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  "I walk around like everything's fine... But deep down, inside of my shoe, my sock                                                                        is slipping off."

                                      Sailor Moon Crying GIF

                                                         Discord - lialaq_#6640

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On 1/30/2023 at 3:06 PM, abbatha said:

Family :

Mother: Chiharu Cheong-Ikari [ ALIVE ]

Father: Ren S. Ikari [ ALIVE ]

Older Brother: Haneul S. Ikari [ ALIVE ]

Older Brother: Noori Ikari [ ALIVE ]

 Older Sister: Aeja Ikari [ ALIVE ]

Younger Sister: Hiseu Ikari [ ALIVE ]

Younger Sister: Ivy Ikari [ ALIVE ]

Younger Sister: Yue Ikari [ ALIVE ]

Where is your cool uncle, Hyun 😮


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