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Majyor's Science Teacher App

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1. [OOC]

- Discord Tag:

- Minecraft User:

- Time-Zone:

- Age:
21 (On 7 March 22)

- Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
Yes i do!

- Describe your activity on the server:

This is my first application, and i wanna be as much active as i can in case i will get accepted, because i love this role as i am in real life studying to have it!

- What is your current role on the server?
None as i am still new and never had the possibility to try it!

- Do you have any experience in Roleplay?
Yes i do a lot as i played in 4 of them for almost 4 years and thanks to them i learned a lot of stuff, the mechanics, the rules and the characteristics.

2. [IC]


- Position applied for:
Science Teacher

- Name in Full:
Taka De Medici

- Age:

- Title:
Mrs Taka

- Date of Birth: 
7 march 1993

- Gender:

- Marital Status:

- Nationality:

- Degree: Biology

- Major(s):
Biology, Anathomy and Maths

- Minor(s):
Languages, Art

- Why are you applying for teacher?:
I am applying because it has always been my dream to become one in real life, as I am also studying at the university to be able to get the place, so I thought I would practice starting somewhere, and why not, maybe start to experience from a roleplay server! I had found success in other servers as a teacher! However it can always be a way to keep learning more and more new things because in life you never stop learning as life teaches us new things!

- As teacher what are the rules you would use when being in your class?:

In class, the rules to follow are as follows:

1. Do not consume food
2. Don't use cell phones
3. Do not disturb the class
4. Don't shout
5. Don't be rude to the teacher or classmates
6. Be composed

- Backstory:
Taka De Medici was born in Russia into a wealthy family, which was able to promote the growth, development and studies of the girl without any problems.

When she was little Taka she didn't see anyone and vice versa because from an early age she was obsessed with science studies and she was increasingly fascinated by the anatomy of any living being! Since then, her parents having understood her talent for rapid learning of broad scientific curiosities towards the world, decided to use a good part of their funds to enroll her, once she became older, in an expensive and prestigious University .

As a child she started attending elementary school and she proved to be the best in class, so was she when she attended middle school and high school. During these years of study she has always shown herself to the maximum of her intellectual abilities! After graduating she did not hesitate to attend the University of Biology, where she was able to study the subjects that have always fascinated her since she was a child, and here too she proved to be excellent in studying and in exams.

As far as her sentimental and relational life is concerned, she has always preferred to be more solitary and independent, thinking only of work and of herself, as her character Taka is slightly indifferent and focused on her work and hardly lets herself be distracted by futile nonsense. One day she had met her Grandma Majyor Majesty, who gave her a job of performing autopsies and corpse studies during a short military stint, and then she was released to her normal life! If she is asked to do or perform an action, she does so without hesitation. She however she would not deny having some good and close friends or family to pass down her generation to her!


- What would you do if a group of students are not behaving in the school?:
I would ask them to stop in calm and cordial tones, or I would give them 3 warnings, if after these 3 warnings the situation is the same as before then I would resort to an exemplary punishment, i.e. put the students in question in detention, or, if the situation escalate, then I'd get the principal's attention!

- What would you do if a student or a group of them would start to fight?:
I would stand between the two arguments and call another teacher or an employee to help me keep them separate from each other, and then ask them about the origin and reason for the argument and how it started, but also here if the situation were to degenerate, I would request the attention and intervention of the principal or the vice principal and to directly address the problem.

- What would you do if an Employee is doing something hazardous?:
 First I'll ask what he was doing, I'll try to make him think and make him understand how wrong or inconvenient it is for his role and the school. If this were to perpetuate the risky actions, then I will file a due complaint with the principal, who will sanction the employee in question.

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