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IGN:  Mr_Mow
RP Name: Brad Armstrong
Age:  45
Character backstory and description (over 200 words):
Brad Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States into a household with 2 parents, but, his mother died when he was too young to remember. His father, Marty Armstrong (Deceased), was abusive and estranged ever since his wife, Mrs. Armstrong, (Deceased) died. When Brad was a kid he witnessed his fathers abuse on his sister, Lisa Armstrong (Deceased), sexually and physically, this had a profound effect on Brad and he now lives with the guilt and regret of not being able to stop his father.

Brad moved out when he was 18 to the dismay of his sister who later took her own life because she couldn't take her fathers abuse. Brad became addicted to alcohol by the age of 17, and still is to this day, not that he would ever admit it. He lived with his childhood friend Richard Weeks and his family and had a respectful relationship with them, despite his past. He became a Karate instructor and even the owner of his own dojo in New Orleans because he subconsciously strived to teach others to protect themselves.

When he was 30, after 10 years of teaching Karate he packed up and bought a boat, in which, he floated off the coast of Mexico stopping frequently ashore for around 8 years. He assimilated to the culture pretty well but after a while he felt the urge to move and get a change of scenery as if physically running from his past, so he threw a dart at a map and it landed on Korea. Naturally, Brad humored this life altering decision made by a dart and a piece of paper because who wouldn't? He moved to Korea and has lived there for 7 years, one day he may pack up again and decide to throw another dart but for now Korea it is.

If you had known Brad when he was 30 he would have sported a black beard and afro but old age, stress, and alcoholism has taken a toll and leaves Brad's crown bald. He still has hair and a beard but the top of his head is completely devoid of hair. He sports a brown shawl and solid black leggings. His face would have a T-Bone shape to it with the bottom of the T ending in a thick black beard and the top of the T being his brow. 

(The paragraphs are broken up simply to make it easier to read and there is no method to the way they are broken up)

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