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Damien Hashirama



Character backstory and description (Over 200 words):
Damien Hashirama was born 1992 23rd of October He would be a Scorpio. Damien grew up in a small family with his mother and father living in a small town in Scotland. When Damien turned 5 the Hashirama family had to move away to another city where Damien grew the rest of his ages in a city called 'Karakura' Where Damien lives till this day, Damien's Personality over the years changed due to him growing up, Damien is a calm and open-minded person, He enjoys having banter, He's the type to get everyone Drunk at the end of the night if a party was happening, He's a caring person towards his loved ones and friends. However, Damien can act cocky towards people If he’s in a “jolly” mood, Damien doesn’t care about what people say or do to him but he does have his limits to how much he can really take day to day.

Damien Hashirama would be a strong male standing at 6'6 with a rather strong athletic build. The male before you would have rather messy black hair with the right side of his face burnt, With his eyes beaming blue like the ocean. As you stand near or even walk past him you would get the strong smell of his own cologne. 

Damien enjoys taking care of his family as in truth it's the last thing Damien has to hold onto his sanity, When Damien turned 23 it was the worst year of his life and it would torment him for the rest of his life, Damien was just a normal Jock you could say the stereotypical Jock however that would all change when he reads upon a website seeing before his very eyes his two best friends stabbed and bleeding out on the floor Damien losing all control broke his phone as well as the one mirror that would be placed in his room, With his room now covered in glass and his blood dropping to the floor Damien would just be in a crumble of tears, as the next few moths go whizzing by Damien realising things at home between his mother and Father wasn't doing so well so he moved out and into the frat little did Damien know that was the last day he'd see his father, Damien's father began to turn into some monster and tried to kill Damien's mother however luckily his mother was apart of the local police force so she had quick reflexes pulling out her Glock and pulling the trigger only wounding him before he was soon to be executed for admitting to countless crimes his father had done within his younger years, Within the same week of losing his father Damien had then lost his mother to a stabbing and she was found too late causing Damien to go down this rabbit hole of Darkness and keeping to himself a lot more often that usual, Damien tried to take his own life countless times due to the loneliness he felt after losing his parents Thus bringing Damien deep into Drinking and smoking, Damien would spend countless hours by his parents grave speaking to them using his imagination as if he was speaking to them however that was just the drink speaking his mind.


How Damien Acts after losing both his parents

With losing both his parents Damien went out on a cycle of hatred by creating ways of hatred to be built up towards him everywhere he went, He left the college Football team and severed ties with everyone he once knew, I think they knew Damien was uncontrollable as well as violent, Damien and his brother Genko turned there back against Blaire due to her being arrested that night Damien and Genko believed that It was all Blaire's fault on behalf of there parents death, Damien tormented Blaire constantly reminding her the hatred and how much he didn't love her for what Damien believed what she had done to the Hashirama Family. When Damien was 26 still in his lowest him and Genko (His brother) where asked to speak to them alone by there younger brother Daryl Hashirama so of course Damien and Genko went to see what was wrong with there brother, Daryl told them the amount of pain he was living with and he didn't want to live with the heart break and the pain anymore so Daryl asked them to kill him, With no hesitation Damien and Genko dragged Daryl to the bathroom placed him into the bathtub before hugging his younger brother goodbye for the final time they said there goodbyes the Daryl then and there as Daryl took his last look around the bathroom smiling towards Damien and Genko, A small tear, Humanity, fell from Damien's eyes as Damien and Genko began to walk ever so closely to Daryl before killing him and dragging his body to the beach where Genko and him planted his dead corpse so he would just drift away into sea as that is how the Hashirama family does to there lost ones. That was just how cold Damien had became after losing his father and mother.

Until this day Damien still goes back to the grave and takes a Whiskey shot in remembrance of his father, Varian Yuri Hashirama

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