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RP Name: 

"Ibuki" M. R. Koharu


Character description:

Ibuki stands at a towering 7'1, although it seems she's 7'5-7'8 because of her heels. Ibuki's body is often said to be orange shaped, so that's what it is referred to. She has tribal markings under both of her eyes, although they aren't visible due to the front of her afro covering her eyes. There's a large burn scar taking up the left side of her face, although it seems fully heal and almost faded. 

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

On this day, it felt like the earth shook. As though the earth and the heavens, and the Gods above was gifting a singular woman with the power to not give life to one, but to two. But, as they can give life, they can also take it away. Kali never knew her mother. The tribe never told stories of her mother's life, nor told any stories about her mother's death. What a horrible existence it was. To not know anything about someone who gave you life, who gave their own spirit for you to breathe. Kali, at a young age, was curious and often explored beyond the territories of the tribe's lands. And often times, was dragged back by the hunters. She'd often cry in protest and try her best to lie, but of course, their caregiver, Nadi, saw through her lies. 

Kali had grown to be what some in the model world called, an ideal woman. She prided herself on always looking the best, you never knew when a camera was watching you. Of course, with that came a lot of rumors, misinformation, and a handful of defamation. Ibuki, had dove head first into all of it, and built her modeling career on it and around it. However, there was always a downfall to taking on criticism, lies, and general hatred head first, it'd get to those that you love and protect. Ibuki couldn't protect her brother from what happened to him that night. She holds that regret to her heart the most, probably why she ran herself into the ground trying to protect him. 

Ibuki opened Itsuo's letter, at first she didn't fully read it. Why would she? He always talked about the same innocent things, of course she did enjoy them, and had kept them all in a small box in her closet. As she read this letter, her face scrunched up. "He met.. a cop? That can't be correct. Why would he want to date... no.. why would he want to marry one of the most useless people in the universe?" Ibuki hissed at the thought of her brother marrying ANYONE that worked in law enforcement, especially after the day she had. Ibuki stood up as she slid the letter into her hair, grabbing her bag as she stepped out the door. "I'm going to interview this Karito.. nobody's going to break Itsuo's heart as long as I'm breathing." 

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