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Joetempz Professor Application

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Position Applied For: Professor

NAME IN FULL: Alejandro Nagamsa
DATE OF BIRTH: 11/3/1995 
AGE: 27

PHONE NUMBER: [there arnt phones atm]


EDUCATION - Delete the ones unused

Degree: Master’s Degree

Institute: Art college

Registration Date: 01/11/14

MAJOR: Business studies

MINIOR:  Physics 


JOBS - Delete the ones unused

Previous Job Title: Business worker

Job Position:  Helping business's

Registration Date: 01/03

REASON OF LEAVE: To Much responsibility. And also it was not a high paying job


CERTIFICATE: Certificate of Business helping



LOOK OF STUDENTS (150 words):

Most people share my perspective about students. Every single one of them, in my opinion, has some sort of potential. Although I'm not overly strict, I don't tolerate failure and will teach in whatever way I can if necessary. I am aware that some students learn better through "Hands On" activities while others prefer to learn by visual or verbal means. Regardless, I intend to teach them every technique there is for figuring out a criminal's thoughts, motivations, and behaviours. As well as improving their people skills to know how to properly talk to persons they view as dubious, they should hunt for hints in common areas. I want my children to leave each class, not just the semester, knowing more than they did when they entered. I'll make sure that everyone feels comfortable asking questions without worrying about being judged by others. I make sure I can teach the child to have a successful life since I am aware of how much a teacher or other faculty member may influence a child's life.
When a concept is being taught, most professors want their pupils to ask questions if they have any questions. It is the only actual method a teacher can tell if you have understood something. The teacher must assume that you comprehended the idea if no queries are raised. Because they understand that if they don't understand a certain idea, it can affect them later when that skill is broadened, good students aren't scared to ask questions. Since there are probably other students who have the same question as you, asking questions is frequently advantageous to the class as a whole.
Not often is the smartest student the best student. Many pupils are endowed with intellect at an innate level but lack the self-discipline to develop that intelligence. Regardless of intelligence level, teachers adore pupils who make the decision to put in a lot of effort. The kids that put forth the greatest effort will ultimately succeed the most in life. Being a hard worker in school entails turning in assignments on time, giving each one your all, asking for extra assistance when you need it, studying for tests and quizzes when necessary, and identifying your areas of weakness and working to strengthen them.
Motivation comes from many places. The best students are the ones who are motivated to be successful. Likewise, students who lack motivation are the ones who are the hardest to reach, are often in trouble, and eventually, drop out of school. Students who are motivated to learn are easy to teach. They want to be at school, want to learn, and want to succeed. Motivation means different things to different people. There are very few people that aren’t motivated by something. Good teachers will figure out how to motivate most students in some way, but those students who are self-motivated are far easier to reach than those who aren’t.
Unfortunately, pupils rarely have much control over this trait on their own. Your parents or guardians are beyond your control. It's also crucial to remember that many successful people grew up without a strong support structure. You can conquer it, but it will be much simpler if you have a strong support network in place.
These are the individuals that are thinking about you. They encourage you to succeed, give you suggestions, and help you make decisions that will affect the rest of your life. They encourage you to develop and meet academic goals by attending parent-teacher conferences, checking your homework, demanding good marks, and other actions at school. They support you through tough times and celebrate with you when you achieve achievement. Although it doesn't make or break you as a student, having a strong support network provides you a distinct advantage.
Good students who are innate leaders in the classroom are adored by teachers. Each class has its own distinct personality, and good classes are frequently ones with good leaders. The most challenging classes to manage can also be ones that lack peer leadership. Leadership abilities are frequently inborn. There are those with it and people without it. Additionally, it is a talent that matures with time among your peers. Being a leader requires a lot of trustworthiness. You won't be a leader if your fellow students don't respect you. If you are a leader among your peers, it is your duty to provide a good example for others to follow. You also have the capacity to inspire others to achieve success.
Also, Alejandro's attitude towards his students is quite straightforward: He loves and admires them. For pupils interested in Alejandro's line of work, he is only serving as a stepping stone. He is here to aid them with their direction and to impart as much knowledge as he can. He wishes to aid in their personal development and the development of his skill sets. He has put a lot of effort into gaining the information he has, his current position, and his intense passion for his field. And he wants to use that to assist others in developing and realising their aspirations, just like he did. Each pupil he has the privilege of working with is someone he admires and finds to be great and highly ambitious.

COVER LETTER (300 words):

Dr. Alejandro Nagamsa is my name. However, Just Alejandro is equally acceptable and occasionally preferred.
In order for you to be convinced that I am who I claim I am, despite electing to use my maiden name, copies of my degrees, school records, and my old FBI file page are attached.

I'm hoping that providing evidence of my education and expertise in the field for which I'm seeking will be more than sufficient to convince you to hire me to instruct your students.
In order to develop better and more intelligent future police officers, detectives, coroners, profilers, and other professionals, I have no problem adjusting to talking to the constantly expanding youngsters in your school and teaching them the value of criminology and forensic analysis. Given that I can observe how crime in the city fluctuates between highs and lows, I do think that your school is the ideal fit for me. It would also not be a bad idea to get young people started on the correct road by teaching them about the ins and outs of the legal system. Although working for the FBI was a goal, injuries forced me to choose a quieter life hell-bent on teaching. As an added bonus, I get to spend more time at home with my husband and children, who hold the largest spot in my heart above all else.
incerely hope you would give it some thought and grant me the privilege of working and teaching at your school. I also hope my paperwork reaches you in good health. If you're curious about my work ethic, I work very hard, but I have a shortcoming in that I sometimes push myself above my comfort zone. If you let me share my knowledge and wisdom, though, that shouldn't be a problem. I hope my paperwork finds you in good health and that you have no trouble deciding whether to accept it or reject it. Please don't hesitate to contact or email me if you have any questions or concerns. My email address is XXXXXX@Gmail.com. I appreciate your time.


DATE:  06/02/23 SIGNATURE:  Alejandro Nagamasa

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