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Ibuki R. M. Koharu | Biography


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image.gif.2d8c005e810fe1d783f6cc121d1dbc92.gif "You Are Like a Baby. Flinging Around Helplessly, Get Up."  


General Information
Tribal name: Kali 
Government Name: Ibuki 
Surname: Koharu
Age: 41
Date of birth: November 12th, 19XX
Race: Afro-Haitian-Latina
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Relationship status: Taken 
Traits of Voice

Voice Claim: 

Language spoken: Haitian and Spanish
Other languages known: Korean, Japanese, Korean Sign Language. 

Physical Appearence

Height: 7'1
Weight: 298lbs
Eye color: Blue and Brown
Skin color: Dark Brown 
Distinguishing features: Tribal markings directly under her eyes.
Hair colour: Pale Bleach Blonde
Piercings: Septum and Snake Eye Piercing

Face Claim: 

(creds to FreeMechanism on TUMBLR!)
Religious Values

Religion: N/A. Doesn't Believe in Just ONE Singular Religion. 


Illnesses: Suffers from Muscle Weakness


Ketsueki Hanazono (Boyfriend): Ibuki truly loves Lenard, she especially loves holding his hand. It's customary for couples to hold hands as a form of courtship, but it's also a way she shows him her affection. Ibuki loves hearing him talk more than anything, she often walks with him to the school gates and is always outside of them when it's time for him to get off work. Ibuki values his attention to detail and how he does his best to respect her boundaries but also show he cares. 

Mi Ok-Sook (Close Friend) : Ibuki serves as her guide dog since she knows her eye sight isn't that well. She does it as a way to have bragging rights over Romeo since she hasn't seen him doing his job in a bit. She truly values Mi as a person and often visits the hospital just to spend time with her. 

Niko Hayashi (Biological Son): Ibuki often times argues with him a lot, it doesn't mean she loves him any less. Ibuki does often times baby him despite his age, she's very overprotective of him and often times tries to decide things for him. She has the habit of just simply trying to solve his problems with money, although she knows that isn't the smartest thing to do. 

Judah Theodore Smith Koharu (Adopted Son): Ibuki stumbled upon him when he was turning 18. She's sort of served as a motherly figure before officially adopting him legally, as much as she wishes he wouldn't hide things from her she somewhat understands why. Ibuki enjoys Judah's company and his work ethic, as well as how he treats his employees. She's very proud of him, she'll just never publicly admit it. 

Karito Nevio (Friend): Ibuki somewhat tolerates Karito, she will never tell him how much she appreciates him and values him for treating her brother well. Ibuki truly doesn't like the fact that he's a cop, which leads to a large amount of trust issues when it comes to him, but she tries her best to be more open to him. 

Hyun Choi (Enemy/Strongly Disliked): Ibuki has a very strong dislike for Hyun, not just because of his job choice but because of him as a person. Ibuki dislikes the idea of anyone trying to intimidate her during any situation, which is why she has a strong dislike for him, but also of information she found out about him as well. She will truly never like him, because she can't imagine how someone can betray a family member. 

"Itsuo" R. M. Koharu (Twin Brother): Ibuki loves her brother very much. She values every letter he sends him and believes his opinion on people over her own. She has several nicknames for him, and often times tries her best to be kinder towards his friends. Often times she refers to her brother as Lalin rather than his name as a force of habit, she sometimes wishes they were back home and were kids again. 

Saoni Auclair (Close Friend): Ibuki enjoys Saoni’s company. She also enjoys having someone other than her brother being the same height as her. She heavily confides in Saoni about her children and of course things that happen around.



(Information from this backstory is not to be taken ICLY unless the character tells you herself. Any information from this backstory taken ICLY will be perceived as meta gaming. Ibuki does not disclose anything about her past beyond her changing her name.)

Tribal Life.

On this day, it felt like the earth shook. As though the earth and the heavens, and the Gods above was gifting a singular woman with the power to not give life to one, but to two. But, as they can give life, they can also take it away. Kali never knew her mother. The tribe never told stories of her mother's life, nor told any stories about her mother's death. What a horrible existence it was. To not know anything about someone who gave you life, who gave their own spirit for you to breathe. Kali, at a young age, was curious and often explored beyond the territories of the tribe's lands. And often times, was dragged back by the hunters. She'd often cry in protest and try her best to lie, but of course, their caregiver, Nadi, saw through her lies. 

"Kali. You can't keep running into the forest by yourself. If the hunters don't find you, what do you think will?" Kali groaned at Nadi's lecture and swatted her hands at Nadi, hissing slightly. "Hiss all you want. But the day will come for you to get your marking, and then what? You'll be an adult, nobody to take care of you." Nadi pushed Kali's hair out of her eyes as the caressed her face, pressing her forehead against the child's, Kali's posture seemed to relax at the gesture as she let out an annoyed sigh. As much as she hated to admit it, Nadi was right. Just like always. "Fine.. I won't wander off without someone watching me. And if I do, I won't go beyond the markers." Nadi smiled as she patted Kali's head proudly. Even if she knew the child wasn't going to keep her word, at least she knew what was right, and where she was supposed to stay. "Why not bring Kabecka with you? You're both so tall, and he's very very strong. I know your brother would love to spend time with you." Kali thought about it for a moment, only a moment, then she ran off again. "Gods be with that girl. She's so energetic." Nadi shook her head as she watched Kali run off in search of her brother. "Lalin! Lalin where are you?" Kali called out for her brother. She often could find him near the hunters houses. But he was nowhere to be found, she couldn't even hear the sound of his distinct laughter. 

Kali climbed the nearest lookout tree and stared over her tribe's land, trying to find her brother and his district blonde hair. "Lalin! Lalin ki kote ou ye?!" Kali was growing impatient. She knew how her brother loved to hide and made searching for him a chore every day. She slowly climbed down the tree and let out an annoyed sigh as she turned around she bumped into her brother, Kabecka gently smacked her on the shoulder with his usual hearty laugh. "You can't keep hiding from me. Nadi will skin us both and use my skin as a rug, and yours as a curtain." Kabecka rolled his eyes at his sister and gently patted her on the head, Kali hissed at the contact, doing her best to dodge her brother's large hands. "Hey don't touch my hair!" Kabecka hissed back at his sister as he pushed her, he immediately took off running. Kali stumbled back as she immediately started running after her brother. 


City Life.

Kali sat in the office beside her brother, the woman behind the desk staring at them both curiously. "You are aware that name changes aren't... free right?" Kali hated the way the woman was eyeing them.. She kept looking at them with a look of disgust, hatred even. But Kali didn't let that both her, she gently yet rudely slapped a stack of money onto the table, scowling at the woman. "This should cover it correct?" The woman stammered slightly as she looked at the stack, she seemed to be unable to comprehend how they had this much money. "It's mama's money in case you're wondering. We don't have all day, so hurry up and do the name change" Kali waved her hand dismissively at the woman as she got up from her chair to finish their paper work. "Kali.. I don't like this place. It's so.. shiny and like nothing we've seen before." Kali held her brother's hand as she gave him a supportive smile. "Kabecka.. we'll adjust. I'm sure everything will be okay" Kabecka eyed his sister for a moment but he smiled at her, he believed her. 

Ibuki stumbled in the heels, her manage, Elijah, groaned playfully as they walked up behind her, putting a supportive hand on her lower back. "Honey, I am not going to lie, you are doing awfully in those heels." 

In all honesty, Ibuki questioned her loyalty to this field of work. There was no reason for Elijah to have this much criticism on her form. This was her first actual modeling gig, yet he treated her like she had been doing this for over 5+ years. It was beginning to irritate Ibuki, her eye twitched in annoyance at every small comment that Elijah made, not only towards her, but towards her brother. Itsuo wasn’t the strongest when it came to dressing nice, and it always made him nervous so of course he was bound to have a couple of small trips and falls, even a couple of missteps, but that was no reason for such harsh words. “Do you think you could maybe tone down the insults? Or even stop them completely. We’re new to modeling so give us a damn break.” Ibuki held her brother’s hand as she stared down at Elijah. She could feel the nervousness in her brother’s hand. Itsuo’s posture relaxed at his sister’s gesture, his breath seeming to calm down. “Look. Everything has to be perfect, I don’t mean to put any pressure on you but you guys aren’t exactly the ideal image of modeling perfection. No model in the history of Kosai Agency has ever had.. tribal markings.” Elijah pushed his glasses closer to his face as he tapped his pen against his clipboard nervously. Ibuki sighed deeply and pushed Elijah’s clipboard down, making eye contact with him. “Look, let me model by myself. My brother is stressed right now and you putting pressure on us isn’t going to get this done the way you want, I can do it” Ibuki smiled at Elijah, a smile she knew could get any and everything she wanted, a smile that could only lead to a twisted pathway. 

Ibuki stared at herself in the mirror as she shook her head, she slowly turned to the side and rested a hand on her baby bump, watching for the slightest movement. She felt it. The tiniest movement, the one thing she had been waiting for, there it was. A kick. Why was she so excited about all these tiny milestones? It’s not like she had many people to share them with. Ibuki grabbed onto the wall as she began to walk out of the bathroom, she felt the muscles in her legs want to give out immediately the more steps she took, but she still continued, leaning onto the walls for support. “Niko why are you active now? When I’m ready to take a nap on the couch…” Ibuki mumbled to her unborn child. She held onto the rail as she slowly went down the stairs, holding her back as she did so, she stopped at the bottom of stairs to catch her breath, giggling to herself as she felt another kick. “Those Hayashi genes are strong huh..” Ibuki finally made her way to the couch she had been making her way towards, she could feel a camera on her, she turned around to see her brother recording her. “Souri soléy! You only get a couple pre-birth videos.” Ibuki laughed as she tried to hide her face. “Lalin stop it-“ “No way!” Itsuo turned the camera towards himself and smiled, pointing towards Ibuki. “Niko, this is your uncle Itsuo. Your mom cannot wait to meet you, and neither can I. You are going to be brought into this world surrounded with love and affection and a lot of expensive things. Your mom is excited, we love you nephew.” And then Itsuo ended the recording a put the camera on the shelf. “Now you can get some rest sis.” Itsuo closed the curtains and lowered the lights of the living room, he turned on soft rain on the tv and brought his sister a blanket and a lot of pillows. “I appreciate you so much.” Ibuki hugged her brother tightly as she set up a comfy area on the couch, slowly shifting off to sleep as she rested a protective hand on her stomach. 


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