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Adult application

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IGN: fortniteplayer15

RP Name: Jun Hyun

Age: 34

Character backstory and description (over 200 words): The female standing before you was born with black skin and black hair, She was born into a poor family before finally getting enough money to move to school. She would be a short one standing at 5'5. Her parents were extremely worried for her if she would get into any trouble at school so they thought about home-schooling, But in the end, they moved her to the school for the best of her education, She was a shy kid. Slowly getting friends one by one, She met someone, a good friend. 


Though they will not be named just know they were connected to her deeply. They got to know each other very well and, the female started to get into sports, Basketball, Football, And maybe volleyball She was the clown of the class, always making jokes. The teacher even let her stand up and speak out at random times. Soon her family couldn't support her to pay for school. And she was almost kicked out, But with support from the teachers she was able to stay for another year so her family could get more money From their job. She would then dye her hair pink at some point in her life, and she was always the one in red-ish clothes with lines as a pattern, It was a weird type of clothes but everyone slowly got used to it.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult, but I've chosen to put your application onpending for the following reason:
-You bolded all of your answers. You are only supposed to hold the questions 
Feel free to reapply whenever!

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