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General Information:


IGN (ex. 16chunks):


Discord (ex. Taco#0503):


Do you currently have any other adverts?

No I do not

Organization Details:


What are you advertising?

I am A news server for ppl who would like to rp as Reporters and Journalist 

What is your organizations name?

Seoul News

Permanent invite link to the discord:


How many people are involved with your organization?

We currently have 6 people working for the organization but we have 14 ppl in total in our server as of rn . hoping to get more soon!

What makes your organization unique to others?

What Makes my organization unique to others is the simple fact that we aren't a tailoring organization or a family organization we are simple a organization that involves a lot of ic activity within the player mass where we report Ic new and information to the mass taking pictures interviewing ppl from Crime to Regular day to day things and even SPD thing as court cases and maybe corruption? also giving another way for ppl to get ic stories and catch up with what happened on the server.

How long has your organization been active previous to this application?

we've been for 4 days but have already helped spd with a couple cases 

Give a description of your organization for the advert: 

Seoul News the place to get all your Information and stories from If something big or small happened you better believe will cover it as our motto states "No Secret is forever with us around". So if your hiding something beware cause will find out and cover it!

Yes i fully agree

- By sending in an application, you agree that you'll have to transfer ownership, your advert will be managed by a staff member in the government discord, overseen by the directors, and removed upon any violation of Seoul Roleplay rules or discord TOS.

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