of one of my grunts that I set out to sell and how he was jumped and almost killed.

    He was in critical condition and the doc said he would make it but it made me think of getting my own sort of protection to help me when I'm alone by myself. I bought a Glock-19 chambered in 9mm that I had tucked in my waistband where as a kid I use to keep my switchblade, instead this was tucked over a long sleeve shirt and baggy hoodie to hide the bulk of the gun. I started doing better and better for myself but also was making targets as well where I was having to drive through rival neighborhoods just to sell the product, soon enough this led to me getting set up on a drive-by where a black SUV had pulled up beside me with the windows rolled down setting shots off. I was grazed in my leg and knew if I went to a hospital I'd get interrogated and most likely arrested for my gun and drugs. Instead, I wrapped my leg up tightly and limped my way back down the block to my apartment where I bandaged myself up and stopped the bleeding. After the shooting a day or so later I heard several loud knocks on my door, out of instinct I grabbed my pistol and went to search through the hole, it was covered and all I heard was the loud yell of police and soon enough my door coming off the hinges. I was placed under arrest for the Glock and narcotics I had especially the large amounts of money. All I could think of myself as I was back at square one for me and that I'll need to get out and try harder. After a month I was let out on bail from a gang member of mine and my house looked ransacked for everything it had. While in jail though I made several connections and buddies of mine that were soon to come out just like me, I met one that knew how to get weapons that couldn't be tracked by serial numbers. This led to me selling guns and drugs just a few blocks away from my house, this led to large amounts of cash coming in and me being able to buy people for production and me to be not having to go out on runs myself anymore. I finally had people selling for me and I was the supplier and the guy to get people to buy for me.

        I was the first to know of my family moving out to Korea being one of the brand new higher-ups, they knew our name was becoming too large and we were already in many other spots like New Jersey and New York and it would be better to move place somewhere else. I was one of the main people to go out to Korea first to get an understanding of everything and to bring my own boys and meet with the different crime syndicates to find the best spots for my men to sell. It led to a large income from drugs, money, and weapons because of this. The different mafias were keeping us up to date with the latest cargo and stocks that they had and they were our supply, soon enough though we weren't gonna need that. I've now lived in Korea for around 2 years with the Latin Kings rapidly growing, I and all the higher-ups have fled here as our name around the world is starting to spread and becoming one of the largest and most fierce gangs around the world and this was just one extra step to it all.

First and last name:

Tacito Campos


Trap or Trapstar

Current Occupation Or Hobby:

No occupation.

 Age (25+):






Additional information:

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