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Hisue Ikari..~


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     Hiseu Ikari..~






None of this info is to be taken icly!


Template made by @sleepiibee (me <3), cred if used ❤️


This bio is a WIP! 


Notes & extra info at the very bottom!









◟⪧  Basics   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Full Name : Hiseu Ikari


Nicknames : Kissu , Seu , ZeuZeu


Date of Birth : August 8th


Relationship Status : Single


Occupation : Student at Seoul Academy 


Affiliation :  Ikari Family


Age : 17


Gender : Female


Sexuality : Bisexual


Religion : N/A


Languages : Korean




◟⪧  Appearance   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


General Description:

Hiseu would stand at 5 '3'’. She would have wavy mid length hair with waved bangs. Her hair would be a beautiful color of dark brown. Eyes black as dark ocean pearls complementing her pale complex. she would smell of coffee cream.

Clothing-wise, she would always wear something comfy for her but at times she would go outside of her comfort zone.


Height: 5'6’’


Weight: 105lbs


Body Build: A Slim Figure


Prominent Marks: N/A


 Character Voice:

[  Seo ji hye  ]





She would always have her favorite shades her sister gave her. She would also carry around her headphones.



◟⪧  Personal   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧




Hiseu Ikari is a very quiet girl. She would seem to be intimidating at first noting she would always have a tired expression on her face yet once you get to know her, she is the most kindhearted, caring person. She doesn't like loud, crowded areas yet if someone she cared for needed her there, she would be there. She loves music, she thinks of it as therapeutic. She would seamlessly zone out from time to time being lost in thought. In her free time, she loves to paint and draw. From time to time, she would clean listening to K-pop. One of her many hobbies. Once Hiseu found something she is interested in she is always excited to talk about it. She is very overprotective of the things and people she cares about.  When Hiseu was little she dreamed of wanting to become an actress, till this day she has a small dream of it (She would be too nervous or feel she wasn't good enough). Hiseu is a very clean and organized person, mainly germaphobe.


  Likes: Cats, Art, Landscapes, Video Games, Music, Soft colors, dancing


Dislikes: Loud areas, Alcohol, being touched by people she doesn't know


 Hobbies: Painting, Sketching, Gardening, fashion



Habits:  Fiddling with her fingers, playing with her clothing





◟⪧  Health   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Allergies: N/A






Music, Vaping








◟⪧  Relationships   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧



      Mother: Chiharu Cheong- Ikari | A

             Father: Ren S. Ikari | A

                      Brothers: Noori Ikari | A, Haneul S. Ikari | A

                Sisters : Amara Ikari | A, Yue Ikari | A, Aeja Ikari | A, Ivy Ikari | A 




Jae Lee |  A








◟⪧  Backstory   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧




Adulthood :






◟⪧  Notes & Extras   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


-Hiseu normally does well in cold weather.

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SO CUuTe OmL<3 my choildd

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On 1/30/2023 at 3:30 PM, Sleepy said:


      Mother: Chiharu Cheong- Ikari | A

             Father: Ren S. Ikari | A

                      Brothers: Noori Ikari | A, Haneul S. Ikari | A

                Sisters : Amara Ikari | A, Yue Ikari | A, Aeja Ikari | A, Ivy Ikari | A 


Uncle Hyun? ;-;


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