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Damien Hashirama | Syndicate | Introduction


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[!] A dark room which would only allow the light of a candle would shine from the video camera. A masked man with long dark hair would speak however the voice would be muffed with audio effects glitching in and out of high pitch and low pitch voices as if it seemed as two people where talking inside of one. 

"My name is Damien Hashirama and I have arrived in Seoul with the sheer vengeance for my father, Varian 'Akira' Hashirama who was murdered by police. So I have came to avenge his death and nothing will stop me and if anyone tries they will get to meet the all father Satan and he will serve them their punishments. I have also created a organisation which will help me along with my quest on taking out all of the law enforcement within this town like I have done before. We are called Syndicate and we will stop at nothing till our quest is complete."

[!] The video tape would glitch out revealing Syndicates logo with another glitch then an image which would say "Join Us" then a static sound which would lead the video to an end...683D3F01-5D91-4DFC-8A47-01C77D93AF7D.png.d4fdc1eb7212848f5a2b62ae5c924615.png

Syndicates Discord: https://discord.gg/Cg4vtSSa8Q

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