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Seoul Business Owner Application


Discord Tag:

Time zone: 

Server Activity:

sDue to me having no prior knowledge on the server , when it was open,  I am currently yet to play. But if I were to be able to, I know i would most certainly be active , as having a role would give me more reason and motivation to log on.

Previous warns/bans:

None , and I don't plan on getting any in the foreseeable future.


Business Information

Business Name:

I-seul-bi;; 이슬비
Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):


Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

I'd like to give players a chance to work in the restaurant, learn from their experiences , and expand their social circle from the job and to be rewarded not only money wise. I think that'd it'd be a fun roleplay idea for IC couples to come to the restaurant ,as it'll be a fun experience to roleplay out.  I also think It would be nice for me to roleplay as something new , it'd give me a lot more expierence , and I genuinely enjoy roleplaying as workers , or just cooking. Not to mention, I see many business-owners on multiple servers . but they're hardly ever active , and I'd like to change that.

Unique description about your business:

It's a average resteraunt , but there will be one area dedicated to larger groups of customers , and another area dedicated to duos , or singular groups. There’ll be a tree in the center of the restaurant where you can plant locks onto , and you can unlock with a key. The idea is that when couples ( or friends ) come here , they can design a lock for themselves to keep , and a key will belong to them both , for when they desire to open it/

References (Interior & Exterior):












What is your business selling:

It'll sell.

Alcoholic , and non alcoholic beverages.

A large variety of traditional korean foods.


Locks + keys.

Possibly merchandise of the business in the future.


Bingo games will be held a few times a month , the winner of the game will get 20% off of their next purchase , and a sticker stating " Bingo Wnner " on it.
How many employees will you be recruiting:

3 waitresses ( PER SHIFT)  , 2 chefs , 1 manager.  But for waitresses , I imagine there would be 6 in total.

Alongside that , employees will be paid 25% of their earnings from that shift.

When Eun-Jeong Soo was born,  Eun-Jeong's mother and her were by themselves since her father had abandoned the family to pursue another woman. Eun-Jeong had an extremely difficult upbringing and was unable to enjoy the typical childhood experiences. Eun-Jeong, however, had one thing: books. Reading was her favourite activity and her only means of escaping reality. She also valued her mother Tayeong Soo in contrast to reading. She was raised by a lovely mother who sacrificed everything to provide her daughter an upbringing that was somewhat satisfactory.

One day, Eun-Jeong had a sudden surge of knowledge that helped her to quickly rise to the top of her class and ensure her admission to prestigious schools, but she had little interest in those opportunities. She stumbled upon an advertisement for culinary classes while returning home from school one day, so she decided to sign up for them. While taking cooking classes, she developed a profound love for serving food for others, and it gave her great pride to witness how much they enjoyed her tasty, rich dishes.


During one of her classes , her instructor had offered her a position at their restaurant, and so she accepted in order to provide a source of income for her mother. Working at this restaurant  as a  waiter and chef , she gained a large amount of confidence, and similar to school , began climbing the ranks , quickly becoming a Head of department in this restaurant. She enjoyed working there ,but eventually decided to quit and pursue her own dreams of owning a restaurant. She started off learning traditional korean recipes , and planning the layout of the restaurant. Soon after she opened a small stall in the streets of Seoul , selling Kimchi , and Gimbap, her cooking being excellent she quickly sold out and made large amounts of profit.

Soon , she raised enough money to open a proper restaurant  with the layout she had designed, she owned it with her mother and soon enough , business was booming, eventually she had to hire more employees.
Character Information:

은정 ; Eun-Jeong-> An female , age 27. She'd stand at around 5'6, with a slim figure , complimented by her straight posture. Along with that , she'd have jet-black hair, that'd match her dull-brown eyes. Underneath her eyes would be silkworm. Her lips would be a wine-red and a mole would be to the left side of them.

As for her personality , she is kind and caring yet very dumb and believes she is in some sort of a fantasy. She isn’t afraid to voice her opinion , and is very energetic. Though , when needed she will be serious, and will think about her decisions.

Extra information:


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Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

You are no longer in the main HRP Discord, nor the Government Discord server

You are welcome to re-apply whenever you feel like it!

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