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IGN: XxB1ankxX

RPNAME: Justin Peterson

AGE: 39

Justin Peterson was born in Birmingham, England around the year 1983 to an Irish Traveler and Romani mom and grew up in the Small Heath neighbourhood of Birmingham. During his early 20s, he dated an Italian woman by the name of Giorgia Jurossi, unfortunately, she died from tuberculosis. Her death forced him to make a choice, mourn his whole life or pick himself up, so he decided to join the military. After five years, his experiences as a Sergeant major have resulted in him suffering from PTSD and it is implied he returned from it as a changed man. After his service, all was lost, the love of his life dead, No family, and his valour and acts of bravery not valued. One day he had enough and made his way to an abandoned bridge hoping to end it all. As he stood by the edge looking down and acknowledging the height, adrenalin pumping and the wind blowing. He was thinking of everything that happen in his life and wishing he could go back and change it. He closed his eyes, gathering himself together, as he was about to jump a man of the Korean Descent by the name of Yujun called out to him saying "I am surprised a sturdy and important-looking man as you would think of doing something this foolish." Justin was going to say something but Yujun was quick with his words "I hope you have a good reason for this nonsense?" Justin said, "I have nothing, there is no reason for me to be here, I have no purpose." Yujun paused for a bit as if he was thinking of what to say, "Would you like to start your life over? Stick out from everyone else, take matters into your own hands? Play by your own rules?" Justin looked confused not knowing what the fragile-looking man means. "How would you help me with that? Why do you think I should even trust you? Yujun said, "I am from Korea I came here to visit, I can take you back with me, help you take control of stuff, run your own show." He paused, "What do you have to lose anyway? You said yourself you have nothing." Justin smirked and said, "Do they have good cigars in Korea?" This is where the story of the sad worthless Justin has finished and a new one of his great successes has begun.

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