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Sauccee_'s BMD Application


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IGN (In Game Name):
Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640): 
Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 
I have received no bans or warns on any SeoulRP affiliated discords and none on the minecraft server and dont plan on receiving a ban/warn .
Describe your experience with roleplay:
I've been roleplaying on Minecraft for at least a year now, doing most of my roleplaying on the server School Roleplay. I've spent most of that time indulging in Crime Roleplay, doing all types of crime. Be it from petty thievery to being apart of high popularity crime organizations I've done it. I also have a lot of experience in P2l, making most of my GangRP encounters in the last month P2L battles. Last but not least I understand the importance of detailrp and try to include it in most of the roleplay situations I get into.
Do you have a microphone?:
Fortunately, I do have a working microphone.
List your past BMD applications:
I currently have no past BMD applications on SeoulRP.
What is your reason for applying?:
My reasoning for applying for the Black Market is I would like to try a new expierence of roleplay, I've never really been a Black Market Dealer before so I would love to try out this fresh area of roleplay for me. Another reason I am applying for Black Market dealer is I would love to have a hand in getting GangRP started on the fresh server of SeoulRP, it seems most gangrpers are at a lack of weapons to help start up their criminal expieriences so I would love to be the one to help them reach that expierence. Last but not least I am applying  I think it would be great lore for my character as he fits the narrative of a criminal selling weapons and actively opposing the government.
Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices:
Yes, I acknowledge and fully accept this rule.
Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed: 
Yes I fully understand and accept that if arrested or killed I will be removed from the Black Market.
What is your knowledge on Black Market:
I know that the Black Market is the way criminals in the city acess weapons, without the black market there would be no way to access illegal weaponry in the city. The black market moves in silence, keeping their weapon deals in the shadows to keep away from the police. Most dealers hide their identities when making a deal, if the wrong person sees your face it can end up bad for you if they snitch. The last thing I know about the black market that it is the gateway to all serious and violent crime, which shows the importance the bmd has to gang roleplay on the server.
IC Section
(You're character is filling this out, not you)
What makes your character Unique?

I am a 27 Year old man with a slender build, standing at the height of 6’2” (189 cm). I have straight brown hair all around my head, and not to brag or anything, but I am almost one-hundred percent sure I was blessed with good genes considering I dont have a single bald spot anywhere on my head. Some would say I have wide, lifeless eyes, I think that description of them is a little harsh though, tired is a better way to describe them. Sadly, I have no facial hair, something I've struggled with my whole life. I usually speak in a deep voice and even though I hate to admit it, I speak in an arrogant and condescending tone. Some say  I think im better than most people, making me come off as a self-absorbed jerk (Which I think is total bullshit) to most but when it comes to those I care about my personality completely changes. I can turn from the smug imbecile everyone says I am to a considerate comrade if I cares enough.
What is your character reasoning for Becoming a Black Market Dealer?:
To keep it short and simple. my reasoning to become a Dealer is to make money the only way I know how.  I've been selling illegal contraband since high school, never been caught never plan on getting caught. With all this experience in selling illegal shit, I think im right for the job. Plus I need something as secretive as this job anyway, if my mom found out I was doing any of the other ilegal stuff I was doing before I found this, I would be screwed. But luckily with this job, I can hide my identity and still make cash. 
Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]
So you want to know my story, well lets see. I was born in The Seoul Hospital to a Japanese father and a Korean mother, my mother Had decided to name me Junichiro Jae. Our family was a low-income one, kind of ironic considering one of the meanings of our family name happen to be riches. Seeing the poverty we lived in growing up, I always wanted to flip our situation around. My parents worked themselves to the bone just trying to make ends meet, they would work day and night rarely coming home and resting. This tore me apart, barely seeing my parents and living in poverty knowing I couldn't do anything about it since I was just a child. I made myself a promise, I would get rich so I wouldn't have to live through this poverty strickin life in the future and hopefully give my parents the break they deserve. As soon as I was ten years old, I started to do small jobs for the people living in the middle class area of my neigborhood for little pay, I would mow lawns, shovel snow, walk dogs, anything I could to make a little bit of money I could then give to my parents. This didn't help my parents alot, but they appreciated what I did and rewarded me for it any chance they could. as soon as I turned the legal age to work, I started to work part-time after school to help pay the bills around the house, giving every one of my checks to my parents to put towards said bills. Even though we where still low income, things where looking up since I had started working and we weren't doing as bad as we where before. Then it happened, my father had passed from overworking himself. My dad had been working 2 jobs since he gave birth to me to provide for our family, barely sleeping and only eating two meals a day. I went into a deep despair, I realised one thing about this world I was living in. No matter how hard I tried making money the legal way, it was never going to bring my family where I wanted us to be. A few months after my fathers death I became determined to bring money to our family in order to spare my mother the same fate as my father. I snook out late at night one day and found a money printer and bought it to a abandoned apartment. I had stolen the neighbors electricity to plug it in and started printing. I also started to scam people out of anything I could, Drunk guys out of more alcohol, kids out of toys, addicts out of cigarettes, you name it I scammed it.I think my mother was  a fortune teller, want to know why? At birth she named me Junichiro, the meaning in japanese is "He who takes".Its like she knew I was gonna be this way from the start. Anyways I'd been doing this since I graduated high school and have made a good amount of money out of it, making just about as much as my father had from his two jobs. My mother always asks me where I make this money, I've been telling her I invested in bitcoin and am also working part-time which is a total lie. Now I think its time for me to move onto the bigger scale and become a Black Market Dealer, its about time my mom retires, shes getting older by the minute and I need to send her to hawaii.
First and last name:
Junichiro Jae
Current Occupation Or Hobby:
Currently unemployed, hobbies include trips to the casino, drinking, and occasional gardening.

South Korean
Additional information:

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