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Fight Club | Boxing Gym


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Discord Tag:


Time zone: 


Server Activity:


I usually get on in the evenings when there's atleast 10+ players on as it fits with my timezones more and even others'

Previous warns/bans:


Business Information


Business Name:


Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):

Accessories/Fighting Arena

Motivation on why you wanted to own a business 

My motivation is just so i can bring something very unique to the shops instead of selling food, toys and all of that, and i recently got into watching Hajime No Ippo and was inspired by the first few episodes so a i think it would be cool to have a boxing gym on the server which is opened most of the day for people to go to, and it could be fun

Unique description about your business:

Fight club/The boxing gym will be a gym where citizens can go and train/workout and spar with others aswell, accessories also be on sale, such as boxing gloves and padded boxing helmets so they dont have to wait for the gym to open to train themselves. there will also be memberships optional which will give you a pass to spar whenever without paying a fee, if your not apart of this membership you will have to pay depending on the hours you stay and will have to pay to use the boxing ring to spar aswell 

References (Interior & Exterior):

Upon entering the building it will appear as a normal shop that sells training equipment and uniforms, the layout will be pretty simple as it will have shelves and a few cash registers to buy your items. Citizens will be able to purchase secret items such as "Fight Night" tickets by saying the secret words set in place. They will be directed to the back of the store where it will lead down to a basement like area with a wide space. In the middle will be an elevated cage arena.


IronGloves Boxing Exterior - IronGloves Boxing Gym in Tempe

 What is your business selling:

Boxing Gloves

MP Boxing Gloves - Black | MYPROTEIN™

 Padded Boxing Helmet

Adult Padded Boxing Helmet MMA Protector Sparring Head Protector



Smaller weekly fights will be hosted to keep citizens excited for the next one. Monthly Fight tournaments will be hosted for prizes, All sorts of combat will be allowed and matchups will be random. Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu and more will be put up against each other and champions will be named, at the end of each year every champion will go against each other to be named the strongest in Seoul with an even larger prize pool.


How many employees will you be recruiting:

4-10 Employees will be needed overall with 4 cashiers every opening

0/4 Cashier - Will be handling purchases from the store and helping players out.

0/4 Trainers - Will be in charge of gathering fighters and training them.

0/1 Manager - Will be in charge of handling employees and running the store if the business owner isn't present. 

1/1 Owner - Will be in charge of running the store, Overlooking weekly, monthly and annual events for the store.


Lenard (kesteuki) has always been qn advocate for good hygiene and fitness since he was younger, he started working out at the age of 16 slowing down his progress as he got older and had 4 kids with his wife where he completely had to put his regular gym workouts on hiatus to make time for his family and in-between is teenage and early to late 20s he performed in regular boxing matches in china where he would go from boxing gym fights to eventually ranking up to fight in the big leagues where he would fight his way to the top to win chinas champion title of the countries best boxer, where he had 4 more years orth of games until he had to eventually retire at the early age of 31 where he lost his wife just a year after his 4 daughters turned 14, he had to dedicate the rest of his time to taking care of his children going through trials and tribulations, and eventually they turned eighteen where the four went on with their lives moving to japan with lenard still being able to support them from a far but would still occasionally get visits until he moved to korea, applying to be a professor in a city named Seoul, where he met his now girlfriend "Ibuki" assisting him with his troubles of getting along with children who werent his daughters since he had trouble with this after the death of his wife, after a few tours around the city he never saw a gym and came up with the brilliant idea to open a boxing gym, to teach the citizens and young kids the culture and way of boxing, since he never got to complete the rest of his years in it, so that someone can take that championship title back in his home country 


Character Information:


Ketsueki Hanazono





Marital Status:

In a relationship 


Lenard is a chinese 6'5 individual with a muscular very build and about 50 small scars on his back, brown hair and Grey eyes, he has a very nonchalant  expression on his face at all times, he doesn't really react to anything like a regular person would, to make it make sense, he doesn't bother to worry about things he can't change and just let's it be. Though he will put his family over others


Minors in Culinary Arts

Majors in Physical Education 

Extra information:

The banner and Logo were made by Polarlols and he gave me the application base so no need to be on meat for that


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Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

You are no longer in the main HRP Discord, nor the Government Discord server
Though I think the idea of a boxing gym is cool, I don't want a shop that results in violence or has violence being the main factor of the shop

You are welcome to re-apply whenever you feel like it!

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