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_M3llodi3_'s Professor App! (DELETE)

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Discord Tag :𝓑𝓾𝓷𝓷𝔂 𝓦𝓲𝓯𝓮#6996

Minecraft User  _M3llodi3_

Age: 23


Position Applied For: Criminology / Forensic Science.

NAME IN FULL: Mellodie  Esperanza Verina-Jaeger  
TITLE:  Dr. DATE OF BIRTH: 02/14 AGE: 26

GENDER: Female



Degree: Doctorate

Institute: University Of Cadiz 

Registration Date: 01/14/16

MAJOR: Criminology 

MINIOR: Forensic Science

MINOR:  Advanced Law

Previous Job Title: Crime Scene Analyst 

Job Position: Lead Analyst

Registration Date: 01/05

REASON OF LEAVE:  Location lacked responsibility, and had those who destroyed evidence 

Previous Job Title:  Criminal Profiler

Job Position:  Investigator

Registration Date:  10/1/19

REASON OF LEAVE: Retired Due to Injury


CERTIFICATE:  Certificate of Criminology



CERTIFICATE:  Certificate of Forensic Science


CERTIFICATE: Certificate  Of Advanced Law



LOOK OF STUDENTS (150 words): My outlook on students is that of most. I like to think each and every one of them have some form of potential. I'm not an entirely strict person but I hardly accept failure, I will  teach in every form possible if needed, I know that some students are better ' Hands On'  learners, and that some  are more visual or verbal. Regardless, I plan to teach them each and every way  to find  out how a criminal thinks, acts, reacts and why. As well to look for clues in every day  places, as well as honing their people skills to know how to  properly talk to people the see as suspect.  I at the end of each class not just semester, want my kids to come out knowing more than that did when they came in. I will create an environment where they all feel safe to ask their questions without fear of judgment from anyone.


COVER LETTER (300 words):
Greetings and Hello.
My name is Dr. Mellodie E. Verina-Jaeger, However Dr. Verina is fine as well, sometimes even preferred.
Copies of my Degrees, Schooling and My old FBI File sheet as well as, copy of my marriage certificate, so that you see I am who i say i am, despite choosing to go by my maiden name, are attached for your convince.
I am hoping that  with proof of my schooling and  proof of knowledge in the department that I am applying for,
will be more than enough proof for you to have me as someone you trust in teaching your students.
I have no issues adapting to talking to the ever growing youth in your school as well as teaching them the importance of Criminology and Forensic Analysis, in hopes to create better and smarter future Police officers, Detectives, Coroners, Profilers, and so on. I do believe that your school is the best fit for me as I can see the crim in the city fluctuates between highs and lows, so it would not be bad to start the adolescents  on the right path to knowing the ins and outs of the justice system. In my previous lines of work I did all I could for each department, though working for the FBI was a dream, injuries  made me decide on a quieter life hell bent on teaching, and as a plus I do get to be home more often with my husband and children who hold the largest spot in my heart above all else.

I am in high hopes you take the time and consideration to allow me the honor of being the one to work and teach at your school. I also hope my documentation finds you well. If you are wondering about my work ethic, I am a very hard worker, however a flaw of mine is I seem to push that limit, though that should not be an issue  if allowed to come and share my knowledge and wisdom. I hope that my documentation finds you well, and you are able to make  the choice of approval or denial with ease. If you have an questions or concerns, please feel no hesitation in calling or emailing me, my email is: XXXXXX@XXX.com. Thank you for your time

      With Appreciation,    Dr. Mellodie Verina                    .



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