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MythicalCharm's Adult Application

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IGN:   MythicalCharm
RP Name:  Myth Akui
Age:  25
Character backstory and description (over 200 words): 

Myth was born in a relatively large and kind village in Romania. Her father was the peak human condition, as his ancestors for generations also were. He had a status to keep so he wasn't allowed to breed with anyone who wasn't also, in peak condition with very little to no health conditions. He unfortunately did not follow his ancestors/parents wishes and kind of slept around. Since Myth was born illegitimately he had to force the mother to get rid of her. Myth's mother held onto myth for the first 3 years of her life as her father traveled and was unaware. She taught her all she could before He returned and forced her to get rid of her more strictly. She was sent to Australia without her fathers awareness and she never remembered her parents faces or anything about them for that matter. Just the small things she learned from her mother. She grew up on the streets and was taken care of by other homeless people. She never knew her name but the homeless people always called her "misty" since her eyes seemed to have a misty glare to them. She quickly learned how to fend for herself and survive on her own. She got involved in gangs to try and get food and basic necessities. She worked out daily because she was not good at fighting and got beat up almost daily. She never felt the pain from it but she knew it damaged her reputation. Myth had to improve her skills because her life clearly depended on it. She improved as she worked on herself and quickly rose the ranks. She unfortunately  had a gang related accident that led her to have her frontal lobe injured and she forgot most of her childhood but her fighting/survival skills stuck with her as muscle memory. She rebranded herself as "Myth"  and believed she was a miracle or a god of some sort since she does not remember anything she believes she was put on this Earth as she is and was never a child. She moved to England when she was in her teen years and met her lifelong friends who understood and was similar to her. She started school finally. Unfortunately, as quick as she is at learning she is just as quick at forgetting, so her grades were not the best. Myth has since moved to Japan where she continued learning and trying to finish school. Her frontal lobe injury has improved as she got the help she needed and was able to cement ideas and memories better. She became a tutor for a short period which helped her with empathy and people skills. She has quickly learned everything she needed and did her best in her branch. She is now moving to Seoul for new scenery since her old life got too repetitive. She is like a sponge in this point of her life trying to soak up as much  knowledge and experiences as she can. Myth is now a 25 year old young adult. She is quite talkative, bubbly, and quite the character. She doesn't shy away from saying whats on her mind. You could describe her as headstrong and strong willed. Myth is a vibrant spirit which translates through how she dyes her hair, which is usually pink and or purple. Her height is above average around 5'8 and she's quite lanky so to speak. She has a slight hooked/roman nose. 

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