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Gang Name: Valhalla

Gand Lead IGN & Discord: TR_Mazuko and Mazuko#1291

Gang Description: Valhalla also know as the “Headless Angels” is a Japanese/Korean gang made up of smart and very skilled delinquent criminals formally lead by Mazuko Shinigami but is now lead by his brother Minako Shinigami and is waiting for his brothers return to lead the gang once more. The Valhalla gang is from the the anime/manga Tokyo Revengers. Valhalla trains their members to the best of their ability and also treat each other like family, they fight with each other, they fight for each other and defend each. Valhalla has one main goal to be know all threw the town, for being the strongest, smartest, honorable and just overall be the best gang out there.

Gang Discord Perma Link:https://discord.gg/DECaWZFbUg

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