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wethecreature's Prosecutor Application | Venti Cheong


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Discord (ex. Taco#0503)


Do you have a working microphone?

I do not use a microphone and do not often go on VC, however, there are times when I can get on a VC and communicate through no-mic.

Time zone:


Previous ban/warns:


Previous applications:

wethecreature's SeoulRP Staff Application - Reviewed Staff Applications - Seoul-Roleplay
Wethecreature's SeoulRP Headmaster Application - Reviewed School Applications - Seoul-Roleplay 

Which position are you applying for?


Describe your activity level:

Although I have not yet played on SLRP because I do not have beta access, out of 10, I would say I am active 8/10 on all Minecraft roleplay servers, and I'd say I will be the same amount active on SLRP as well.

What is your motivation for applying?

I am applying for Prosecutor on this server because I want a fresh experience in Roleplay. I think being in the Prosecutor role will be an experience that can greatly benefit my roleplaying skills, and also allow me to develop a character well.

Have you thoroughly gone through the Court Trial guide and the Justice & Legal Information?

Yes, and I plan on rereading them multiple times more after making this application.



Character name:

Venti Cheong (No, not that Venti.)

Character age:


Preferred Position [Judge, Prosecutor or Public Defender]:



Korean, Asian

Preferred Pronouns:


What motivates your character to join the faction?

Venti Cheong is a bubbly and excitable woman, who can probably project her voice from kilometers away. (She hasn't tried yet though). Although she seems very naive, she is anything but that. She is a smart woman who has studied law for years and years on end. She knew that the place to start was in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. She wishes to become a Prosecutor to prove herself to her family, and to the public.

List your characters set of soft skills:

Communication: Venti Communicates a lot... with everybody she knows. She constantly checks her phone and other devices to speak with anybody she needs to talk to, and she won't hesitate to have a conversation about pressing matters. Beware of this though, sometimes it can lead you to a very long talk about quite a simple thing.

Organizational: Venti Cheong is very organized, and she has been since she was a little girl. If you could travel back in time to her bedroom, you would think you were in a house designer's paradise.

Problem Solving: Venti Cheong believes she can do anything if she puts her mind to it (other than flying, that’s impossible). In many cases, this is true. Venti Cheong uses many of her other soft skills to solve a looming problem, one of them being her Critical Thinking.

Critical Thinking: Venti Cheong is very good at taking the facts and using them to find a solution that isn’t very clear. In fact, all of the things above tie into her critical thinking, and she puts them all to use when she is using this final skill.

Explain any weaknesses your character might have:

Too Serious: Sometimes Venti can be very serious when it comes to work, which sometimes backfires, and she takes things too seriously.

Lactose Intolerance: Venti Cheong cannot have any products made with a large amount of milk. (Not funny, don't laugh).

Childish Side: When Venti Cheong is off of work, she isn't very serious, and this can lead to her more childish side to show. This can be embarrassing for her and others around her. Thankfully, she is slowly growing out of this personality that she shows.

Overthinker: Although Venti is a great thinker and is good at solving problems, she often has trouble when it comes to overthinking when trying to find a solution. Sometimes she will go through unnecessary territories whilst trying to find the answer to a simple problem.

Level of education? [Bachelors, Associates, etc.]

Masters Degree

Backstory [100+ words]:

[224 words]

Venti Cheong grew up in a smaller city in Korea in a strict, religious family. Most members of the family that were not outcasts were told they would be Shrine Priests or Shrine Maidens when they grew up, and they were fine with that, however, that is not what Venti wanted for her future. This caused a lot of issues with her strict family that would escalate into constant arguments that ended with somebody breaking something and running off somewhere in the house.  This got so bad, Venti no longer wanted to go home after school each day. So, when college rolled around, Venti immediately moved out and began living in a dorm. Although living in a dorm was miserable, it was better than living with her family. Taking this opportunity to research law, Venti would begin taking classes about Law and get a major. She would go on to get majors in Criminology and Law Enforcement as well. After this, Venti would join the police force of her home city, using this as another opportunity to understand the law. She would later move to Seoul looking for job opportunities, and she still is looking. Although she is unemployed as of now, she is living the dream! Let's just hope she doesn't run out of money and the dream doesn't become a budget nightmare.



What is an opening statement?

An opening statement takes place after the trial has been started. During the opening statement, evidence will be outlined, and the case will be presented and explained to everybody in the courtroom.

When is the verdict given?   

The verdict is given after the evidence is presented and the closing arguments have been said.

What is it called when a witness does not answer or outright avoids a question?

Non-Responsive Witness


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