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FlowerRp Judge Application


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Discord (ex. Taco#0503)
❀ Lotus ❀#5332

Do you have a working microphone?
Yes, I do have a microphone and I am comfortable in voice chats.

Time zone:
Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)

Previous ban/warns:

Previous applications:

Which position are you applying for?

Describe your activity level:
I would describe my activity level as an 9/10. I am extremely active within the server everyday besides the handful of hours per week I need to complete college modules for homework. Though, this college is online, and I can complete it whenever I please. I am generally available during the day. I also take one week breaks every month from online for a detox, though if any emergency icly/oocly arose, I always have my phone on me.

What is your motivation for applying?
I have been a part of the roleplay community for over a year now, mostly being a part of gangrp and the school faculty. Over the last 6 months, it has become repetitive, and I’ve grown to want a different form of roleplay. I started SPD on Seoul which has only grown my love for the government factions, and I am looking to join the District Court faction for three main reasons. The first reason is my experience within the faction itself. Though, it is only one case, I grew excited for it. I wanted to be a part of this experience in more ways than one, for ooc and ic reasons. The people and characters that carry these roles hold a responsibility for the city of Seoul. The decisions they make need to remain unbiased, they need to keep an open mind for each case they are given. I believe my character can provide these characteristics. The other reason for wishing to be a part of the District Court Faction is due to the friendships I’ve made with individuals who have this role and being able to interact with them both oocly and icly. These people have shown me the different scenarios that each role participates in and how each character can handle them to influence Seoul. All of these are unique experiences I have grown to love being a part of. The last reason is simple. Both my grandfather and my brother are police officers in real life. I have experienced many legal situations and have grown an oocly love for criminal justice. I have watched several criminal and law documentaries within my life, even seeing some in real life. I was very interested in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, researching it further than just watching the trial itself. If I didn’t have a deep love for animals and wished to work with them in Conservation, I would be studying criminal justice alongside my family who are current members of the force.

Have you thoroughly gone through the Court Trial guide and the Justice & Legal Information?
Yes, I have diligently read though the information provided to me and will continue to refresh my knowledge throughout my possession of this role.


Character name:
"My full name is Aodhan Doyle."

Character age:
"I am 42 years old."

Preferred Position [Judge, Prosecutor or Public Defender]:
"The position desired is that of a Judge."

"I am Australian."

Preferred Pronouns:
"I go by He/Him pronouns. I am a cisgender male."

What motivates your character to join the faction?
"The answer is quite simple. My mother was a lawyer, my eldest brother a judge. I have a clear understanding of the harmonies of court and justice. I've spent a majority of my life devoted to this role I wish to take on and I look forward to the chance to be given this position. As you can see from my resume below, I have a plethora of experience working in this field, among them including my remarkable achievements working both a public defender and a judge. I look forward to the opportunity to bring a dedicated and unbiased sense of justice to Seoul just as I did my previous projects. I have confidence in myself to be an incredible candidate for the job as Seoul District Court Judge. I have extensive levels of education and experience in law and criminal justice, being one of the most knowledgeable in my class. I have both personal, educative, and real-life experience on top of my intelligence. I believe I could not only be an intellectual candidate but also a sociable and kind-hearted one. I have confidence in myself, and love for my family and town. I wish for growth, rehabilitation, and justice. I promise to bring nothing but time and dedication towards this role. I will be hardworking, self-motivated, communicative, unbiased, and moral with my all the decisions I may bring.”

List your characters set of soft skills:
"I have an abundance of soft skills developed throughout my years of study to the law along with my projects done with the legal teams. I will list my most capable ones below, but some others I have obtained are listed in my resume below."
1. Critical Thinking - "I am able to perform the act of analyzing facts to understand a problem or topic thoroughly. This skill gives me the ability to collect information and data, asking thoughtful questions and analyzing possible solutions."

2. Organization - "This skill allows me to use my resources efficiently and effectively. Being organized means I am able to manage my time, energy and workspace well and can accomplish all the assigned tasks successfully."
3. Problem-Solving - "My problem-solving skill helps me solve issues quickly and effectively. It's one of my key skills to show that I am self-reliant. Problem-solving skills able me to quickly identifying the underlying issue and implement a solution."

Explain any weaknesses your character might have:
"Weaknesses come and go naturally for me due to my ability to adapt well in the unknown. Though, one weakness I have always struggled to overcome is my ability to be creative. I tend to perceive myself as a left-brained individual, mostly analytical and methodical in my thinking. I have the ability to be creative, just not as expressive as most."

Level of education? [Bachelors, Associates, etc.
"My resume is shown below."




Backstory [100+ words]:
"I grew up in a small town in Australia with my mother and two brothers. I lived a relatively normal childhood, not much to that. Was a good kid with decent grades, played some sports in high school. I was recruited to the military not long after high school, finding no real calling to devote my life to. I stayed in the military on a four-year contract doing heavy training throughout the years. After the four years, my mother who is a lawyer and my eldest brother just becoming a judge, both had pushed me into their line of work. I grew up around the idea of justice and what holding this role entails due to my family, so I had nothing against following in their footsteps. I attended a decent college and got good grades, nothing much happened there besides study and the occasional party I wasn't too fond of. Graduating from my first round of college was a breeze, earning a bachelor's degree in Political Science with a minor in History. Though, getting into Law School deemed quite the harder task to complete. I decided to give myself a better chance at this accomplishment by adding onto my resume. I went back to the same college four years later to earn my master's degree in Criminal Law as well as studying a minor of Psychology for the next two years. With those successfully secured under my belt, I tackled attending Law School. The second time around went smoothly, starting classes the next coming fall. The first year proved to be difficult, most of the professors’ expectations being above average. I followed a course of study with the following subjects: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal law and criminal procedure, legal method, legal writing, property law and torts. I also participated in moot court exercises, arguing hypothetical court cases. Past my first year, I started to focus more on my foundation courses. I learned many valuable skills within my three years attending Law School which includes the past, present and future of the law, analytic and critical thinking, drafting, learning cases, dignified argumentation, negotiating and meditation techniques, the process in which the administration works, and leadership. I also did a handful of research papers along with an internship within a law firm that I later got hired at as a public defender. Graduating from this Law School with my Juris Doctorate, I continued to work at the law firm I interned at after passing my Bar's Exam. The law firm ended up getting shut down due to the owner's unwarranted ways, though I was quickly hired at a neighboring business. Venturing more into the present, I started to look up to my eldest brother who was a judge, working my way to his pathway. In Australia, I needed to seek admission to legal practice before being appointed to judge. I was appointed to judge in the early year of 2015 by the local governor. I stayed in the same area working alongside my brother until I started to yearn for something different. I loved my work and the help I was bringing my state, though, it didn't need me. There were more president areas which needed a man with my knowledge, areas I could expand my creativity within. I set my sights on Seoul's Court District after a trial they held on the news over a man by the name of Bitagram Hoe. The nature of the crime and justice served interested me and pulled my gaze towards this city. I hope the opportunity is given to me to become an influential piece within Seoul's District Court as a Judge."


What is an opening statement?
An opening statement is a factual statement given by each trial party before a trial can begin. Opening statements contain factual evidence that establishes the burden of proof or the standard that the prosecutor must meet for their charges proven. Opening statements cannot be argumentative. Opening statements must consider a variety of facts and evidence to create a concrete argument with valid claims or charges. The themes of the opening statement should be presented clearly in one or two sentences at the beginning of the statement. A story or chronological timeline may then be used to explore the evidence, explain facts, and support claims. Opening statements should not include contradictory facts but should provide a conclusion that asks the jury/judge for their support. An effective opening statement does not simply include factual evidence. The prosecutor and the defendant must both explore a number of considerations such as the information being presented in the argument, the order in which the information will be presented, and how each party will respond to the claims made by the opposing party. The prosecutor and the defendant should also engage the jury/judge during their opening statement to establish their claims and persuade the jury/judge to agree with their argument.

When is the verdict given?
A verdict is a judgment or opinion given after considering the facts of a situation. A verdict is given after each trial party has provided all the evidence to the jury/judge. They are then dismissed to reach a verdict of guilty or not guilty. A verdict can take a mere couple of minutes or as long as a week, as long as every person agrees to the decision made.

What is it called when a witness does not answer or outright avoids a question?
If a witness ignores or refuses to answer questions, they are determined an unresponsive witness. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you consider me for this role!

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