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InfinitysRP Adult Application

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Application Rules

- Please DO NOT bold your answers, only the questions.

- Do not bother any staff to check your application

- Please use your best grammar throughout your responses

- Have a realistic backstory, you may also only apply for your character to be older than 24.


Adult Application

IGN: InfinitysRP
RP Name: Alaska Kipp
Age: 36
Character backstory and description (over 200 words):


Birthday: Apr 03 (36)

Religion: shamanism

Description: ᐊᓛᔅᑲᒥ ᑭᑉ || Alaska Kipp is an Inuit Native American who would be standing at 5'10 with white hair, moss green eyes, tanned pale skin. He'd be wearing a white t-shirt with a blank undershirt and a moss green-grey raincoat, and black plaid PJ pants with both ears having the same 4 piercings and a tattoo peaking out from under the shirt. He'd smell of cedar wood and smoked salmon.

Languages: Inuktitut, English and Japanese

Countries: Canada, Japan


Canadian Residential School System, Self Harm, Suicide, Child Abuse
[!] Note [!]
The backstory here is needing to be rewritten as it was developed for SRP, please ignore any mention to it

ᐊᓛᔅᑲᒥ ᑭᑉ or Alaska Kipp is an Inuit Native American who was born in a community 50 kilometers north of the city of Qikiqtarjuaq within the territory of Nunavut, Canada on Apr 03. Sadly his community struggled to keep its traditions due to the Canadian Residential Schools. Especially in his family, the government forced both his parents to attend these schools to strip the "Indian out of them." Unlucky, the government had Alaska sent to the last of these residential schools at Kivalliq Hall in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut where they cut his hair dying it black, took his traditional clothing off giving him European style uniform and handed him a rosery stating "This is what you pray to you dam Indian. Now get out of my fuckin sight!" As Alaska went down the hall he approached a desk with a nun asking for his name he said his native name of ᐊᓛᔅᑲᒥ ᑭᑉ which he was proud of but instead what he got was a slap right across the face with the nun yelling "NOT YOUR STUPID INDIAN NAME! Ugh, your new white name is Samuel Lawson. Now follow the person to your left and if I hear your Indian name again you're going to the basement." Alaska did as he was told, following the person with his hand rubbing his face, tears still dripping down. Once the person in front of him stopped we motioned Alaska to stand in front of him facing a room lined with beds, before Alaska could say a word he was shoved into the room with the man saying "My name is Father Smith and from now on you are a child of god. This is where you sleep and will live till the school year is done in June." Once the doors were shut Alaska broke down into tears crying and screaming for his mother but instead that same nun ran in grabbing his ear and pulling him into the basement screaming at him "YOU UNGRATEFUL CHILD, YOUR NO LONGER A DAM INDIAN BUT A NORMAL CHILD OF GOD!" Once down the stairs, the nun slapped Alaska again then opened a small closet-like room throwing him into it with his head banging the wall. He turned around to the nun with tears and blood flowing down his face. "Don't look at me like that you stupid retard. I told you that you would end up here." The door slammed shut and the nun gone Alaska said to himself "I'm gonna get out of here, one day."



During the two last years at that school, Alaska saw it all, the abuse from the teachers, the cuts on his classmate's arms and even one hanging like a Christmas ornament but once gone he told himself again he'd never let anyone treat him that way again. Once back home he was eager to learn his traditions with some elders in his community who survived the school system teaching him his language, and dances, and introducing him to his religion along with introducing him to the normal school system.


On the first day at his new school, Alaska didn't listen to anyone for fear of what would happen to him so towards the end of the day his parents were called and had been informed that Alaska would not be welcomed back and that he should be homeschooled from then on. His parents had tried multiple more schools all with the same or similar response and by the age of 13 public schools for Alaska were no more and he ended up being homeschooled from there on. At the age of 18 Alaska was interested in continuing his schooling and wanted to go international and picked a school in japan called Karakura College. Once Alaska arrived in Japan he had already settled in with his host family, gotten familiar with the city and its stores and had already started his first month of college outside of Canada were he made tons of friendly people, had new and exciting experiences and had successfully found a school where not only he felt safe in, but also felt respected and loved for. Not only by his friends and host family but also by his teachers, something that had never happened to him before.


After he graduated from College he felt like he had some sort of unpaid debt to the school in which the moment he step out of that school he immediately preformed a 360 degree turn making his way to the Dean/Principles office to ask if there was any spots available and luckily there was, a position as a Librarian which he immediately asked for a application form and filled it out the moment he got home running back the next day to hand it in. He hoped that once he could become a librarian he would be able to help student who had struggled just like him to feel accepted into society and feel loved, cared and appreciated.


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