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Interlinking's Prosecutor Application

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Discord (ex. Taco#0503)



Do you have a working microphone?

I do.


Time zone:



Previous ban/warns:

1 ‘AFK Grinding Attributes’ (which I’m getting appealed.)


Previous applications:


Which position are you applying for?



Describe your activity level:

I am quite an active member of the server. Through Discord and on the game itself. When I’m online, I’m normally doing LawRP and many can attest to it. If I had to put my activity on a scale of 10, I’d say a 9-9.5/10.


What is your motivation for applying?

After a few conversations, alongside some cases that I took on. I feel as if remaining a ‘private’ attorney wouldn't be beneficial for both myself and for the people that actively seek out LawRP. Though my true motivation is the District Attorney spot, which I will be running for once I have a few public cases under my belt.


Have you thoroughly gone through the Court Trial guide and the Justice & Legal Information?

I have.




Character name:

Osvald “Dane” Wayne


Character age:



Preferred Position [Judge, Prosecutor or Public Defender]:






Preferred Pronouns:



What motivates your character to join the faction?

For Osvald, there are two key motivators for a public prosecutor role;

The aspect of the District Attorney Position and money. Osvald became a private attorney because he believes he could make more there instead of as a public prosecutor. Yet he feels his skills are best serving the city on a more public scale, though still taking private cases from here and there.


List your characters set of soft skills:

Adaptability - As a prosecutor and lawyer, you have to be able to adapt to situations. You may have a very solid witness line up, but the defence calls an objection on a slip-up by a witness, it happens all the time. Osvald is able to easily adapt to situations that sometimes may seem like he’s at a disadvantage and come out a winner.

Decision Making - To become a public prosecutor, you need to be able to decide if a case is ‘in the public interest to pursue’. Not all cases are given the time of day, and some are thrown out as the prosecution believes it’s not in the interest of the people to prosecute certain ‘criminals’. Osvald has the capability to make tough decisions, in light of provided evidence and testimonies to decide if those cases are solid enough.

Persuasion - A must for all good lawyers. Osvald, as displayed by the cases he’s won, has the ability to persuade officials into plea deals, settlements and charges. To be able to sway the flow of the court in your favour is something not many lawyers can do effectively, but his douche hot-shot lawyer attitude allows him to do just that.



Explain any weaknesses your character might have:

 Osvald doesn’t have a moral ‘code’ when it comes to law. He believes that regardless of a situation, someone should be offered representation. Even if they’re grieving a loss of a loved one. Osvald believes a lawyer that wins shouldn’t get attached to anything or anyone, and should only look at the law side of things and disregard the morality of the situation. He cares about himself, and only himself like the asshole he is.


Level of education? [Bachelors, Associates, etc.]

Master’s in Criminal Law


Backstory [100+ words]:

Osvald “Dane” Wayne stands at 6’0, and though being this height, he was built like a ‘troll’. Having broad shoulders, and a decent muscular composition. Yet his muscles were easily hidden behind the layering of his clothes, his face was not easily hideable. His jawline defined, and cheekbones chiselled which complimented a scar that went down the side of his left eye. His dark brown hair would accompany his hazel eyes. His facial expressions were slighter softer even in spite of his scary-looking face, it seemed as if he had attempted to make himself more approachable. Though his face would often have a puzzled look, one that could only be explained by Osvald himself, which he would tend to answer with ‘I’m thinking’.

Hailing from Denmark, having a Danish father and Japanese mother, which would explain his odd-sounding name. His father seemed to be somewhat of a ‘Japanophile’, or someone who seemed to take a rather extreme interest in Japan. Osvald’s family was nothing short of poor, as much as he can remember, Osvald was outworking, working various laborious jobs including chopping wood, farming and much more. His father was quite the lumberjack, who also seemed to have quite the gambling addiction, his mother being a frail lady who was constantly bed-ridden. Osvald seemed to get-by in Denmark, yet when his father made too many enemies, the family relied on Osvald’s mother. Moving to Japan in his early teenage years, Osvald had to learn a new language, make new friends; yet he did not have to work. His mother came from quite the wealthy family before she had moved to Denmark to marry his father. Osvald received the nickname ‘Dane’ from the other teenagers at his new school, though it wasn’t all good. Osvald became swept up in a violent crowd, being used for his superior built body to establish dominance amongst some high-school feuds. Even beating much older people and being on-track to joining a Yakuza group. Which could explain the scar on his face, which was received after running into a few older, more dangerous folk. This all collapsed when his mother fell terminally ill, and ultimately passed away. Osvald had promised his mother that he would work to become a better person, a kinder and gentler person, it had seemed his mother made him promise as she had caught on to his violent tendencies and his father was a deadbeat. 

His mother had left enough money to Osvald to move away, and search to become a better person. In which he did. Passing the BAR exam at the top of his group, he became a private attorney, making it slightly big-time as he represented clients; he now seeks to better his law career through public prosecution.





What is an opening statement?

An opening statement allows both sides to present a story to the Judge. The Prosecution goes first, in which they will talk about the evidence they’ll be presenting, justifying why they’re prosecuting someone and attempting to dehumanise the defendant. Whilst the Defense will present a whole different story, attempting to humanise the defendant to gain favour within the audience and judge. 

There should be little to no objections during the opening statement, and the opening statement should not be ‘arguing evidence’ but instead outlining the case and evidence as whole.


When is the verdict given?

At the end of the trial, after the closing arguments are given, the Judge will give a verdict based on the facts, evidence and laws referenced during the trial.

What is it called when a witness does not answer or outright avoids a question?

Non-Responsive Witness.

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