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IGN: AssassinRP
RP Name: Sasori Y. Nagamasa
Age: 45
Character backstory and description (over 200 words): Sasori was born in Moscow, Russia, with both of his parents. He grew up relevantly well, parents cared for him and he seemed overall happy. But as of one day, Sasori was walking home from school, and got snatched by a group of gangsters, kidnapping him against a rand-some, and Sasori remained locked up and chained away in a small, musty basement for 2 months, barely eating and drinking. And out of no where, One of the attackers came into the room and started beating Sasori for no reason, breaking his nose, jaw before just walking out.

Sasori decided to attempt a fight back, and he was in luck, as the kidnapper came into the room to give some food and water. At this time, he was untied to  be able to eat, and that's when his place started. Out of pure necessity for survival, Sasori jumped up, holding the plate and slammed it over the man's head, then grabbing a shard of the plate and stabbing them in the stomach over and over until they bleed out. The other kidnappers, hearing the communion, came in and saw what happened.. Sasori knew he was about to die, and desperately tried to grab the gun holstered under the dead male, forcing his hand under the body, he found it and pulled it, but he had pulled the trigger doing so, shooting the shin one of the kidnappers, making them fall over and knock another one off balance.

Sasori grabbed the gun out of the dead man but a large boot slammed against his head, Causing mo-mental disorientation, still he pushed on and aimed the gun, and with blurry vision, he pulled the trigger twice, and as the shells hit the ground, the dead body thumped to the ground. Sasori was shocked and utterly terrified of his actions.. He got up and ran far.. far out door, the street and the city, still holding onto the gun..

Sasori was able to make it away, before being found by the police, blood over him and holding an M1911. They approached  him, and he laid down the gun and raised his hands as the MPD took a hold of him and took him to the nearest hospital, to where he was treated, and claimed by his family. Sasori learnt 2 things that day. To get away from attacks, blood will be shed, and no matter what you do, you must take a life in a deadly situation.
Sasori was now 24 years old, recovering from the darkest attempt of a kidnap he ever got into. Sasori couldn't handle the feeling of it happening again, and decided to turn to the worst. He called 'Pops' over, and they started a gang, formally known as 808. This marked the beginning of Sasori's darker side.

As time went on, 'Pops' passed away at 96, and leaving Sasori alone with nothing but 808 and a warrant for over 15 murders. Sasori called up a friend. Maysunaro, Sasori's only trusted friend. Maysunaro saw that Sasori wasn't okay, so she invited him to live with her. He gladly accepted and for the next 20 years, they grew up together, got married, and went on with life. Sasori went to the age of 45 with Maysunaro, to which Sasori had another 808 meeting. Starting from that day, they went on to make sure that 'Pops' and his parents were avenged. both of his parents were murdered during his kidnapping as a child, and he knew who did it. He picked up a phone and put in "0391-232-5341" and Torrie picked up. Torrie was Sasori's forever sibling like figure, who had deep connections with the illegal under work. Sasori and Torrie grabbed some weapons, and set of on an vengeful mission to prove 808's worth and get revenge for the lives the kidnappers took.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult, but I've chosen to put your application onpending for the following reason:
-I read though your backstory and it doesn’t seem to include a description of your character, which is required 
Feel free to reapply whenever!

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