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TheEnglishDuck | BMD application.

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Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 

No, I have not.

Describe your experience with roleplay:

My experience with roleplay as a whole is the same as most people’s, it started a few years ago when I was much younger. It wasn’t even Minecraft roleplay I started on, it was servers on Discord.. Which for obvious reasons wasn’t exactly my best idea, but it is what it is. Next, I progressed onto playing SRP for the first time, decided I liked it and continued. Eventually, I started playing more fantasy/mediaeval servers but overall I’ve had multiple years of roleplaying and would consider it one of my favourite hobbies/pastimes. I have roleplayed on multiple platforms, as I touched on previously, and in multiple different genres and positions and would consider myself pretty roleplay fluent/competent in general.

What is Escalation in your own words:

Not to sound like a broken record just reeling off a definition, bear with me here. Escalation refers to the process of increasing in intensity, level or magnitude. It could refer to a situation that becomes more serious, critical, or complicated. It could also refer to an increase of the amount of resources, attention, effort etc that is needed to be applied in order to resolve a situation. In the case of the server, it is the ‘permissions’ system that is in use, an example being you and someone else enter a verbal confrontation and you shove the other individual, so they hit you and end up knocking you out. An example of escalation being used in an invalid way would be someone hit you after an argument, so you stabbed them in the stomach. It’s a very ‘common-sense’ based way to handle combat and conflict and one that leaves a lot of room for interpretation and staff handling situations in a way that prevents abuse.

Do you have a microphone?:

I do, I’m fine with using it in VCs.

List your past BMD applications:


What is your reason for applying?:

I am applying for the BMD role because I, personally, find this particular genre of roleplay, that being combat and crime, to be the most interesting on the server. And the opportunity to join the server is also a good motivation for me to apply. I have been wanting to apply to either the SPD or the BM for a few months, but I wanted to see how the server did before I dedicated to a role because I don’t like holding a position if I can’t put effort into it, and I wouldn’t want to if there was nothing going on. Overall, though, I want to experience something I haven’t before, which joining the BM would provide. I’m willing to put effort into the position, and acknowledge that if I do a bad job I simply get removed. I also want to get into the criminal roleplay on SeoulRP, and what better way to do that than applying directly to the black market?

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:


Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed your role as a Dealer will be removed?: 


What is your knowledge on Black Market:

In general, the black market refers to a shadow economy that operates outside of legal and regulatory frameworks. It involves the sale of goods and services that are illegal or prohibited, such as contraband, counterfeit goods, stolen goods, and restricted or taxed goods. The black market is often associated with criminal activity, but it can also include legitimate businesses that operate outside of regulatory frameworks for various reasons. The black market typically involves limited transparency and high risk. In a Seoul Roleplay setting, the black market is the organisation that is responsible for the sale of weaponry, fake IDs and items along those lines. Furthermore, while it isn’t decided yet there is a chance they could also be directly involved in gangs and the management of the criminal underworld in general.

IC Section

What makes your character Unique?

My character’s background and experiences growing up have given him a unique outlook on life which determines his every move. He had a difficult childhood in a poverty-ridden area, but he persisted as hard as he could to support himself and his family. He feels bitter towards those whom caused his family to be in the situation they were in while he was young, and has a soft spot for children. He has a respect for those who have worked their way to their positions, and doesn’t act cocky as you might think someone who had to fight tooth and nail for respect would act. He is quiet and keeps to himself as much as he can, as his personal philosophy is that if you can’t take a word back, you should only say it if it doesn’t harm you in the long run, a trait of caution that he learnt the hard way growing up. Physically, Hyeong is nothing unique, standing at around 5’10, and weighing around (if a little under) the national average.

What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:

Hyeong has never wanted anything to do with crime, at least when he was younger. He was forced into the criminal underworld by the poor hand he was dealt whilst growing up, as well as his general inability to care for himself, his family and his friends. He was eventually forced into a position, after a few years, where crime is all he knows and all he has ever known, where he doesn't really have a chance to go back to a 'normal' life after becoming used to the violence and dog-eat-dog nature of the world. He decided after many years in local thuggery and petty crime that if he was going to go down this route that he was going to go in it deep, refusing to take part in small muggings any longer and take orders from people who don't know what their doing he decided to join the world of professional organised crime, which led to a natural path down the black market.

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]

Born around twenty-eight years ago to a single mother in South Korea was a man named Hyeong. Hyeong was born into poverty and had a difficult childhood, as would be expected from someone with his circumstances, living in a small and cramped apartment in a small town a few miles east of Seoul led the boy to grow an intense hatred for 'the system' that he felt kept his family down while raising others, despite how enthusiastic the boy could be when it came to it, his academic life was riddled with bullying for his tattered and worn uniform in school as well as relentless scolding from his teachers whom saw Hyeong as nothing more than a lazy, indolent brat. His mother worked long hours at low-paying jobs to make ends meet which had the effect of leaving Hyeong to fend for himself more often than not, he frequently went hungry and struggled to keep up with the other children in school as he lacked both the energy and motivation. But he persisted, his main motivation for not giving up would be his younger siblings which he felt responsible for as his mother grew weaker and weaker from the hard labour she performed to keep her family afloat. Despite the obvious struggles he faced, with this life he worked as hard as he could at school and did everything in his power to ensure he forced his way out of his family's circumstances. The older Hyeong got, the more and more he found that his dreams of a better life for his family were slipping out of his reach, and realised that what he viewed as unrealistic goals had to be put aside. He knew that his future was limited by his circumstances, as much as he would like to believe that he could work his way out of it he simply couldn't afford to go to college, and even if he could, he didn't have the grades or the support to succeed. So instead, he dropped out of school in his late teenage years and took a job at a factory, working long hours for low pay, to support his now bedridden mother and his younger siblings. Hyeong became involved with a group of local thugs, a crowd he mixed into only to avoid ridicule and scrutiny. They offered him the sense of belonging and family that he had always lacked, a chance to fit in, in a world he had always despised for pushing him down. Hyeong saw them as his ticket to a better life and began to participate in their activities, his mother wouldn't approve for she always taught him to be the good in the lives of others, but she wouldn't know, he told himself. All she'd know is her children would have meals in their stomachs, and she would have the heating that they'd never been able to afford.


 At first it was simple things.. He ran errands for the higher ups in the little 'gang', collecting loan payments, then after a few months he would find himself out and about with his "friends" for a night out, when one of them points out a drunken target. It's just harmless, he thought to himself, they will probably forget it in the morning and he knew that he had to do whatever was necessary, it's not like he was killing the man.. So, fine, he thought and took part in a few muggings, then it grew in scale and those night-out robberies turned into planned affairs, and them pushing someone against a wall turned into them holding a knife to someone's throat, Hyeong always thought he'd just go a little further and then he'd leave, he'd just make enough to support his family and then leave, but each time something happened he stuck with it more and more. He was soon making more money than he ever had before and was able to provide for himself and his family, he knew he should stop, but he didn't find the courage to do so; "Why should I keep myself down, just because other's can't keep themselves up?" He'd question himself, often. Things were going great the longer he stuck with it, the money was good, and Hyeong was able to provide for his family in a way he never could before, but as he became more involved in the violence of the activities, and less of a 'secondary' party in it, he began to feel the weight of his actions. He saw the violence and destruction that surrounded him, and he knew that he was contributing to it. He saw the real truths that came with being a part of a gang and began to regret his choices. The more and more Hyeong became involved in the criminal world, he began to realise that the life he thought he wanted wasn't as fulfilling as he had hoped. Despite this, he felt trapped and couldn't find a way out. Despite his misgivings, Hyeong felt that he had no choice but to stay involved in the criminal underworld, after all; how could he leave? These were his friends for years, He had grown dependent on the money he was making, and he didn't see any other way to provide for his family. He was torn between his desire to do the right thing and his need to take care of those he loved.


Years passed, and Hyeong continued to work for the gang, becoming more and more entrenched in the criminal activities. He was constantly looking over his shoulder, worried about getting caught or double-crossed. But despite the risks, he could not bring himself to leave, knowing that his family depended on him for their livelihood. As time went on, Hyeong became more and more desensitised to the crimes he was committing and saw being committed around him, he saw the toll that his criminal activities were taking on his family and friends, but this was his life now he had decided, and he wasn't too sure he wanted to quit. So what if he took some liberties, these people would never bat an eye if he was in danger, so why should he care? He became more bitter, and less emotional, as he progressed. Eventually came a time for change, the 'crowd' that Heyong found himself with took certain actions that left their safety and anonymity up to chance, he found this lack of caution to be risky and dumb, and so he warned them, don't commit crimes without planning, and masks, and clear getaways - he pleaded, but to no avail.  If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes, and the prize for their lack of caution was a police bust which Hyeong only avoided being caught in because he was sick at the time and unable to take part in whatever foolish scheme they got caught in. After this, Hyeong decided it was time to leave; but not crime, he had been in this world for years, his siblings were put through college thanks to it, but in the end it came down to one thing. He was good at it.


And so it was, deciding that skipping town was the safest way to avoid being caught, Hyeong packed his bags after leaving a few thousand dollars worth of won with his family to ensure their wellbeing, and left the town for Seoul.. But not to start a new life, Hyeong liked the little life of crime he had found himself in.. But it was too bland for his taste, they had no tact, and he knew he could make much more money in the big world, and Seoul was the biggest city in all of South Korea! He had no more time for moral debates with himself, who cared if he was hurting others? It's a dog eat dog world, and Hyeong decided he wished to be the former, not the latter. All he had to do was find somewhere a bit more professional, a bit more.. 


First and last name:

Hyeong Jung-Hwa



Current Occupation Or Hobby:


 Age (25+):





South Korean

Additional information:

Backstories SUCK to write, especially with criminals, because they’re either edgy emos who love killing and are anime main characters, or they’re redeemed and no longer happy to do crime, which simply doesn’t work for a BMD application. Pain.

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