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RP Name: Jose L. Campos

Age: 30

Character backstory and description (over 200 words): A tall Italian male who would stand at 6’5, looked coldly down you, he had a posture that would change on his mood, when he was slouched, he was tired and annoyed, when he was upright and fixed, he was tired and annoyed, or was he happy? It was hard to tell with the enormous male, his face never seemed to show emotion. His voice was heavy and deep, he sounded as though he was teasing you without intention, and a bad attitude that piped up at possibly the worst times possible. He was estimated to weigh about..153 lbgs. His eyes were dark blue, and studied his surroundings unconsciously, noting people down with at a fast pace, he seemed to have great memory. He had a scar on his arm, seeming to be caused by a knife.  

The male was born in Italy, on a nice and sunny day, it was always sunny in Italy. He liked that. He was born to a wealthy family, a happy family and anything he could possibly want! He had lived in Italy for seventeen years of his life, he had friends he had ex girlfriends and most importantly, family. Jose HATED rainy days, they brought bad bad bad luck. Whether he was right or not, it was decided by his father losing his business, his profits falling, and his reputation ruined. He had to sell the house, the cars and even his wife’s diamond engagement ring. They moved into a little house, Jose had lost everything in a night, friends, his girlfriend and his family. His father had hidden money from them to gamble and drink, coming home even poorer and angrier, one stormy night, his father came back in a drunken rage, he had only enough for a flight away and a bunch more drinks. Jose's mother snapped, she confronted her husband and they yelled and fought for hours on end, before his father pulled a knife out on his wife, about to plunge it into her, Jose charged into his father, the knife falling beside his head, sitting atop of his father, he grabbed the knife, he was nervous. He didn’t want to kill his father, about to pull the knife away, his hands suddenly moved down, stabbing his father in the throat, his mother stared, and got up, dusted herself and ran to the phone, about to dial the number for police, Jose threw the knife, catching her in the chest, grabbing the knife, he washed the handle with bleach, dried it and returned to the bodies, wearing gloves, her made it look like a murder and a suicide. Disposing of the gloves, he called the police, tears in his eyes, he was traumatised, but he wanted more, more was good. 

Now ten years later Jose moved in Seoul with guess what reason. Crime

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