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Adult Application


RP Name: 

Yun Myung-Ki

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Yun Myung-Ki was born a few years under three decades ago right in the heart of the bustling city itself, Seoul. Yun's family was not as broken as some families in the city, and had two loving parents who worked decent hours but were always there for Yun when it mattered to the boy most, at no time did he go hungry, not have fresh food and drink, or go without clean clothes. Whilst they were in no way a rich or middle class family, Yun did not suffer much of the abuse that even his own friends had gone through. In school, Yun struggled with subjects such as maths, and English, whilst succeeding in Korean and History as well as having a decent natural talent for P.E and the physical side of education. Yun never enjoyed school for the most part, what was there to enjoy? it was full with annoying students, bitchy teachers and most importantly there was a lot of work, although he did make quite a few friends which made his stay bearable.


As he grew up, he slowly found himself leaning more into his friends, going out drinking instead of staying at home and studying, much to the dismay of his parents. This being said, he wasn't a dumb teenager and got decent marks - decent enough, it would seem, because he found himself enrolling in the local College of Seoul before long, taking courses on engineering as he believed the best idea for his future would be to go into manual trades, which is one field that he knew for a fact couldn't be automated.. Plus, why not? It wasn't exactly something he loved, but he was good at it and it didn't completely bore him. At first. As time dragged on, Yun found himself skipping class and failing to complete the assignments, until one day he officially dropped out to take up a job offer that he thought would be a good alternative, sending him to Japan for a few years.


After he came back, when the job inevitably didn't need him anymore and replaced him for someone cheaper, Yun decided he'd make his own way in life, without working under other people. Yun is a strong, athletic-looking man who stands at 5'11 and looks like everything annoys him in general, he has a small scar on his stomach from a mugging he suffered (where he, like a dumbass, decided to try resist) whilst in Japan.



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